Holdfast Clamps & Bench Dogs/ Workbench Build Part 3

Holdfast Clamps & Bench Dogs/ Workbench Build Part 3

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This is the third video in the new workbench series where I will show you how I built all the accessories that will make it more comfortable
to work on it, while at the same time making it more versatile. These are the hold fast clamps. I thought about using a cap nut and a washer with a beveled hole to allow for better rotation and tilting, which makes them very convenient when holding pieces in all of the bench’s holes, both in the front and on the benchtop. I’ve also attached a front bench vise and made some dogs that will hold the pieces on the benchtop. This bench can also make repetitive cuts. If you are interested, check out how to make
them in this other video in my channel. I’ll start with the hold fast clamps. I’ll cut all of their pieces from a beech
finger joint board which was leftover from the benchtop. I cut it to size with the table saw, smooth
one of its sides with the jointer and trim it to its required thickness with the planer. Since the board is made of several pieces
of wood, I’ll try to cut whole pieces without joints. Here we can see one of the board’s finger
joints, it’s definitely a very strong bond! I mark the positions of the holes and drill
them with the column drill. I’ll use a steel rod, though a steel pipe with the same diameter and a 3mm wall couldalso be used instead. Now I’ll drill the holes for the threaded
insert. Here we could also use a t-nut. Now I’ll mark the outline of the pieces
so that I can later cut them with the band saw and I sand all their sides with the disc
sander. I apply some oil and place the threaded insert
in its hole. Since it’s a little longer than necessary,
I’ll sand it down to size. I attach and sand down the steel pipe, and make some marks on it with a file so that the glue works better. I’ll use polyurethane adhesive, but epoxy
could work too. Once the adhesive is dry, I wipe off any that’s
leftover and apply some linseed oil on the wood. I’ll cut the pressure pads from another
piece of beechwood. First I drill holes for the washers and the
cap nut, then I cut with the band saw and finish them off with the disc sander. I countersink one of the washers in the central hole and trim the nuts a little so that they fit more loosely in the hole. I’ll cut the pressure pad covers from another piece of beechwood, and now I can put together the hold fast clamps. First I put screws in the knobs I already
built and lock them with a nut and a washer. I could also use a long handle, like the one clamps usually come with, but I prefer knobs as they take up less space. I apply glue to fasten the pressure pad covers, put in the washers and use some grease for lubrication so that the cap nut turns more easily. I also put some polyurethane adhesive between the cap nut and the screw, tighten the screw and apply pressure between the pad and its covers. Now I’ll install the vise. First I’ll screw the beechwood back jaw
to the bench. I mark the positions of the holes for the
vise and drill them with the column drill. I also make some holes on the bottom of the piece to screw it on the benchtop. I’ll use hex lag bolts. I’ll also fasten three screws to the front
of the piece. I’ve changed the design of the vise a little
compared to the one in the plans, but both are just as good. Maybe later on I’ll design my own home-made bench vise. Using some of the leftover beechwood from the benchtop, I’ll cut the front jaw parts. I’ll join two pieces with glue to make it thicker. Once the glue is dry, I’ll flatten all its
surfaces with the jointer. I mark the position of the vise guides once more and drill holes with the column drill. By tilting the jointer fence, I’ll make
a bevel on all of the outer edges. I make sure everything is okay and mark the positions of the bench dog holes. Now I’ll cut and glue on with contact adhesive two pieces of rubber on both jaws, which will protect the wood pieces when held by the vise. I apply some linseed oil and screw the front jaw to the vise after ensuring it’s level with the benchtop. Now I’ll make the dogs using this piece
of steel pipe. I’ve also cut some pieces of beechwood and rounded off their edges to insert in the steel pipe hole. I cut a recess on the upper part of the dog and smooth down all its surfaces with the belt sander. I glue a piece of wood on them that will stop the dogs falling through the holes, as well as protect the workpieces to be held down on the bench. Lastly, I’m going to install this bench
vise, sent to me by the company Piher, so that I can work with metals without damaging the front vise with wooden jaws. I’ll make a plywood support in order to
attach it to the bench quickly. That’s all for today. In a few days I’ll post a new video where
I’ll add drawers and doors to the workbench. I’ll try to cut all the parts with the cutting
station built into the bench itself.

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