Hamster Floor Time! 🐹

Hamster Floor Time! 🐹

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hi bumble are you ready to come out?
come on! so in today’s the video I thought I
would bring bumble out and just free-roam her and show you guys- you’re
so cute do you hear all the sounds – hi bumble *gasp* bye So I like to block off half of my room so that I can free roam bumble I just use
one of her play pens that way the rabbits cannot get to her or anything
and she has half of the room to run around and explore and play where did
you go there she is oh yeah I don’t know if you’re gonna fit in there oh maybe
you will goodbye I also have a walnut out here do you
want this oh my goodness it’s a walnut the walnuts right there oh no Bumble you can’t take the walnut oh no where you going? oh okay yeah just just leave it
there good place oh oh pffft okay Oh she’s scent marking it. She’s like this is my house I
just have to rub my body on it look I have some I have some food
do you do tricks? okay spin spin this is hard with a camera okay wait spin good job
take your pea flake oh whoa up up good job can you spin again spin no come back
can you do spin look spin I don’t know how well this is working come here look
spin no no you spin around you have to follow the pea okay
very very simple follow spin spin spin you did it so as you can see if you can even keep
up with this little speed demon my gosh oh there you are
she’s doing really really well hey oh my gosh I can’t even you can’t
burrow in this I know it looks like you could burrow in it but you can’t you
listening to the noises I don’t know if anybody’s making any noise right now but
you’re supa supa cute later later are you gonna move anytime soon more moments later are you just comfy in this spot? later are you pretending to be a statue? much much later are you having flashbacks End of flashback *kisses* oh you’re having a little groom
very nice very nice That is a dead end Missy you can’t you can’t go out that way no must scent mark everything that is mission oh my gosh this is the most
intense scent marking I’ve ever seen this is mine and this is
mine oh and this is mine oh and did I mention this is also mine tada yeah go up! oh my gosh there, it’s a bed
its a big bed oh my gosh why do you think you can climb everything excuse me
miss Look at you, you’re so tall! No! where do you think you’re going
no oh my gosh! Bumble! You are gonna fall oh my gosh see what would you do
without me oh my gosh so the battery is blinking
which means the camera is going to die very shortly so- bumble what are you…
so we will see you in our next video thanks for watching bye

100 thoughts on “Hamster Floor Time! 🐹

  • Victoria Raechel Post author

    Good morning everyone! 🌞 ( or evening or night 🌚) today i wanted to film something a little different since I was taking Bumble out to free roam and she does so many silly things 😂 Bumble is a female cream banded Syrian hamster who is 17 months old!

  • Katie marchand Post author

    the way you talk to your hamster is so precious

  • Anna Hindle Post author

    Hi! I love your videos and bumble is super cute in the one! I don't think I've ever seen such a big personality in a hamster. So cute!! I'm just wondering where you got your divider thingie because I'm currently looking for a new one as my previous one broke 🙁 Thank you xxx

  • Oreo The Hamster Post author

    yes,I also do floor time with Oreo!
    My mom says it's the way to explore the worlddd!!

  • Heaven's 8 Ultimate Ragdolls Post author

    Because I have kitties, I can not free roam my hamster BUT she does get to run in her ball for about 4 hours a day. Kitties don't even pay much attention to her but it is nice to allow her to roam around. Love your vids!

  • Haris Colic Post author

    may i ask where did u find a good playpen?

  • Kaitlyn Janssen Post author

    What are those gates called that u have they look super nice and easy to put up. And it would make it easier for me to free roam my Syrian without picking him up and moving him away from under my bed.

  • Lucy Elliott Post author

    Bumble is so cute I would die for her 🥰

  • Pebbles & Smudge F Post author

    The text of what she would say is so cute

  • Alexis L Craig Post author

    my hamster chip hates pea flakes but loves corn flakes and grains.

    He gets lettuce, cucumber, tomato, strawberry, raspberry, banana and a bit of peanut butter for breakfast and he gets some chicken and green beans for dinner.

  • A Lopez Post author

    Which playpen is this? I need a solid one my expert parkour Syrian can't climb 😅

  • Natnael Tekle Post author

    Victoria I need your help my hamster face look stuffed on both side please need help

  • WashyVids Post author

    Why can´t I give this video a heart? hmmmm there ya go <3

  • C AND M Productions Post author

    My hamster is very fistey what can I do about it ?

  • Hannah Bartolomeo Post author

    Are you Allowed to give your hamster a walnut and what is the best treat for your hamster?

  • Hannah Bartolomeo Post author

    Because I need some treats

  • Caroline Auger Post author

    He our she cute🐹😍

  • TTV Chloe Post author

    My hamster it two in a week and hamsters only live to like 2 soo 🙁

  • Soy Bean Post author

    I’m pretty sure my hamster broke his teeth since they’re so small and stubby looking, but he doesn’t seem to be in any pain. He’s eating normally and looks fine. Is a vet appointment necessary

  • Mr Muffin Post author


  • Carly Post author

    I really want a hamster!,! ❤️

  • Carly Post author

    Bumble is so cute

  • hamsters FWCPRT Post author

    Why is my hamster always asleep now my hamster Is only awake for like 1 hour a day now and then go back in his burrow to sleep.

    Bumble is soooooo cute 😊❤

  • skinnypigs1 Post author

    Bumble is so tiny and sweet!

  • LuvMyRodents Post author

    XD i love the spongebob "laters"

  • Timothy J. Holloway Post author

    Anyone know where I can find a divider wall like in this video?

  • • Raven _Gacha • Post author

    That was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen 🥺❤️

  • kizupai Post author

    this is so wholesome :(((( 💖

  • Daniel Palafox Post author

    Hey do you have a video of hamster balls and or reconditions

  • BrennaMae Post author

    I have an important question, so I hope you respond, Is it safe to keep your hamster cage on the ground, even if you have no dogs, cats or small children?

  • Shannon Beauty Tutorials Post author

    Bumble is so cute!! My dwarf hamster Chip had to sadly be put down 3 days ago due to the fact he chewed his tail off and got an infection in his spine, also had fluid filled cysts under his neck aswell as parasites, I took him to vets to get treated many time but in the end there was nothing else they could do and he was in a lot of pain (all of this was due to his bad previous owner who hoarded hamsters in tiny cages and he got attacked many times and forced to breed, in which I adopted him to be in a better home) this video has truly made my day and cheered me up!! Keep going with the videos!! 💙

  • Stéphanie MONGIN Post author

    I love your vids i try all your tips with my hamsters everyday

  • Rajesh kumar Post author

    Aur Kitna chutya banayegi

  • Carter Loughridge Post author

    My hamster is sleeping A LOT during the night and day, he’s basically never awake. So I’m kinda worried. Is this normal? (I got him last week)

  • The Lazy Duck Post author

    Hi! Idk if you will see this, but I've been thinking about getting a WINTER WHITE HAMSTER and I wanna ask a few questions:

    1. What dimensions of a cage should I get?

    2. What sized wheel, and what type?

    3. Recommendations for a hideout?

    4. Flooring?

    That's all! If you don't answer its ok

  • Mirabelle newman Post author

    where did you get that play pen thing i am looking for something like that for my dwarf

  • Maye Velasco Post author

    She looks cute when she look at you!!!

  • Sara Stanway Post author

    I recently got my first ham and Jenkins and I want to thank you for all your amazing content. He was terrified at first and had a scary brush with wet tail but with following all your tips for taming and cage setup and diet he’s a happy healthy little guy and we’re both loving each other’s company so much. Thanks for showing me how to be a good hamster mom 🙂

  • brookie namjinsopevminkookrules Post author

    She hamster, hates me sooooo…. 😅

  • Toffee Pop Post author

    Bumble is gorgeous! Love her and the other animals so much! 😍❤️❤️💜💜

  • PSYCHO !!! Post author

    Ooh how she took off with the walnut😂😍 my baby does the same, she is adicted to white cabbage and peanuts😂

  • cool tiktok vids Post author

    Aw your such a good hamster owner:3

  • Ruth Wang Post author

    So cute!! 😊😊

  • Felita Ong Post author

    TOO 👏 MUCH 👏 CUTENESSSSSS 👏 I can't let my hamster roam for a while cause I just got my rabbit. Don't want to shock them both 😂

  • Ronja Wahlstrom Post author

    Sooooooo cute! I take m rats out for free roaming too, it's so fun to watch them!

  • Ivana Wan Post author

    He’s soooooooooooooooo FREAKING CUTE 😱😱

  • SaraHville 1 Post author

    This made me laugh so hard! I really needed this today! I am patiently waiting for the universe to present me with an adoptable hamster… Ok, I lie. I'm not all that patient, but I understand it will happen when it happens. I have missed the hilarity of hamster care, so thanks for sharing! 💗

  • hamhamnuts Post author

    oh she can jump! toys are so cute💘💘💘

  • Rhea_playz Post author

    when she hopped my heart went 🥰

  • Emily McRae Post author

    This was such a fun video! Bumble with that walnut 😂 and the flashback! Haha! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  • Camaron Russ Post author

    My sweet bunny isabell decided that she was going to have her own floor time while no one was home it was so cute when I got home! There was paper everywhere books and even a cable and I don’t even know where it’s from thanks Isabel for the delightful mess you made! ❤️❤️❤️

  • • Nurfarzanaaa • Post author

    3:32 the “super super” WAS SO FREAKIN ADORABLE

  • Legendgaming Official Post author

    why did my hamster bite me? why my hamster are wild…

  • Nicole Engay Post author

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  • Lotti Pawsome Post author

    Watching these cute flashbacks are my favourite part of being a hamster mommy ♥️

  • Evie Jones Post author

    Please do a part 3 of reacting to subscribers' cages!! (hamster)

  • Evie Jones Post author

    R.I.P Beans she died on 16/11/19 🙁

  • Smailisy Kity cat Post author

    She is so cuteee😍🐹

  • Kendall C Post author

    Hi Victoria! I'm a little late-but that's ok! This video is soooo cute, Bumble is such a little cutie! Anyway, I have a suggestion, for me and other people, and may be a new, fun thing to do on your channel: how about start doing some cat videos of Sadie? I might be getting a cat next month-and other people might have a cat or are getting a cat. Thanks for reading-your biggest fan from Maryland, Kendall!

  • Kendall C Post author

    Oh yeah, and maybe some dog videos too? 🙂

  • Brady 44 Post author

    Great video!

  • Sydney Prince Post author

    Please do more reactions to your subscribers cages

  • Matt Cesario Post author

    great video. de walnut

  • Sunshine Ranch Post author

    I know ths is off topic but can fish toys be boild?

  • Stéphanie MONGIN Post author

    Dear Victoria I have 2 syrian hamsters that are sisters they live in the same cage but they fight sometimes should I separate them? Please answer my question that would be very helpful.

  • telisha burgess Post author

    Can you do a video on what to feed ur hamster if it’s on a diet this would be so so helpful xx

  • Emilio Dale Post author

    oH my GOODness it's a WALLnut

  • Joseph Robinson Post author

    What are those foldable screens you use to section the room off? I could really use them

  • Cheri Post author

    Hi there! Can you please share where you got the neat folding walls to set a boundary for your hamster?

  • gold_ninja1 00 Post author

    Victoria can u react to my hamy vids this is how many subs you deserve 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • gold_ninja1 00 Post author

    all your hammies are adorbs i love them!

  • Sweet_ Serienty Post author

    Hello Victoria, I was wondering what little playpen/fence you used in the video? I think it would be great for my hamster because she always has a lot of energy.

  • Jenna Caron Post author

    bumble is so cute

  • Rodent Rascals Adventures Post author

    I just love the faces!!!

  • Julia’s journey Post author

    Aww bumbles the cutest! My hamster looks sort of like her except with more hair haha

  • Grace Kuta Post author

    Good morning!!!

  • Emisha Post author

    hey can i ask you questions abt my hamsters? i hope you do reply to mine because im clueless as heck. so when i got my hamsters, they both lived together in one cage. but then they were fighting until one of them is bleeding. but it keeps going and i decided to separate them. now they lived in different cage. i want them to live in the same cage again, how am i gonna do it? thanks in advance ❤️

  • Flowey Post author

    Hey, I kinda need help, afther I saw alot of your videos u upgraded the size of my cage and ammount of bedding. But she's still trying to escape. If I stick my hand in the cage she'll try to climb out.. But when I put her near her old cage she wants to get in? Even though the new one is alot better for her. Does she just need to get used to the cage? Or is it still too small? Idk what to do..

  • Dex Post author

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  • Kenneth Jowers Post author

    Lol. Bumble looks pretty stoned… and I love it 😄

  • Mako Fox Post author

    I want to adopt a dwarf hamster…. but I live in the middle of no where….
    I've called the petstore to see if they have relinquished hamsters… no
    Called all the shelters… no
    Used petfinder… no
    Craiglist… no
    Local Facebook pet groups… no
    Googled breeders…. no
    I think I have to go to the petstore 😭😭
    I'm sorry I triiiiiiiied ;( ;(

  • Kpop Edits Post author

    I got my hamster 2 months ago and she’s bit me twice when I try to pick her up or stroke her she runs of or flips on her back and gets scared could you give me some tips how to get it tk like me

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    my hamsters wheel is pretty loud and my dad said to put olive oil on it? is that safe?

  • ꨄiiiGxnꨄ Post author

    Bumble is sooo cute😍!!!Awww!!🥺😍

    Btw:What playpen did you use to keep your rabbits from getting to Bumble?

  • Haley Sheets Post author

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    Hamsters are terrible climbers yet they do it with a dangerous amount of confidence lol

  • Mia Ullrich Post author

    Hi Victoria I hope you see this I have two hamsters and I’m a huge fan but I’m having a problem with my Sirian hamster (I think I spelt that wrong) she always goes pee in her sand bath and doesn’t bathe in it and she’s a little stinky idk if you have made a video on this I was looking but yes your the best ilysm🥰🥰🥰 thank you 🙏🏼😁🥰💕💕🥰😁

  • Vanessa Kofstad Post author

    I love hamsters

  • Escaladr Post author

    Hi, Victoria! I am writing here because I am really upset about the behavior of my hamster and I have no idea what to do now since I've watched all the vids on the matter. Me and my girlfriend bought a djungarian hamster 2 months ago (a female) and she… she just bites us and ferouciously attacks every hand inside her cage. We watched many videos including yours and nothing seems to work. We got her a much bigger cage and a larger hamster wheel for her to feel more comfortable, but despite our best efforts, feeding from hands, she still bites us whenever she spots any hand. Today she bit me so deeply that she flew along with my hand and we had to catch her in the room :/ The thing is she doesn't seem to feel threatened at all, just being aggressive in her "hood". I'd even say she feels too confident in her "home". Sometimes she doesn't even care about the given food but goes straight for the hand, jumping and biting, feeling like we're gonna take sth away from her. The odd thing is that if we get her out of the cage, she behaves more peaceful. She still doesn't want to be petted much but at least she also doesn't bite, you can pick her up, forms tunnels to go through etc. In her cage thoughshe becomes a litttle monster :v The other problem is that she sleeps like 18 hours a day. She seems really active only around 1.am to 6 am, occassionally going for food at other times That's difficult for us because we need to get some sleep for work. I also want to mention I had a Syrian before and he was lovely and never bit me although he didn't have as good place to stay as she. Please, we have no idea what to do… help us :< Victoria or anyone? We'd appreciate any helpful advice 🙁

  • Amy Waldron Post author

    Could anyone tell me what she uses to block off the room, I know she said it was a hamster pen but is it homemade or can you buy it? Thanks 🙂

  • Nick's Pet Corner Post author

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  • Kylie Katrina3 Post author

    I got 2 hamster and they chew the metal cage a lot and also I heard I have to leave them for 2-3 days without interact is that true or no and want my hamsters to be happy and have a great life please see this and give answer ♥️ 💜

  • Kelly Tovar Post author

    hello ! i was wondering if a 110 qt bin was big enough for a bin cage:)

  • nonchalantd Post author

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