How Big Can Animals Get?

How Big Can Animals Get?

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This video is sponsored by Blue Apron The first 100 people to sign up using the link in the description will get 3 free and delicious meals from Blue Apron. Several months ago I created a video explaining the different sizes of sea creatures that currently exist. While impressive I didn’t talk about the sizes of land creatures at all Which will be the focus of this video Standing 4m tall and weighing up to 6000kg The African Elephant is the largest land animal that currently exists. For scale an average human stand 1.6m tall and weighs 62kg, yet the African elephant is considered a tiny creature when compared to the titans that once roamed the earth even though this first creature was smaller than the African Elephant, the Anthripornis still looks unsettling when compared next to a human. As the largest penguin known to ever exist, the Anthripornis stood at 1.8m tall and weighed 90kg. A large number of other creatures that currently exist today had WAY bigger and more terrifying ancestors that used to live on our planet, for example, take any rodent today and compare them to Josephartagsia monesi an alarming creature which can grow up to 3m in length, stand 1.5m tall and weigh up to 1 ton That is almost the weight of a full Toyota Corolla in the form of what is essentially a rat, yet arguably the most terrifiying creature to have ever existed was the A gigantic snake that lived millions of years ago in modern South America, known to grow up to 12.8m long and weigh up to 1135kg This snake can consume a human in just ONE GULP, safe to say, I’m pretty glad that this thing doesn’t exist anymore. The largest arachnid to ever exist was a creature called A scorpion-like creature that could grow up to 70cm LONG!! Yeah, A pack of this things would not be a very welcome sight. But a single Sarcosucnus would be equally as terrifying. This creature was the largest crocodile to have ever existed. Known to have grown up to 12m in length and weigh a ridiculous 8 TONS!!! It would take more than 6 Toyota Corolla to depict it’s mass. Though frightening, this beast is far from the largest Carnivore to have ever existed. The T.Rex often comes to mind when we think of history’s largest Carnivore. But this title really belongs to the Measuring a terrifying 15m long and weighing up to 21t Paleontologist John R. Horner remarked So while the Spinosaurus holds the record for being the largest Carnivore, it is not the largest land creature in history. That distinction has to go To the aptly named Measurements taken from a confirmed specimen revealed that at least one of these creatures grew to an impressive length of 37m and weighed 69 TONS!!! Which is the equivalent of about 12 fully grown African Elephants!!! Compared to a human, the size of this ancient creature truly epic!!! Which has lead scientists to estimate that the Titanosaur grew to the maximum size that biology will allow land creatures to get to on earth!!! For instance, if you take any creature on earth and increased it’s size somehow, it’s mass would increase by a power of 3. The width of the creature body meaning its muscles and bones, would only increase by a power of 2. Therefore, the larger the creature is, the more mass needs to be dedicated to bones in order to support it. Because of this law, and the effective gravity on earth, it is extremely unlikely that a land creature has ever existed that weighed over 100 tons Meanwhile, the ocean plays by a different set of rules. The impact on size that gravity has on the earth’s surface is not affected in the ocean by Buoyancy. So, unlike their counterparts on land, creatures in the ocean don’t have to prop up all of their own weight. Which is how you end up with a colossus like the Blue Whale At 181 TONS!!! The largest creature known to have ever existed. But even this titan is likely approaching the largest possible size of an Ocean Creature. The problem is no longer Gravity, but food and energy consumption. The Blue Whale has to consume 3600kg of Krill every single day just to meet it’s daily calorie needs. That’s the same as about 16700 Big Macs!!! For just 1 whale. Anything larger would have to consume even more food. And the the larger it gets, more difficult it becomes to find that food. [Advertisement for Blue Apron] Subtitles: Thomas Martinez

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