Google Photos: Animals Take Selfies at the LA Zoo

Google Photos: Animals Take Selfies at the LA Zoo

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by Disney’s “Zootopia.” And in the movie, the
animals use technology, just like humans. And so we thought, what if
we actually gave animals in the real world technology
like the characters in “Zootopia”? We’re at the Los
Angeles Zoo today letting animals capture
photos of themselves using Google Photos. FEMALE SPEAKER: CJ, our Sumatran
tiger, is really playful. So he’s going to have a great
time with this new device. [MUSIC PLAYING] [SOFT GROWL] [ELEPHANT TRUMPETS] EVAN ANTIN: The day’s
been going great. And we’ve seen a lot
of animals interact with their respective cameras. I’ve gotten to interact with
some really special animals. So to me, it’s been
a really fun day. COURTNEY POWELL: We’re
using Google Photos to automatically back up all
the photos they’re taking. So whether the otter drops
the phone in the water, whether the tiger
claws the phone, all of the photos
they take are safe. They’re backed up
into Google Photos, and then we’re sharing those
photos out with the public so they can see
amazing persepctives that they’ve never seen before. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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