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Hello everybody my name is Markiplier
and welcome to animal inspector I found This game on its Itch.io because it looked
adorable but it seemed to have rather Sinister implications such as this
newspaper article! Too many animals Government declares animal crisis… Can I read the comics- oh shit, gun fancy. the
last buck meets its hunter Oh jeez hunting in a world without wild
animals? Oh jeez oh secret murder agency? Please don’t kill me? oh god the
president wants your pets! They came for my cat! Oh, snout and soul First impressions. Oh wow! The cat that dodged inspection. Okay? Oh hi, woah holy shit. How are you? Hi pup! Hello doggo! My perfect boy, how you doing? What do I- what am I supposed- my truest
friend I agree, doggos goes are the best. Noble and fierce. yeah, you’ll be
inspected soon. Oh god, that doesn’t sound good. but I
won’t wait for that. They’re hiring agents I’ve already applied. you’re a good dog I won’t let them take you… Good! Okay, great I’m going to save the animals! I’m going to save all the doggos, yeah, yeah!
I’m animal inspector 0315 , bring it on! Oh hello there. My name is Martha. it is
wonderful to meet you dear Are you just starting out here as well?
Yeah! Drag a fish toy into my mo-outh… Oh my god, the text thing is a giant cat!
oh god oh how exciting. Well I’m very much looking forward to
this. it will be good for me to get out of the house. I just do not get out as much as I should.
do you see that young man over there? no. oh now I do, hello. I tried talking to him earlier. his name
is Alan. He was a little rude, so I’m glad that
you’re here. Oh but enough of this, i’m very excited
to work with you. well to work near you in any case. heheh. okay. oh hey. you all are the new
employees? okay, well I’m in charge here, um, listen
up. this job is pretty straightforward. every
day you’ll get a stack of forms, go through each one and stamp them. approve
good or useful animals, reject bad or useless animals. don’t skip any. oh god,
it’s like a papers please style animal inspection. we take this job very
seriously. um yeah one more thing. please make sure
to comment on every animal you process process. explain your reasoning. oh jeez its a legal thing. yeah I don’t
know, that’s it I guess. ok, cool, oh god I don’t like
feeding the chat box. ok, that’s it? isn’t there any training? a
rule book or something? Um no use your best judgment. I’ll let
you know if you screwed up. but try not to screw up. You’ll Fuck your mum tommorow I’m starting off easy but please be
thorough. well I don’t know- he seems nice you think so too, right? no, hmm. Oh dear, well it seems that our day is
about to begin. it’s time to go inspect some animals.
ehhh do you try to be a little more enthusiastic deer. these animals need you after all. oh
i dont know. aww looks like such a good, aww he’s a goof aww he’s such a goof. we all love this fuzzy
dog a lot. Oh “adorable doggo a++ would doggo
again” check box. BOINK. yeah did I screw up? does this mean
next? ok. let’s see, nature: aloof, kills mice “she didn’t let me touch her until a few
months ago, but now I pet her every day” all right. “good hunter hunter cattums” BOINK yeah, I’m doing great. house cat, timid, reminder of simpler days. easily becomes afraid but this cat is good. he is family.
“family means Ohana, ohana is fam fam” BOINK ah shit there we go. yeah! i got a thumbs up am I good? all right! please tell me I’m
good. okay, um, welcome back i guess. pretty good
job yesterday. pretty good. some of you, and I won’t name
any names but you know who you are, Have been a little too liberal with approvals. the
whole point of this agency is to cull the heard. That means you can’t just blindly let everything through. from now I’ll need you to reject at least
one animal? failure to do so will result in a strike?! ohhh nooo well umm, i didn’t really think I need to
explain this, but when you comment on forums you should um, just trying to
spell things correctly. nah! i mean I know mistakes happen, but your job is kind of not to make mistakes,
and you made some with that last batch maybe you don’t think spelling is
important, but you’re a professional now, so please try to act like it. just a warning this time.
but if this happens again I’ll have to give you a strike. ah god damn it! ok so it’s just a warning, but
please clean up your forms a little bit before turning them in. there should be a little feather duster on
your desk, standard issue so use it maybe. no. ok, um, seriously, wow, *laugh laugh* i’m just gonna
pretend like i didn’t hear that. anyway. oh no god! come on! hello again. how was your first
day? bad? I’m sorry to hear that, dear. my day
was grand such wonderful and cute animals i had.
course I proved them all. though I guess I cannot do that anymore. good luck today dear. hey. we never really talked earlier. i’m alan.
i don’t think i’ll be here very long. this is bottom of the barrel stuff. sincerely
bad. like really just the worst. you know what I’m saying yeah? yep,
actually I do Alan, heh. yeah you get me. anyway, it’s good to meet
ya. bye alan- oh its a sneeak! oh this is my snake, it’s very neat, but
my friends are scared of it, but I’m not. Oh clean it up. clean it clean it. ok it did it. all right. l’ts see. housecat, nervous, shed civilian appeal:
none well that dopey ass cat might be going
soon. ancient hound resigned good for petting.
Mike’s the family dog. he’s old but part of the household. oh no. oooh nooo! someone out there watching is gonna hate me
for what I pick oh it’s an old dog oh but I cant it looks
just like Lucy could get wonderful dog i love you lucy oh god Oh quiet snake snakes eat mice no need for elimination no need for culling because this is a
good bird oh god I’m sorry sorry I’m so sorry oh god that’s all I’m gonna say did i do good did i do good don’t give me a strike well ah it’s a
new day so umm theres been a space concern basically what i mean by that is
there are some concerns about space specifically the space all these animals
are taken up I guess what I’m trying to say is we’ve
prioritized projection of larger animals all things being equal anyways anything
close human size since im talking about alot of people sized animals unbelievable after all the whole point
of this is to make space i guess scoop you hello dear sorry but I’m a little down
today here that Alan has been rejecting all of
his animals I just do not agree with that but he does not want to listen to
me called me after you said that I’m out of touch can you believe that No No thank you dear you’re so much nicer than Alan also i’m
not proud of it but I rejected an animal not a cat of course it was a fish the natural enemy of
cats oh yeah okay but still did not feel good not at all dear i know we have our
instructions but I do not think you should be rejecting cats I just do not think it is right that’s a
very intelligent creatures you know Oh in some ways a cat is smarter than you
realize ok I was on your side for a little bit
there you need to back off with you it’s maybe a lot of ways smart okay well
then Martha what you take your bitches mish and take it and go have fun with
your cats that I reject so do you understand now you promised to
approve the cats no oh I guess that was a hard promise to
make me think maybe you could have tried oh yeah so see you late ok bye how’s it going I’ve been getting rid of pretty much all
my animals seriously I’ve got no tolerance for useless things I mean I love this job but I’m gonna do it
well see you around all right fuck you Alan oh look at him oh and we can get rid of ants but
they’re tiny oh geez Oh feisty little pump oh no no the dogs big Oh No fuck ants ants have no use well they have some
use but i’m just going to say that through feisty feisty dog is good dog
approve lets see big because he has lots of love to give i wish i could misspell gosh dang it doink doink and boink ok so
good morning I just got word from the department head
basically well they think you’ve all been doing great really great so great
in fact that they’re bumping up the inspection quota so now you have five animals each look
through all so this means you need to reject 2 because there are more all go
by the way i’m starting to question your judgment that dog did an inspection
agent and we didn’t terminate it right there was just a formality shouldn’t
have to double check your work honestly that’s kind of my entire job I
can tell that you’re going to be a problem employee fuck you man strike three on this but come on look a
little smarter this job is not what I thought
it would be I’ll try my best to be fair to these
animals but it’s not very easy the boss is giving us lots of
instructions instructions i do not always agree with oh man this job and I want to say this
too loudly but well it’s boring yeah real drag repetitive god can you imagine doing
this for the rest of your life appreciation for education be a part of
the is basically at the end of her life oh god shes old oh hi Marthas I’m looking at you ok yice and yet this is where everything
led her man you’re really happy it’s not me like
i said i don’t think i’ll be here long oh alright i guess you might be here
awhile – okay i mean this is what makes you happy then cool well it’s not oh you’re kidding look at the little squeaky be key oh that is shouting just give it back
give it the sound of a rooster clap oh that’s good this one this out of her
sister to care about both of the same time oh geez I gotta pick between cats worth
is not gonna like this one they’re so cute no they’re twins I can’t get rid of the
twins I mean I can’t get rid of one twin I’d
have to get rid of both twins good we’re gonna pick Morgan a pig twins
the twins God together good twins me to be together no sage is a good name affectionate is good boy finding stuff is cool huh I’m emotionally devastated at the most
good ok so I’m sorry to say but Oh Mindy has come down with the case of
the flu you know Mindy Oh Mindy Martha everyone knows Mindy in any case well someone needs to take
her place in the cages today that someone is Alan okay yeah okay well cool I’m up for anything Alan’s been chosen
because of his exemplary exemplary XX limp blurry exemplary there you go performance here these past few weeks right on you all have been doing well no
need to worry about increased quotas good work out there everybody oh oh dear
what do you think about that crazy well I’m sure glad that I’m not going
the cases are no place for me here I’ve heard some bad things about that
place is scary things things are not good at all dear by the
way here I just want to tell you that I understand I understand that you had to
reject those cats not sure that I would have been able to do the same I still do not agree but I know this job
is important to you I’m glad that it was not a linear
inspected the cats I just hope that i do not have to make that choice oh man i’m not exactly sure what to
expect but anything’s better than doing paperwork all day honestly I’m pumped about it very
excited thrilled is the beginning of a good thing for me I can feel it ok oh look at all it kills birds it’s basically doing my job for us dog
useless dog just takes up space oh I see oh wait a minute whoa hang on a second wait what wait
what man arrogant 2626 this is me it’s a Talon is on solid bad face I don’t know I don’t know what that
means 62 years old all right rolled golden fish is dead if it’s dead it’s let’s see I appreciate a good squad all dogs are useful ok let’s see what
happens when I reject the person i wonder if this is actually gonna do
something for me wait a minute oh ok well i think i speak
for all of us when I say documentaries are great documentaries are important
government tools and show the public that we’re just like that my favorite documentary is well I forgot the title but it’s about a
wolf raised by a nice the wolf grows up and eats the geese the
message we all can learn from in any case there’s a reason I’m
bringing this up believe it or not they’re making a
documentary about this department so in order to present us all in the
best possible light I’m asking you well telling you actually I’m telling
you to approve all your animals today understood No okay well if you want to get fired that
badly then there’s not much I can do to stop you arm on an unannounced announcement
before he started seems that Alan is no longer Oh everything is fine but war well there was an issue with the cages
whoa just a slight mix-up overall it’s a nothing too much to worry about oh that was Alan rejected Alan he was a good employee a good boy
will be missed for or no hope oh dear what could have happened al and
I did not like him much but it’s very concerning your i told you i had heard
bad things about that place of the boss does not good for their little walking
down here this documentary will be very exciting anything it means we do not have rejected the
animals will tell you though I’m getting a little worried about my cats have not
come up for inspection yet very anxious it’s want them to be okay oh look at the
dog okay Kat are you doing fish do I care everything here is a
feeder I’ll just go ahead and reject the oh no
I need to improve everything okay everything 00 foothill ok alrighty then dog oh my dog goes Oh adorable daughters everything gets
love love it great bird good it’s the awesome dog swell up good smile all right grandma Santa well d day has come and gone that’s dr.
by the way documentary day because they were filming a documentary activity yes ok again he’s mad news the good news is
that the filming went well they got all the shots he needed they’re done with
his office the bad news is that we are now
extremely behind on returning water so I’m gonna need you to already checked
everything today no exemptions I thought things were
getting better around here yesterday was so nice today will be awful not sure what you do it every all over
animals will be bad thick as possible right dear no oh foot pursuit no oh no I know what’s gonna happen her
cats are gonna come up Oh No in fights kind this is my baby its water zone I have to I have to save
it I have to save it oh my god of killing
the dog goes in favour can do it I can do so sorry so sorry parked in a rock he and my mother had a saying hang in there I don’t think she made it
up which is your set it a lot because I’m trying to say is I know things are
rough remember to hang in there being said
maybe a sick again little Mindy it’s really been sick a lot
recently is gracious wow it took over last time enough well he’s not with us anymore so it’s
your turn will take over from india today set down to the cages fall you down into
bed with instructions ok you didn’t you understand really so hard to just reject everything
there’s nothing to think about oh god no no I’m gonna die sorry let’s step back a bit I guess I do understand horses cat well
this car because it’s good to stick together I really do have two addresses so we
missed our quota yesterday the records are clear and someone has to
take the fall I still need to give a strike is only for your first strike so
don’t worry too much but if you get three you’re done also
okay well we should talk I know I never mentioned this before but
I’m well you are really need to bury your comments like don’t just write the
same thing and i’ll come on Randall you cover creature is special and they all
deserve to die or get it I guess well anyways which case it really oh my goodness dear my cat my lovely
kidding you saved her here you’ll never know how much this
means to me you must have gotten a strike for this I’m so sorry about that i do not think
you like me and so happy to be wrong again thank you so much on please be
careful dear I still think about what happened to Al
and the boss will not talk about it with me something bad is going on I can feel it Oh No welcome to the cages look so much different down here you’re
probably wondering where all the actual cages are well rest assured there are
definitely some cages in here they’re behind a few more doors you’ll
see them soon but first i’m sure you have a few questions maybe you wanted to ask what this place
is yeah let’s go with that is not throw well i’ll tell you you’ve been part of a
little experiment well I guess it’s more of a big
experiment but anyways I have a few questions for
you and I’ll explain everything please try to answer as honestly as
possible wow what first question have you noticed anything
odd during your time here yes hmm interesting oh you don’t want me
to expand on that oh ok. Is goal of this organization clear
for you. no ok let me just mark that down there
question would you describe everyone here is normal no ah would you describe Martha as abnormal
know what about me weird rude well fuck you too right I did ask though well I think we’re just
about done here thanks very much for your time so i
guess you noticed there’s something funny going on well I’ll explain a few things so first
of all Alan rest in peace Alan wasn’t a real
person what i mean by that is an Allen wasn’t
always the way he was the allen you were interacting with was actually an animal what’s a dog specifically meet right
kinda faster hell yeah it is anyways look we’ve been
researching how to train animals to do an immediate labor like your job stamping forms we can train animals to
do it of course to do that we have to set them
up with nicer brains and we see those brains with human memories so they can actually function in Alan’s
case we gave mountains memories Alan the dogs case we gave the dog Alan the memories of human Alan not that
the dog Allen’s name was originally allen – I mean that would be weird
coincidence anyways when you have someone’s memories you kind of freaked out if you don’t
actually look like them so then we make that happen look I won’t get into the specifics like
technology is pretty advanced these days so we can basically make an animal
passes human and we don’t have to pay them so all these pets we’ve been rejecting
their an untapped workforce and we’re tapping them course you didn’t notice
that something was off so we still have some work to do
human-sized the animals they wanted rejected all but yeah that makes sense No okay well I mean look I don’t mean to
imply this idea is bulletproof you have to admit it’s pretty solid . .
. okay hold up what’s your problem name one issue with
this plan just one car fixed huh I guess it is a little absurd how
much money we’ve put into this but we probably won’t ever really make it back the money isn’t everything it some of
mankind’s greatest dreams were profitable so that’s all you got to claim about
morals well yes we were experimenting with
people’s pets what kind of wiped out the wilderness a
little that’s not great and I mean if we’re giving an animal
someone’s memories it’s really so different than us at that point and what would happen if someone met
their animal clone it’s kind of spooky to be honest with
that surprised me paying for progress the greater good it will all be worth it
in the end really of course I mean probably maybe well I guess there’s not any obvious
benefit over in too deep at this point we just got to keep pushing through you have to agree with that right not
really look I know there are some issues here
like it’s kind of weird that we’re using animals for this robots would probably
have been made more sense strategy of technology and I mean what’s the end
goal here what’s all the jobs are done by animals
then what what if the animals think they’re human than we probably will have
to pay them ok so this whole plan is a little weird
there’s a tiny bit but I think we’ve covered all the flaws at this point I
mean every plan has its downsides there aren’t any absolutes in this world this plan may not be perfect but really
what is so you see now right you’re on board with our strategy no
listen I’m getting real sick of your attitude here I was trying to be nice about this try
to answer all your questions but I can see that you aren’t going to be
cooperative I don’t think i can really let you leave
at this point you’re a troublemaker a real piece of work so is your home now well you’ll be
pleased to know that your replacement will be your very own dog so it’s not all bad it anyway welcome to the rest of your life wow wow oh god no oh geez wow what a game what an adventure oh geez oh it’s all my approvals it’s all my
cards family meeting til 10 but it’s for him
for a horrible dog oh good hand to York Adams oh no book jeez oh jeez it’s all my sins it’s all my sins laid bare oh man that
was awesome that was awesome I really like that I like that a lot
that was an awesome game I can’t describe it any more than
awesome try not to use the c-word you know the word i’m talking about not
that C word with the other C word but you know it’s a great game I liked a lot so thank you everybody so
much for watching if you want to play this i’ll put a link to it in the
description below apparently there’s probably a lot of
different ways to go about this game and maybe a different ending to explore may
be multiple different endings I have no idea but anyway you’ll find that out for
yourself let me know your thoughts in the comments below I really wanted to
hear your opinions on it so thank you everybody so much for watching as always I will see you in the next
video Buh~Bye!!

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