Giving my Rabbits a Spa Day

Giving my Rabbits a Spa Day

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hey guys this is haley from and in today’s video I’m gonna be showing you guys how I give my
rabbits a spa day so the first thing I’m doing here is brushing sterling with the
furminator I’ll leave the link down in the description bar below if you guys
want to see what that is but it’s one of my favorite brushes and
I do highly recommend it to anyone who has rabbits and then I just go ahead and
start plucking the little furs that are coming out of his butt sometimes it’s
honestly just easier to pull them out with your fingers than to brush them
that’s just what I’ve found personally and this is just something that happens when
rabbits shed kind of clumps of fur to start kind of falling out and then I’m just taking a pair of
grooming scissors and actually just snipping off a little tiny mat that
sterling had on the back of his neck it just happened because he started
shedding and he can’t really groom himself behind his neck so it was just
kind of an area that needed a little bit of help I will also leave these grooming
scissors down in the description below if you guys are curious and then I just
go through and brush a little bit with the Furminator this is also one of my
favorite brushes I will leave this in the description bar below as well and
the other brush I use I will also leave in the description I don’t know what
it’s called but it’s just like a normal flea type comb but I’ll leave that down
there as well then I’m just picking up all the little fur and moving it to one
side of the towel and then I’m gonna go ahead and turn the flashlight on on my
phone and start clipping his nails so my bunnies do not like nail trims but it’s
a necessity and part of owning rabbits they need to have their nails trimmed
short so that they don’t develop sore hocks or other issues such as ripping
their nails off or anything like that so sterling definitely does not enjoy
this but he does sit fairly well for his back feet I actually had his front kind
of sitting upwards just so I could get at his bottom feet a little bit better
I just kind of switch up the positions on what’s working that specific day as
you can see I set him back down here and then finished his back paw that way so
it really just depends on what’s working on that specific day on how I clipped
their nails and then for the fun part scent gland cleaning if you guys are not
familiar with this rabbits have scent glands on either side of their anus and
if you want more information on how to properly clean them I’ll leave the link
in the iCard up above I did a whole video explaining how to do this and
everything like that I don’t do this as often as I clip their
nails but I try to do it as often as I remember I’m just using a wet q-tip and
some wet paper towel to try to clean it out I made sure the water was a little
bit warm so that it wasn’t like super cold to the touch and I also want to
make note that sometimes it’s easier to have your rabbit sitting in your lap
that’s just what I have found so I actually climbed on the counter and set
him on my lap but it’s actually easiest if you have someone helping you do this
however I didn’t have anyone to help me so I had to figure it out myself and
next we have ebony I try to do her very fast because
she does not like being groomed at all so I just have the hair Buster here
plucking some fur real fast and then I just grab my phone and start trimming
her nails she honestly doesn’t shed as bad as or she wasn’t shedding as bad as
sterling so it was very easy just to brush her real fast and then clipping
her nails took a lot longer than the other bunnies simply because her nails
are black which means it’s harder to see the quick so I do use the flashlight to
really try to see through the quick but sometimes it is kind of difficult so I
do take my time and try to be careful that I don’t clip the quick because I
really don’t want her to start bleeding and that is quite painful for rabbits so
that’s why it does take me a little bit longer to trim ebony’s nails versus the
other bunnies and then on to scent gland cleaning my
bunnies do not like this at all like I mentioned but I definitely think I need
to start doing this more often just so that it you know maybe you’ll be faster
and easier to do it next time but I’m just quickly trying to do it as
fast as I can because I know ebony is not very happy with me and as you can
see I am clipping some of the fur around there butt just anything that might be
sometimes their back end can have little like urine dreadlocks and I like to clip
those off and make it all clean but it’s most important for elderly rabbits or
rabbits who aren’t able to clean themselves very well so now we have Lulu I am trying to be
very very careful with brushing her just because of her arthritis it can be a
little bit painful so then I just go ahead and use my hands to pluck out
little furs that are kind of sticking out she wasn’t shedding nearly as bad as
sterling was either I also want to mention that I do not grab on to my
rabbits really tightly when I brush them I kind of let them hop around the
counter a little bit just so that they don’t feel like really stuck and
enclosed and that can make them just a little bit more nervous so then I just
go ahead and clip her nails and her nails are quite easy a lot of them are
completely white so it’s really easy to see the quick which is super nice some
of her new claws are a little bit hard to get remember that rabbits have five
claws in the front and four in the back sometimes it’s easy to forget about that
extra little thumb nail that they have so don’t forget to click that those
little dewclaws are really easy to get stuck on things and get ripped off that
has happened to my bunnies in the past sometimes it doesn’t matter if their
nails are kept short sometimes it can still rip off anyways but it is a good
idea to keep them as short as possible to reduce this chance and then clipping
Lulu’s back paws I felt really bad she does have arthritis in all of her back
toes and her back legs so it was a little bit more painful for her but it
does need to be done because this really helps keep her sore hocks from getting
too bad and then I just climb on the counter and start cleaning her scent
glands as well but then after I cleaned your scent
glands I really tried to trim up that area down there because of her arthritis
she isn’t able to clean herself or groom herself down there so I really want to
keep the fur really short so that it stays nice and clean and it doesn’t get
any like poop or anything stuck to it and then I’m just clipping the bottom of
her little butt in the back just to keep all that nice and fresh and that’s
basically it that is all I do on my rabbit spa days of course they really
don’t enjoy it that much I definitely don’t enjoy doing it to
them but it’s something that’s a necessity for them they need to be
groomed they need to be brushed and they need their nails trimmed and they need
their scent glands clean so it’s definitely something that should be done
even if it’s not fun but that’s basically it for this video don’t forget
to look in the iCard for all the videos that go into more detail on how I trim
my rabbit’s nails how I clean scent glands and stuff like that and then I’ll
also have links down in the description on where to buy some grooming supplies
if you guys are curious but that’s basically it for today’s video thank you
guys so much for watching and I’ll see you very soon on a new one bye

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100 thoughts on “Giving my Rabbits a Spa Day

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    Laser therapy is often used for musculoskeletal issues such as arthritis, but the benefits of laser have been suggested for a range of conditions.

    The laser is placed in direct contact with the skin which enables light photons to penetrate the tissue.

    Although the exact mechanisms are unknown it is thought that the specific wavelengths of light used may interact with molecules within the cells to cause several biochemical effects.

    These reported effects include an increase local blood supply, a reduction in inflammation and an increase in the speed of tissue repair.

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    Ps, one of the rabbits (Larry)used to always go up to the cage wall with her head down, asking the other(nebula) to groom her. The other one always has, but now Larry flinches away when Nebula touches her face, even though she keeps going over there to request grooms.

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