(GoT) Sansa Stark || Little Bird

(GoT) Sansa Stark || Little Bird

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Sansa, come here little dove. What are you doing? Praying. You’re perfect, aren’t you? “praying”. What are you praying for? For the gods to have mercy on us all. “Praying to the gods to have mercy on us all”. The gods have no mercy, that’s why they’re gods. Don’t! Please, stop! Father! A child’s faith, such sweet innocence. I’ll never disrespect you again. I’ll never be cruel to you again. Ser Meryn. I’m stupid. A stupid little girl with stupid dreams, who never learns. He promised he would be merciful and he cut my father’s head off. And he said that was mercy. Look at him! And he took me up on the walls and made me look at it. He’s a monster. Do as he says. do as he says or he will hurt you. He already hurts me every night. All day I’m locked in this room and every night he comes I can still feel it. I don’t mean: “in my tender heart it still pains me so”, I can still feel what he did in my body standing here, right now. It can’t be any worse. You can’t make me, I will starve myself! I will die before I have to go there! If Ramsay wins, I’m not going back there alive. Do you understand me? If I’m going to die, let it happen while there’s still some of me left. I’ll protect you, I promise. No one can protect me. No one can protect anyone. You’ve been running all your life. Terrible things happen to your family and your weep. You sit alone in a darkened room mourning their fates. You’ve been a bystander to tragedy from the day they executed your father. Stop being a bystander, do you hear me? Stop running. After I raise my armies and kill your traitor brother, I’m going to give you his head, as well. Or maybe he’ll give me yours… I’m Sansa Stark of Winterfell. This is my home and you can’t frighten me. There’s no justice in the world, not unless we make it. You loved your family. Avenge them. I came here everyday, when I was a girl. What did you pray for? I prayed to be somewhere else. Back then, I only thought about what I wanted, never about what I had. I’m done with all that. “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives”. You’ve changed, little bird. Do I frighten you so much, girl? It used to be you couldn’t look at me. That was a long time ago. I’ve seen much worse than you, since then. Yes, I’ve heard. Heard you were broken in rough. if you want to say.. you’re going to die tomorrow, lord Bolton. And he got what he deserved. Sleep well. I gave it to him. Your words will disappear. Your House will disappear. Your name will disappear. All memory of you will disappear. Does it give you joy to scare people? No, it gives me joy to kill people. Sansa’s not a killer. Not yet, anyway. Killing is the sweetest thing there is. Hounds. She’s not the girl you grew up with. Not after what she’s seen. Not after what they’ve done to her. None of it would’ve happened if you’d left King’s Landing with me. No Littlefinger, no Ramsay. None of it. Without Littlefinger and Ramsay and the rest, I would have stayed a little bird all my life. It’s the truth. It’s the most heroic thing we can do, now. Look the truth in the face. I’m a slow learner, it’s true. But I learn. Sansa! Thank you for all your many lessons, lord Baelish. I will never forget them. Sometimes, when I’m trying to understand a person’s motives I play a little game. I assume the worst. I should have thanked you. The moment you arrived. You know she loves your brother. That doesn’t mean she’ll be a good queen. What happens afterwards? We defeat the dead, we destroy Cersei. What happens then? I take the iron Throne. What about the North? It was taken from us. We took it back, we said we’d never bow to anyone else again What about the North? What if there’s someone else? Someone better. Lady Sansa is a Bolton. Or is she a Lannister? I’ve heard conflicting reports. I did what I had to do to survive, my lady. I’m a Stark, I will always be a Stark. The Queen in the North! The Queen in the North! The Queen in the North!

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  • Неизвестный Герой Post author

    Крыса она, а не птичка. Один из худших персонажей и та что меньше всех заслуживала счастливого конца.

  • Nikita Jorgensen Post author

    That was beautiful 50/10

  • Alessa Hampel Post author

    I love this and Sansa so much! She is such a remarkable character and had one of the best character developments in GoT. She started out as a naive little girl wanting to be a king’s queen. She was abused, manipulated and hurt, she suffered so much but it didn’t break her. She learned to be tough, yet she never stopped caring. She learned from the best and has become one of the best diplomats. And she became queen in the north, all by herself. She started the show wanting to be someone’s queen and ended up crowning herself. All her enemies are dead, all the people who fought she was stupid and naive. Sansa was underestimates by many, and in the end she was the true winner of the game of thrones. I couldn’t be more happy about her ending

  • Khyati Bhola Post author

    She was a real character a journey from a foolish dreamy princess kinda girl whose only aim was to marry a powerful man to a very strong clever leader.

  • Janna Marie Chavez Post author

    I had goosebumps watching this

  • KungFuWushu2216 Post author

    I Give it to Sansa she was Groomed to be Queen since season 1 it was her rightful position from day one.

  • Jules Gch Post author

    1:42 the combination of the music and the shots is just so powerful

  • Ken Jie Post author

    More please 😌🙏

  • Ken Jie Post author


  • Ken Jie Post author


  • Sabrina Mitchell Post author

    This edit gave me chills especially at the end when crowned Queen in the North. She made it ❤

  • Aleksandra Olszewska Post author

    B E S T developed character in GoT ❤️

  • Read-to-hell Post author

    I will forever defend Sansa, my queen from all the haters.

  • Wade Post author

    Book Sansa has an interesting arc. Show Sansa is ruined when Littlefinger (for reasons that make no sense) married her off to Ramsay Bolton.

  • Maria Ninguém Post author


  • McSuchtiiis Post author

    I still hate her but nice Video!

  • claire katya Post author

    Clicked on this just to unlike it. Queen Dany forever

  • Katalin Latinovits Post author

    -you know, she loves your brother
    -that doesn't mean she'll be a good queen

    she knew. they couldn't hide it very long, trust me. truth about Jon would've come out ANYWAY. Cersei killed Missandei, Daenerys lost it either way… she couldn't keep what she promised to the people of Kingslanding, any Daenerys fan can calm down… it's not Sansas fault dragonqueen didn't become queen (only for short time), like she did.


    #teamsansa #queeninthenorth Long may she reign.

  • Hugo Aero Post author

    I used to like her since the very last moment. But this bitch is the one who betrayed Dany and made her killed.

  • Kellie Griffin Post author

    I hate how she pondered after Jeffrey betrayed her sister was a coward and still got to be the queen of the north

  • Sandali Dev Sinha Post author

    Just because Sansa is not a cruel woman like Cersei, a badass assassin like Arya, a warrior like Brianne or a dragon like Daenerys, she is considered a boring character. But she has strength. Hidden, but it exists. She cannot survive on a battlefield, but, her strength (which is so different from the other women of GoT) helps her to survive in situations in which women like Arya and Cersei won't last five minutes. She is literally the definition of 'What didn't kill us made us stronger'. Tell me, who has suffered as she has in the whole series? Now I am not denying the struggles of other women in GoT, but since the first season Sansa had been a bystander to tragedy. It took her five seasons to finally be freed. While the other women were free, she wasn't. She wasn't allowed to grow. But she never lost the will to live. No matter how difficult it got, she knew she had to live, one step a day, not because she knew that everything would be alright, but she just didn't want her predators to get satisfaction from anything she gave them.

    And when she finally rose, freed, not with anyone's help, but with her own will, she kicked some serious asses. And that was when she showed everyone who thought she was a naive girl, that they didn't do the right thing messing with her. She showed that everyone had made one of the biggest mistakes of their lives underestimating her.

    And in the end, while everyone lost the game of thrones, and the seven kingdoms got an unworthy ruler, she thrived yet again. Not with anyone's help, but by the virtue of her intelligence. She emerged as the biggest winner of the Game Of Thrones, and rightfully so. She was better than the rest of them (that also includes Arya).

  • S. K. Post author

    Man, makes me proud of her.

  • Y Y Post author

    no little now

  • Pretty Baby Markets Post author

    1:28 cathrine of Spain….

  • Ada Costache Post author

    this edit is so good and emotional 😭

  • Eirini Del Post author

    In case anyone still hates Sansa there you go. this is what she's been through and you wanted her not to be strong?

  • Bernardo Esparza Post author

    The beginning of this video always gives me the chills.

  • Precious Pearl Post author

    Character with best development.. Hands down

  • Регина Газимова Post author

    This is so powerful. I think Sansa is such a great example of a strong woman. She was surrounded with the worst people, but she stayed loyal to her family, to the North, to herself.
    Every time when I feel like everything against me, I rewatch this video to remind myself, that even in the dark times you should be loyal to yourself, and no one can take it away from you.

  • TakeMetoW0nderland Post author

    It devastates me that she really believed in Jon as her King even after he "bent the knee." She even said so in the finale. She was never power hungry, she only wanted to be taken seriously and to have her voice be heard. That was one of the worst parts about the finale, was that she didn't "pardon" Jon. I think she genuinely wanted his counsel even if she was named Queen, she had a lot of respect for him despite his mistakes.

  • oliska 133 Post author

    anyone knows the best quotes from the game of thrones i will be grateful

  • William Ecoff Post author

    Little demon is more like it. Rickon and Dany will back me up

  • Багульник Гука Post author

    Да, Санса как тростник – гнется, но не ломается. С детства мечтала быть королевой и стала ею.

  • thiago palheta abrbosa palheta barbosa Post author


  • Sam Jiang Post author

    My heart is broken.A Phoenix burn from the ashes.

  • Hugo Santos Post author

    My favorite is Daenerys but Sansa is the best player

  • Master Ethan Post author

    This video deserves a million more views.

  • canttouchdylan Post author

    Hands down the best story arc in the series!

  • Elham Sharifi Post author

    it was gorgeous

  • Phœnixtears Post author

    Sansa was the only person who wanted a crown from the start who succeeded. She was too underestimated

  • Ren RN Post author

    The Hound is like that problematic uncle who gave his innocent nieces rough life advice when they were young and ended up being hella proud of them when they grew up to be bad asses.

  • Sebe Ubisi Post author

    This video saddens me

  • skalawitz Post author

    I admit Sansa annoyed me but when she stood up even to the dragon queen. I'm starting to like her.. (aside from her being tall, pretty and cute.)

  • Ally Poland Post author

    This is really inspiring

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  • Drinnor Post author

    Sansa Stark The Bitch of The North

  • Hafsa Adlani Post author


  • Uchenna Esomonu Post author


  • Nina Wood Post author

    As someone who is struggling and has been sexually assaulted, this video was so fucking empowering. It’s exactly what I needed, that gripping chill of empowerment and ease. Beautiful.

  • Jui July Post author

    I actually don't understand when people say they hate Sansa or that she's boring. She's one of the most realistic characters. Like she was just a girl with dreams, she suffered and she learned from her mistakes. She became a smart woman and a good queen that cares about her people, home and family. She has never had dragons, power or people who could protect her, so she became powerful and can protect herself a her family.

  • Ayten Özgen Post author

    ne yaptığını bilemeden bişeyler yapamamaya çalışcana müslüman ol namaz kıl hedefi belirle tablodaki belirsizliklerle uğaşma litttle bird lütfen güzelliğin boşa gitmesin heba olmasın

  • alexandre macharashvili Post author

    soundtrack pleace <3

  • alexandre macharashvili Post author

    pleace tell me name of music of the moment ,,no one can protect me 'x

  • Анна Зимина Post author

    Просрали ее линию

  • todayforlljaz Post author

    Great job was done to make this short video!

  • motherofpuppies Post author

    Fuckkng yess💪🏼

  • Matilda Ask Post author

    The ending gave me chills

    The Queen in the north❤️

  • Eric Liu Post author

    Sansa stark described herself in the best way: "she's a slow learner, but she learned."

  • aneeel i. Post author

    I love Sansa! She is a true queen.

  • Pratima Gaud Post author

    Movie name

  • Aophia Post author


  • Merry van Veldhuizen Post author

    sansa is the best queen the north could get

  • Jaspreet singh Post author

    This bitch got away with cool ening But the Real Queen is …Yes you know that dracarys !!!!!!

  • Jaylemagnifique Post author

    She was my favorite character with Tywin Lannister and Ned Stark

  • Shalla Ahmed Post author

    Little bitch!

  • Garang Akkala Post author

    I love the bits where Cersei asks her what she’s praying for then Margery does. Amazingggg video

  • Jordan Boisson Post author

    The most evolutive character of Got is Sansa. From a spoiled, boring, naive princess girl to a real Queen who plays the games of thrones.

  • Joaquin A Romero F Post author

    This video fucking nailed it. Amazing.

  • Chicky Jeon Post author

    I was crying watching this video. Sansa endures every pain that a normal person can't, and survived the darkess part of her life. literally she's now a phoenix, not a little dove.

  • Shreya poudel Post author

    How much i watch this i cant stop my tears 😢

  • Nina Peterson Post author

    Sansa is a cowardly traitor! She betrayed her family, her sister for Joffrey, her father for Cersei and her Brother Jon for nothing! She was jealous of Dany and Jon possibly having a happy ever after that was robbed from her and so she betrayed them both!

    She earned no throne hiding in the crypts hiding like the true coward she is while Dany sacrificed everything even dragons and her best friend for people she owed nothing to, people who betrayed her! Dany is the real Queen! Forever!

  • nungajugs Post author

    This is actually fucking amazing mate well done

  • Alyssa Lorina Post author

    This is so good.

  • טליה ש Post author

    Sansa: "no one can protect me, no one can protect anyone"
    No one: "am i a joke to you?"

  • Marvi Jones Post author

    Am I the only one who thinks Sansa is way cuter than Dany 😍🤔

  • Nicolas Filho do coringa e arleqina Post author

    Só tomei espóile

  • Saher Shah Rizvi Post author

    character development of sansa was brillient

  • Vinod Kumar Post author

    Nice editing and BGM

  • Hakeem Lyon Post author

    O final mais justo foi o dela

  • Maximum Melody Post author

    Sansa is literally the Cinderella of GoT she suffered so much, endured so much torture and abuse physically, psychologically, and emotionally, and she came out on top and she did it without dragons, or an army but by simply learning how to play the game, and yet everyone calls her weak.

  • Cobrah Queen Post author

    Honestly I think Sansa is the only one who got a good ending that she deserved.

  • Murad Yaseen Post author

    this video is more beautiful then the 8th season!

  • Dana 41 Post author

    The strongest girl in Game of Thrones

  • Terra Goldenberg Post author

    My Queen in the North. favorite character since the books began

  • SHIRIN YUSUPOVA Post author

    Nice quotes

  • Heh Heh Post author

    Как же я ненавижу, когда Сансу называют ненужным слабым персонажем, это совсем не так

  • Heh Heh Post author

    Один из тех персонажей, который реально вырос за всю историю. Посмотрите на Сансу в первом сезоне или книге и в конце. Она выросла, это и есть черта хорошего персонажа

  • Emily Canfield Post author

    Everyone always shits on Sansa because she "had it easy" at Kings Landing and you can't compare anyone's trauma or abuse. But Sansa went through the heaviest emotional abuse in the entire show.

  • Mobile Oppression Palace Post author

    She should have kept the North in the seven kingdoms and held more power as an elector whose progeny would have a strong claim on the iron throne, especially since a member of own her family currently sits on it.

  • Alice West Post author

    I love Sansa ❤️

  • Reiss Gardner Post author

    I use to like Sansa until she was an absolute bitch to Daenerys. Does she understand that without Daenerys the dead would have wiped out the north in seconds.

  • DIDI METRO Post author

    Yeh.. whatever

  • injog Post author

    Самый крутой персонаж

  • Zenia Earlene Post author

    i got goosebumps on all over my body🥺

  • tournaviske Post author

    My dog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback is called after the strongest woman in GOT… "Sansa"

  • Emma Fimrite Post author

    She is the best character. She is the most normal. The most "me" in all of us. That's what makes her so great.

  • yumna amjad Post author

    best sansa tribute i ve seen ever

  • Jithu Nair Post author

    Sansa is the most powerful character in GOT, only a wise person can see that. She matured like a good wine through her sufferings while most of the others has become like spoiled curry. She ended up becoming the most clever, tough & courageous but not bitter and a balanced mindset with an invincible attitude, righteous nature and a beautiful personality.

    That's why they call her – " Queen of the North"

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