Feisty Deer Keeps Running Even After Being Hit By A Tranquilizer | Animal in Crisis EP92

Feisty Deer Keeps Running Even After Being Hit By A Tranquilizer | Animal in Crisis EP92

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As threatening as the animal is, an unidentified animal who has a large build.. Informant: When I have my head raised, feels like the animal is almost my height? A breathtaking chase between the pursuer and the one being pursued Rescue Worker: If a mistake is made, a big accident can happen. “Block there!! Up up up!!” A desperate struggle with a deer striding around in a residential area!! Informant: The deer must’ve been agitated, the deer was running away and dashing, Informant: the situation felt a bit threatening. 3 days ago a deer appeared in the middle of the center of a city A fearsome build and a tremendous jumping ability..! The deer who’s speeding from being frightened is extremely threatening Rescue Worker: If civilians are hit by the hooves or antlers Rescue Worker: then a very big accident will occur… It’s a situation where rescue can only be done with a tranquilizer But the deer isn’t an easy opponent Even if you approach the deer a little closer, the astonishing deer runs away like a ghost Rescue Worker: Block there. Up up up. Rescue Worker: Block up there. It’s already the 3rd day that they’ve been like this.. Rescue Worker 1: Here somewhere, I think it’s somewhere here… Rescue Worker 2: I took a look all around but I couldn’t find (the deer). It’s not easy to catch a deer who goes a few meters forward with one jump. Especially in a mountain like this even more so.. We sought an expert Expert: Aha~ A Formosan deer. He’s a male. A male Formosan deer. Expert: He looks to be a Formosan deer from Taiwan Expert: He’s not an animal who lived in our country, he was imported from Taiwan for natural resources. Korean native wild Formosan deers became extinct decades ago, and he’s probably a Formosan deer who was raised by someone.. Expert: There’s a possibility that he may have been raised for industry economy for his antlers and escaped, Expert: Lastly, I don’t know but, during the transportation process, Expert: he might’ve fallen from the vehicle or might’ve escaped and came here… Is there any place nearby where he might’ve stayed? Rescue Worker: If you go about 500 meters, there was a deer farm in the past. Rescue Worker: But 10 years ago it got shut down and the current state is that they aren’t being raised. Expert: Even in a day in severe cases, the deers walk dozens of kilometers. Expert: Thus, if they can move along a mountain range or a mountain area near here, Expert: there’s also sufficient time for them to come down here from the northern part of Gyeonggi Province. We don’t know where from, why he came out all alone but We can speculate that he was in the process of moving along a mountain path where there’re water and food.. While moving the deer must’ve encountered a difficulty he hadn’t thought of.. Because towards the interior of the mountain, deep inside there are houses where people are living. He must be as flustered as the people.. Rescue Worker: He’s there!! He’s there!! This time he’s on a dangerous cliff.. But..? His leg is stained all over.. from what’s speculated to be from abrasions How did he become this state..? The deer doesn’t understand worrying hearts and is just busy running away Expert: If you take a look now.. Expert: this is a hole where one could try to puncture and go through.. it’s such kind of space. Expert: Wired fence. Wire mesh. Worse, abrasions can occur if the body gets caught by electric wire or similar objects Expert: If there’s a lot of that kind of abrasions, you can say that they’re traces of the animal having been travelling for a long period of time. How much the deer must have struggled to get out of this place Rescue Worker: At the back, back!!! He’s going down. He’s going down. Time can’t be dragged any longer. Rescue Worker 1: Was he hit?
Rescue Worker 2: Yes, he got hit. The anesthetic injection hit exactly on his bottom! Now they just need to wait for him to fall asleep.. Rescue Worker: Because the anesthesia wears off quickly since we use just a moderate volume Rescue Worker: So after hitting the tranquilizer, we have to keep following. Rescue Worker: Here’s the footprint. PD: Where? Where? Rescue Worker: This one, continuously to here. Because only a small amount of anesthetic was injected, it takes quite some time for the anesthetic to spread, and for the deer to fall asleep.. Stain of fluid..! PD: Up there… On that stair, stairs..! Rescue Worker 1: We found him. Rescue Worker 2: Hold on hold on we have to block up there. Ask them to go to the opposite side and block. On the side of the stairs Rescue Worker 1: He’s going up. Going up. Can’t let him go as they don’t know where and how he might collapse. Rescue Worker: He’s here he’s here! The deer is just panting, out of breath.. Decided to block the passageway that leads to the residential area, and watch his condition He goes out through an empty gap.. What’s fortunate is that he’s also getting exhausted Rescue Worker: There’re two places for retreat. Rescue Worker: We blocked the retreat path that goes down with a mesh. Rescue Worker: The net hasn’t yet been set up on the side that goes up so after setting up the net… There’re two places where he could run to.. They decided to wait after blocking those two places securely with mesh. Rescue Worker: Don’t move from your current position. Don’t move. Stop! He dashes towards the net! Rescue Worker: That’s it, that’s it..! It’d be nice if he could know their wish to help him get out of this place.. Rescue Worker: That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. He fell down. Rescue Worker: The effect of the anesthetic is spreading right now so he’s faltering. After being hit by the tranquilizer, he started to lose strength in his body after three hours. The Formosan deer who wanted to escape this place was only able to cease the arduous wandering after 3 days and 3 hours. How frightened and scared he must’ve been.. Urgently checks his condition as soon as he got rescued. Vet: The anesthesia is wearing off smoothly. There’re a lot of places where he’s hurt. Vet: Because he quickly needs suturing, it would be good to move quickly. He needs to be transferred fast immediately to the hospital but, because accident might occur if he wakes up in the car while it’s moving and startled, he bumps here and there, they decided to wait until the anesthesia wears off. They cover him from the sunlight so that he won’t be shocked when he wakes up from the anesthesia.. He looks to be waking up bit by bit Rescue Worker: I hope he doesn’t suffer as he did here and lives happily and well at a good place. A wildlife protection center located in Gyeongsangbuk Province He looks to be finding stability gradually He’s anesthetized as it’s the only option to treat him and.. he went right into preparation for surgery. Vet 1: There’re a lot more areas that need to sutured than was thought. Vet 2: They’re very deeply cut. Vet 2: Fortunately they’re not to the bones, but the nerves are all exposed so.. So many abrasions that were dug in from bumping into structures to escape the residential area.. Vet 2: I can see several areas that seem to be from bites by canine animals. How much pain he must’ve gone through during all this time.. Vet 1: It’s all finished. Now if we just disinfect abrasions of other areas, I think we’ll be finished. The sound of the deer crying is sad Vet 2: Usually when a deer’s antlers fall off naturally, there’s a trace of them having fallen off being dry and without a hurt area.. Vet 2: The most important thing right now is that it’s not the time when antlers would fall off. The vet’s opinion is that it doesn’t look to be 10 days since his antlers were cut off If so.. Does this mean that he was also one of the deers at a farm whose antlers were cut off whenever people needed them…? If he’s such a deer, why is no one looking for him..? Deer Farm Business Owner 1: A Formosan deer isn’t even worth the cost of feed. Not worth even the wage of a person. Deer Farm Business Owner 2: If someone forgets it, that’s all. Deer Farm Business Owner 2: If not reported, no one says he/she lost (the deer), then nothing more. Formosan deers don’t bring much money because of their small antlers and the business owners say that even when one deer is lost, they’re not searched with effort.. Deer Farm Business Owner 1: They have to be locked up for their antlers to be able to be cut. Deer Farm Business Owner 3: If the deer gets hurt or the antlers break then Deer Farm Business Owner 3: for sure there will be a financial loss so we raise them in isolation in individual spaces. A deer normally runs dozens of kilometers a day.. Those deers could even be forced to spend their whole life alone in a narrow farm just enough to have one deer lie down When humans need them.. to give their antlers.. the deers live trapped inside stuffy steel-barred cages.. A few days later The Formosan deer is being provided with fresh leaves and food and living leisurely Vet 2: We’ll keep him here for about 2 weeks and look at the area that was operated on and after he goes through the recovery period, Vet 2: we plan to let him live happily in this large area with the other deers in this place. This is a paradise for deers where they can run around to their heart’s content! We sincerely hope that he forgets all the painful memories and.. will be able to speed around the green grassland.

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