Horror Movie Watchers || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Horror Movie Watchers || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

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Hello, busy people! Hit the bell icon and never miss any update
from me. Yours truly, Mahatalli. ’99’. ‘99.2’. Hold on.
‘99.4’. I’ve downloaded
a Japanese horror movie. It has been highly rated
on Rotten Tomatoes. Let’s watch this today.
I’ll have my bath and be right back. She is making us watch Mongolian,
Korean and Japanese films. Let’s see if this film is any good. But Japanese films
aren’t known for their horror. Please order in dinner too.
– What do we order? Let’s order Japanese.
It’d be poetic. Like always we’ll have to watch
a comedy after watching a horror flick. Please let me sit in the middle, bro.
– Stop it, will you? You are already in the middle.
– I feel a ghost is right next to me. Jahnavi, please ask him to..
– Watch the movie, will you? Don’t irritate me.
– Jahnavi, I feel the ghost is after me. Shut up!
Let me follow the subtitles. Hell with these cowards! They go like.. Why don’t these guys..
– Jahnavi, please stay here. If you’ve such friends,
just kill them. Is this any way to watch a horror film?
Let me create the right ambience. Please, don’t!
– Stop being such a coward. Ganesh, please turn on the lights. Ganesh, this ambience terrifies me.
– Shut up. This is the perfect ambience. Gau, what causes fear in you? The thought that a horror film
would scare you causes fear. The thought that this ghost
would haunt you causes fear. The thought that blood would gush out
from a tap causes fear. The thought that the ghost
would hide in your closet causes fear. But I say, screw fear.
– You mean you aren’t scared? What nonsense? I lead every moment of my life
in utmost fear. But the only thing I wish for is that we sleep
in the same room tonight. To be frank,
I’m scared shitless. It is just that you can’t see it
in my face. What are you looking up? The most haunted places in Hyderabad.
– It’ll throw up the Kundhanbagh house result. I went there once. It is so scary.
– That’s true. Even RFC is believed
to be haunted. Once a man blew a whistle at RFC.
To his surprise, 1000s of whistles were blown back. Ghosts and all are so scary. Cut it! Ghosts are all trash.
– Then why do dogs bark all of a sudden? Because dogs can hear things
which we can’t hear. Scientists call it UV something.
What do you say, buddy? Ghosts are for real.
– They do exist. I felt many times like I was
being stalked by something unknown. You feel that way because
of electromagnetic fields. If our mind is totally worked up
about something we tend to feel such things. Those are the tricks
which your mind plays on you. Trust in science. What’s the point in being educated
if we believe in such silly things? There are positive
aswell as negative energies around us. That’s true. There are things which
are even beyond the reach of science. How are you guys
so irrational? What’s wrong?
Watch the movie. You hit me on my head, right?
– No, I was scratching my neck. You, idiot!
– What’s the matter? You are disturbing me, Jahnu. You, scoundrels..
– I’m sorry! Look at the girl there.
She looks so funny. ‘Why are they laughing?’ Her hair is just like mine. She is back again. Is this the part
where I should be scared? Chill out, guys. Don’t be scared.
This is after all a movie. Just imagine the number of people
on the set while shooting this. Come on, guys. This is so silly
and yet you are scared? Wonder what would become of you
if you watch real quality horror flicks. You guys are so silly. Why are you people
so tensed? Don’t worry, she’d survive this.
The lead actress can’t die already. Is there any Telugu movie
in which the lead actress dies? If at all there is any,
did that movie do good business? It is just a movie.. You know what?
This movie was based on true events. Ever since that family brought home that toy,
weird things started happening. People started to vomit blood
and all. Boon, please change the channel and the topic.
– Trust me. That man is father’s friend. Let’s change the topic.
– Bro, it is all reality. Does any man in his senses
venture into darkness all alone? Such a senseless guy he is.
Don’t go there.. If at all we hear a sound emanating
from darkness, we hid under our pillows but we don’t go check out
what that sound is, do we? Does this guy know
the little girl is the devil? Tell me, would you fall for a girl
even after knowing she is possessed? All movies are crap. He’s going to her again?
What an idiot he is. Jahnavi, she’ll we go watch
‘Game with a Ghost’? It’s been getting rave reviews.
– The only genre of films I hate is horror. You think paying for the ticket
in exchange for getting scared is a good deal? Not happening, bro. We might be spending
close to Rs. 1,000 on this outing. I’m not spending Rs. 1,000
to get scared shitless. Neither do horror films have an ending.
They always leave the ending open. How can you live with an unsolved mystery?
I can’t. And I’m not as stupid as you. And neither am I interested to watch it.
– No doubt, you’re scared shitless. There are tickets available
for the 3:00PM show. Here’s the plan,
we’ll shop in the morning. Then we’ll catch the movie
and then we’ll go have dinner. Ganesh..
Want to watch a movie with us? Which one?
– The horror flick that is out in the theatres. Does anyone in his senses
watch horror flicks in the morning? I’ve already booked tickets
for the night show. ‘I’ll read all the spoilers right away.
I can’t take this suspense anymore.’ ‘There are so many articles.
Which one can be trusted?’ ‘So the sister of the lead actor
is the ghost.’ Good to know
she would live on. Jahnavi..
Please step out for a minute. This is the 3rd time
you’re asking me to step out! You want me
to help you do that too? Oh, no! That’d be embarrassing.
Just walk with me till the toilet. Please, Jahnavi..
– What a pain you are! Hell with you! Stay closer. Turn off the lights
atleast while sleeping. Mom! Keep the lights on.
Turn on the lights.. I’ll sleep with the lights on.
– Whatever. Don’t even shut the door.
– ‘What’s wrong with her tonight?’ ‘What a movie it was.
The ghost was so..’ ‘Why even think about it now
given that my eyes are shut and it’s all dark?’ ‘I rather open my eyes.’ ‘Why do I feel something
is stalking me?’ My eyes! ‘Why did I close my eyes again?’ Mom..
Are you still awake? Mom..
– What? I’ll sleep here with you tonight.
– Why so? What happened to all your talk
about having private space? If you sleep here,
you can’t use your mobile nor you can talk on phone for hours.
You can’t live without your phone, can you? Mom, please! I’ll sleep here tonight.
– Alright but no using phones in here. The only time she gives me respect
is after watching a horror film. So these are the way people
usually react while watching horror flicks. Atleast, this is what I felt.
So, did you like it? Maybe you did.
Are you now scared? Don’t be.
Be fearless like me. Turn on the lights, you idiots! I wasn’t scared at all.
You mind standing with me, Ganesh? Alright, bye! And don’t forget to subscribe.
Do you have a torch?

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