How to get your cat used to grooming | Grooming episode one

How to get your cat used to grooming | Grooming episode one

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Some cats just love to be groomed but
many don’t, so here are a few tips to help introduce your cat to grooming, so they
can benefit from a healthy coat and you can use the time to bond with them as
well as check for any fleas, lumps or wounds. Before introducing your cat to
a grooming tool stroke them with your fingers in the areas you wish to groom. This will help relax them and get them used to the sensation of being touched
in those areas. Place the grooming tool near your cat and allow them to inspect
in their own time. Reward them with a small treat when they do, this will
create a positive association with the grooming tool. Once the cat is used to
the tool, allow them to inspect while in your hand, moving it slightly if they
allow you to. If the cat is still hesitant, you may need to continue to
stroke with your hands without the tool touching the cat. For very wary cats you
may need to complete the previous steps over a period of time, days or weeks, and
only continue if your cat is relaxed enough to be groomed. You may wish to
contact a qualified behaviourist to get nervous cats used to grooming. To
accustom your cat to grooming for longer periods, you can apply the groom-stop-reward technique: each time your cat allows you to groom, stop after a few
strokes then reward them with a small treat. The next time you groom, increase
the number of strokes before you stop and treat them. Repeating this pattern
over time will increase their tolerance and allow you to groom for longer
periods without having to treat them. For more information on grooming please
watch part two, or visit our website.

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