Hot Dogs You Should And Shouldn’t Buy

Hot Dogs You Should And Shouldn’t Buy

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Who could ever turn down a classic hot dog? At best, they’re a staple of long, lazy summer
days and at worst, they’re suspicious tubes of mystery meat in a casing you probably don’t
want to ask too many questions about. “You know what they make those things out of, right Chet? You know? Lips and A——-!” Mystery meat aside, there are definitely some
hot dogs that’ll be a hit when they come off any grill, and some you should probably avoid. Let’s talk hot dogs, and the ones you should
and shouldn’t pick up this summer. “Bonzi!” Should: Sabrett Gluten-free hot dogs might seem like a bit
of an odd thing to talk about, but for those diagnosed with celiac disease, it’s a huge
deal. When VeryWell Fit put gluten-free hot dogs
under the spotlight, they found that they’re not all created equal. According to the FDA, hot dogs can be labeled
gluten-free if their gluten content is less than 20 parts per million. And that brings us to Sabrett. They’re one of the few hot dog manufacturers
that have a gluten-free certification from the Gluten-Free Certification Organization,
and they go beyond what the FDA requires. So if you’re looking for something you can
serve safely, Sabrett is it. Should: Applegate Farms In 2015, the World Health Organization’s declared
that processed meats were classified as a group one carcinogen. The official ruling is that problem meats
are generally those that have been salted and cured like most hot dogs and that’s where
Applegate Farms hot dogs come in. Fox News named them as the best all-beef hot
dogs you can buy, for a few reasons. They’re uncured, which means they don’t have
the things that are usually added to cured meats to help with the preservation process. They’re also fairly low in sodium. Well, for hot dogs at least. They also go above and beyond industry when
it comes to animal welfare, claiming that they use only animals raised with no antibiotics,
no crates, and plenty of space. “That’s me. All natural.” Should: Boar’s Head Lite Obviously, hot dogs aren’t a health food,
but you should be able to eat a couple without ruining your day or your diet, right? One of the healthiest options is Boar’s Head
Lite Beef Frankfurters, a 90-calorie dog that only contains 6 grams of fat. That might not sound horribly healthy, but
it’s one of the best options you’re going to get for a stick of meat. There’s another bonus to these, too. If the idea of that mechanically-separated
meat makes you squirm a bit, Insider reports that Boar’s Head only uses whole-muscle meats. That should make almost anyone feel better
about serving up a platter of hot dogs. Should: Trader Joe’s Uncured Chicken Dogs There’s another super-healthy option buried
among the many different kinds of hot dogs, and it’s made by Trader Joe’s. Their All Natural Uncured Chicken Hot Dogs
were named the best chicken dog by Health, and it’s no wonder: They only contain 60 calories,
250 mg of sodium, and 2.5 grams of fat. That’s about as good as you’re going to get
with a hot dog. Shouldn’t: Ball Park It’s alright if you grew up on Ball Park franks. They’re a popular brand. But you’re an adult now and you know better,
so let’s look at just how bad these are for you. Berkeley Wellness listed them as one of the
hot dogs you should definitely pass on, because they’re filled with fat and sodium. That’s just for the standard, regular-size
dogs, so you can just imagine what you’re getting in the jumbo dogs. Even their Lean dogs aren’t incredibly friendly
when it comes to sodium so maybe just skip the old favorites and try something new. Shouldn’t: Oscar Mayer Turkey Dogs These make the “bad” list not just because
they’re bad for you, but because they’re masquerading as being good. You’ll probably glance at them, think the
lower-fat turkey hot dogs are a good idea, and grab a pack. But they’re fairly high-calorie, and they’re
high in fat and sodium, too. In other words, if a healthy grill option
is the only thing on your mind, you’re better off looking elsewhere. Oscar Mayer’s Light Wieners get an honorable
mention here, too. Even though they boast that they contain less
fat and calories than their heftier cousins, they’re still going to set your diet back
with 6 grams of fat each. Shouldn’t: Vegetarian and kosher dogs People have different reasons for becoming
vegetarian, and if you think a vegetarian hot dog is a good idea for any of your meat-free
friends and family, there’s a good chance you’re mistaken. In 2015, Clear Food did a deep dive into just
what’s in a hot dog, and found that ten percent of hot dogs labeled as vegetarian contained
meat products of some sort. The report didn’t name the brands, instead
suggesting that it’s a widespread problem across the industry. Clear Food also found that many of the pork-free
hot dogs still contained pork. Worse, some of them were still labeled as
kosher. Shouldn’t: Morning Star Corn Dogs Who doesn’t love a good deep fried corn dog? Well, be careful what you get, because Morning
Star’s vegetarian corn dogs come with a whole bunch of extras. These clock in at 150 calories each, and they
also have a pretty shocking 470 mg of sodium. That’s around a third of what you should be
eating for the entire day, all on a single stick. There’s another problem here, too. Not only are they full of fillers, extenders,
and ingredients designed to mimic the texture of meat, they’re so heavily processed those
vegetarian ingredients aren’t even recognizable anymore.

100 thoughts on “Hot Dogs You Should And Shouldn’t Buy

  • Mashed Post author

    What is your favorite hot dog? There's some regional ones out there that are pretty good (Hofmann's for example) – which brand do you prefer?

  • myownname myownlastname Post author

    I just saw a hot dog commercial and I am now CRAVING ONE, do you really think i am going to spend more than 2 seconds reading the label or checking the brand in the supermarket?

  • justin van Post author

    I like harvest hotdogs, they're pretty good. Costco (kirkland) ones are good too.

    Edit: I live in Canada , it seems that america has like 20 times more brands of hotdogs than we do.

  • Joel Post author

    I absolutely do not like beef hotdogs or sausages. And if I buy hotdogs it is Ballpark. Things they told you were good or bad for you 20 years ago are now the opposite. Eat what you want but be responsible.

  • Keith Horn Post author

    Really poor presentation with no printed follow up.

  • D Mack Post author

    The label "uncured" is misleading and usually has an asterisk next to it. Probably not any healthier than meat labeled as cured.

  • aneimn Post author

    you do not discuss skinless hot dogs the only kind my diet allows!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gran inJuneau Post author

    Good info. except for that stupid, unnecessary back round music.

  • J Hong Post author

    Got it so Ballpark hotdogs probably taste better

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  • L Post author

    Nathan's & Hebrew National

  • Abilio Arruda Post author

    The problem is not the fat it is the sugar and preservatives and nitrates

  • Tonëriche Post author

    Who cares. Life is short. Enjoy your food.

  • Mike Lyons Post author

    Don't pay any attention to anything you've just seen. We all know hot dogs aren't that good for you, so just pick up your favorite brand and enjoy.😋

  • Maxilyn Capell Post author

    Costco hot dogs with a drink $1.50. 🌭🥤

  • gruntled_66 Post author

    Ball Park used to sell a low fat hot dog that was not excessively spicy. Just how I like a hot dog.
    So of course they discontinued it!

  • Dk Larsen Post author

    Ambassador Old Fashioned are awesome!

  • Raphael Post author

    you didn't mention Hebrew National hot dogs

  • Elmnopen Post author

    6 grams of fat in one of the hot dogs makes them a really good option and then another and makes them one of the worst options. You are so biased you are sickening

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    Who the Hell thinks Hot Dogs are a Health Food ???

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  • broomsterm Post author

    The best hot dog is a Hebrew National on a toasted, buttered New England style roll. You may have a little mustard – nothing else. Awesome.

  • Donna Manning Post author

    I would never eat a hot dog that was red in color!

  • excelsciors Post author

    The hotdog in the person's hand you used for your advertising. Looked like a vagina to me! I used to like Nathan's Famous Hotdogs and the Hebrew National Hotdogs! But since tasting Costco hotdogs. I prefer to eat Costco hotdogs over any other hotdogs now!

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  • Jose Gonzalez Post author

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  • john thonig Post author

    We make our own. My dad was a butcher for 40 + yrs. My bro and I carry on his tradition!

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    I have been eaten Sabbret hotdogs for over 50 years but you got I have the skin on them but honestly they are delicious they are the best in my humble opinion

  • EF ANDMK Post author

    Hot Dogs are full of sodium, nitrates and contain things you'd never put near your mouth if it was presented to you in it's original form. LOL. If you must have them, though, buy the Kosher version of these kinds of products, for example, Hebrew National. That will still kill you, but a lot more slowly.

  • John Peymann Post author

    Nathan's natural casings hot dogs are unbelievable … try one and you'll never eat any other brand of hot dog again.

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    Hebrew National, Nathan’s, Boars head and Sahlens.

  • lothean Post author

    I really thought bar s would make the list. One should not be able to buy an 18 pack of hot dogs for 66 cents.

  • Adrian At And T Post author

    Applegate are tasteless and from celery salt they have more nitrates than regular!

  • Adrian At And T Post author

    Roseda farm bl Angus are delicious bo soy protein or corn syrup but they could not be 140 calories like they are labeled! That's false advertising!!!!

  • riproar11 Post author

    Watch videos on how hot dogs are made and you'll realize not only are they gross, but they really don't taste as good as you think they do.

    A company I worked for had a health fair and one representative had physical diagrams of unhealthy foods showing their fat and salt content. It was gross to see the hot dog-shaped model with more than half of it made of cloudy off white wax.

  • J C Post author

    Fat's not bad for you

  • Mike Kenner Post author

    Dietz and Watson New York style!

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    the best ones are the cheapest ones burnt on the grill

  • Jonathan st.thomas Post author

    The low calorie/low fat/low salt diet plans has been promoted by medical professionals since the 1960's hot dogs has existed years before the 1960's. The truth is that many people who eat hot dogs are the same people who drink a lot of booze, smoke a lot of tobacco/weed products, eat a lot of junk foods, and don't eat any leafy green vegetables.

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  • Nan Matau Post author

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  • FUCKWAD Post author


  • DONT TREAD ON ME !!! Post author

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  • David James Post author

    @2:49 Sorry people, but if you are over the age of 25, you should not be eating hot dogs!! I mean no one should be eating hot dogs, and imo, some foods should be banned for health reasons. Hot dogs are worse for you when you get older

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    It a fucking hot dog. Get over it.

  • Real Dudes Party Nude Post author

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  • Bella Lopez Post author

    Those of us that have cystic fibrosis are on special diets consisting of high cslory, high protein, high vitamin & high soduim cause of all our deficiencies. So bring on the high fat & high sodium hotdogs

  • Amber F Post author

    Nathan's hot dogs are the best😉

  • Nathan Bryan Post author


  • Pam Peake Post author

    None. I can't stand hot dogs

  • Fred Munoz Post author

    How do I put this? You shouldn't eat any brand of hotdogs. This is why Americans are so sick. How dare you push crap as food.

  • Randy Kroells Post author

    Oscar Meyer is for kids, try No Name the best.

  • rilo 2th4u Post author

    costco hot dogs are the best on earth $1.50 w/drink. forget nathans and hebrew nats

  • Larry Cabz Post author

    really not helpful if the brands mentioned arent available where I am XD

  • Pete Schneider Post author

    Fuck this shitwad channel !!! The ONLY hot dog worth a bite are Koegel Viennas with Flint Coney island Sauce. You won't eat them because they are,thank Christ, TOFU FREE!!!!!

  • terry bowen Post author

    I love nathans hot dogs thier the best

  • Alex Heaton Post author

    Hebrew national

  • Bob Browning Post author

    Nathan and Hebrew
    Hold the ketchup that's for hamburgers

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  • rasmokey4 Post author

    Give me the good old days when they added Borax to make a wiener look bright red!

  • Dan OConnor Post author

    I've eaten cured hot dogs for over 70 years and haven't developed colon cancer. Can you guarantee that if you eat uncured hot dogs you'll never get colon cancer?

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    The best
    Might be some lesser known
    Which would be good

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    K, if its summertime, and you're with your dad watchin a football game or just kickin back around the bbq or pool,, just shut the fuck up and enjoy a good American hotdog, No one is saying eat them every week

  • Stephen Gregson Post author

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    Only reason I clicked on this lol

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  • TA Anderson Post author

    Sabrett, Zweigle's, Nathan's (all natural casings).

  • salpi23 Post author

    just grilled some Boars Head all beef hot dogs and they were pretty decent. Not a big hot dog fan anymore, but they had a decent flavor for a hot dog

  • Kev_ Buntu Post author

    CT has the best pizza and hot dogs. Hummel bros, Grote & Weigel, Muckes and Martin Rosol

  • ซาง สูง Post author


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