From Puppy Mill to Pop Star!

From Puppy Mill to Pop Star!

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Nine years old? Nine. Poppins are you nine years old? The ad it clearly said we’re looking for a
young dog. This is what I mean you’re showing your age. A reel on a DVD! And Poppins… I wouldn’t wait around for a phone call either. (Piano chase music plays) (music stops) (music plays) (music stops) (music plays) (music stops) No. No. No. Ugghhh. Tri-Colored Cavalier #146 suffered 8 years
in a puppy mill. She had countless litters and spent her life
in squalid conditions with many other unloved, unnamed dogs. In June of 2015, she was rescued and nursed back to health and then she came to live with her forever family in Pennsylvania. Now one year later, Poppins at age 9 is loving
life! Poppins is a certified therapy dog who works
with children of all ages and senior citizens. When Poppins isn’t visiting with children
or warming the laps of friends at an assisted living facility or cuddling on the couch with
her family, you will find her doing her all-time favorite thing, learning new tricks! (phone rings) (phone rings) Hello Poppins? You got the part.

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