Episode 2: Care & Love at Battersea | Behind the Scenes at Battersea

Episode 2: Care & Love at Battersea | Behind the Scenes at Battersea

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Meet Britain’s most highly esteemed
animal journalists Kitted out with onboard cameras
they’re already one week into their time reporting from behind
the scenes at Battersea This morning, Peanut’s reporting on the canine
residents enjoying some light reggae And in the cattery
there’s some more elegant classical Now Peanut’s off down the corridor
to watch her neighbour Maisie have a shower after a “completely accidental” encounter
with a puddle of mud According to salon gossip she’s a recent
addition to the Battersea family after her owners got
too old to look after her But she still definitely knows
she’s worth it Misty meanwhile, is more than
capable of cleaning herself but is critiquing Kate’s head
scratching technique She passes with flying colours Meanwhile Peanut, following a
promising lead, is going with Becky to report on what happens when an animal
arrives at Battersea for the first time [BECKY: How is Norman around people that
he’s maybe not met before?] [NORMAN’S OWNER: He can be a little bit
shy to start off with but once he gets to know you
he takes a real liking to people] Peanut attempts to go under cover [BECKY: And why are you bringing
Norman into Battersea?] [NORMAN’S OWNER: Well it’s due to a
new job and moving he won’t be able
to come with us I’m afraid] Peanut’s cover is blown [BECKY: Hi there, Peanut! I was going to say
“How is Norman around other dogs that he meets out and about?”] [NORMAN’S OWNER: Well as you can see
he’s fine, he actually really quite likes other dogs once he gets used to them] [BECKY: OK well that’s really good
information and we obviously will be able to
take in Norman today and we will look for the
best possible home for him Confident that she’s got the
full scoop on Norman Peanut leaves him to settle in
with his new Battersea family Stay tuned for more reports from our
animal journalism team

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