How To Get Your Dog (or Cat) to Love Teeth Brushing

How To Get Your Dog (or Cat) to Love Teeth Brushing

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Hey everyone, I’m Dr. Mike, the Bow Tie Vet Guy. Today, I’m going to talk to you about brushing your dog’s teeth so their teeth are chickeny fresh. Okay, so I’m gonna give you just a little bit of science here. Maybe. Plaque is an invisible film that’s on our teeth, it’s on your pet’s teeth everybody gets it on their teeth and it’s made up of bacteria and glycoproteins and polysaccharides you can’t see it but if you leave it on there it can become tartar and then calculus which are big clumps of brown gunky chunky stuff on some pets teeth that you see. Now, if that gets up under the gum we’re gonna have white blood cells coming in and they’re gonna try to fight off that infection that is growing from all those bacteria and all those chemicals that are released by those bacteria And the white blood cells are gonna actually release some chemicals themselves like cytokines and interleukins that call other white blood cells to the fight. Now if it get’s way up in there or get under the gum into periodontal ligament and that causes periodontitis that’s where you can get actually loose teeth and it gets up into the bone and you’re going to have osteoclasts that are trying to eat away at the bone to try and fight that infection in any of the top and then you have pus coming out of the teeth the teeth are falling out and it smells terrible. Very easy to take care of because all that because all that starts with plaque and the plaque you can just wipe off. with this. I’m going to show you how we brush dog’s teeth. And this is what I tell people find a toothpaste that they like the taste of this one is poultry flavored So it makes everything chickeny fresh And for the first week all you’re going to do is when you brush your teeth at night, which I hope you brush your teeth at night, right? I know. We’re going to just ask them to come in and can you sit? You know how to sit? You don’t even have to have them sit. Can you sit? Good sit. And then your gonna go like this. I’m gonna say “Oh my goodness. Is that good stuff? Do you like it? My gosh, we’re gonna brush your teeth. Yay, we’re brushing your teeth. Yay! Good job. You did it. Yay.” That’s week one. Week two, Is like this. “Hey, we’re gonna brush your teeth. You want to brush your teeth? Here we go. Yay, we’re brushing your teeth. Yay.” And that’s all you do until You go over to Yes. Chickeny fresh. Until, you go to get everything ready and all of a sudden you look down and there’s a little dog going “What about me? What about me? What about me? Then you can go to the next phase. The next phase is your going to put it on a little toothbrush Like this. I even like little kid’s tooth brushes. Like this. Soft bristles. and you just put a smear on here. And you say, “here you go.” And they lick it right off there. Oh, good brush teeth. That’s week three. Week four. another schmear and maybe you’re chewing on it a little bit. Oh, that’s so good. Yay, brush teeth. Week 5. Brushing teeth and we’re going to go scrub scrub. And we’re gonna go scrub scrub. And then week 6 is “We’re brushing your teeth. Yay.” Scrub, scrub, scrub. Yay, and scrub, scrub, scrub. And, yay. And that’s it. Even that would make a difference. So, that is how you get them used to it. The game you’re playing is how much can I do and have them still like it? If at any point they don’t like it and they run off Then you back up a step. But every day is the most important thing. Yay Birdie. You were so good. Nailed it. I think that was the best one. Whatever.

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27 thoughts on “How To Get Your Dog (or Cat) to Love Teeth Brushing

  • Marie R Post author

    Thanks for the good advice! I have a squirmy Yorkie mix and he doesn't like anyone touching his little face anywhere. I am going to try your method because it would really help to have him sit still instead of having to hold him down.

  • Geometry Dash FoxRush Post author

    Thank you! My cat hates it when I even try to touch her mouth, but this really helps.

  • Sophie McMichael Post author

    Shout out to Birdie!

  • Blanca Davalos Post author

    how often should I brush my dogs teeth, usually I do it every other day. Is it best to do it once a day?

  • Camila Ruiz Post author

    This was too cute. Even the thumbnail is! Ah im dying ❤😊 I can tell this is your passion.

  • Katherine Webb Post author

    Hi! I'm really enjoying your channel. I don't know if you welcome suggestions for future content, but it would be great to see a video on how to choose a healthy diet for your cat!

  • megan wu Post author

    Hey Dr. Mike:
    I'm sorry to comment on a not related thing, but I really need you to see this…
    I'm a high school student and I just watched your "Is Vet School Right For You? My Experience" video.
    You mentioned that you can apply to vet school even with non-related major. If the situation allows, I want to major in philosophy. But wouldn't it be harder for me or others without biology-related majors to pass the test or something? I'm just very confused, it would mean the world for me if someone replied to this, thank you very much!

  • Irene Cruz Post author

    😔my dog started running as soon as I open the bottle of toothpaste.

  • Marianne Thomas Post author

    Great stuff! I'm a vet & was about to make a video like this for my clients, but now I've found yours I don't need to =o)

  • ilove carrie Post author

    This is the best dog tooth brushing video I've seen and I've watched at least 10 now so I'm finished. Great video. Thanks!

  • Rachizzle Post author

    Thanks Bow Tie Guy! These tips helped, legit.

  • FORTUNA DIOSA Post author

    Brilliant idea !!

  • Teresa D Post author

    Thank u this is a great video I will try this with my pooch

  • mary broussard Post author

    Aside from the very important information let me just say you are totally rockin' that vest. Very nerdy hot.

  • Liu MeiHui Post author

    I still have problem brushing my dog's teeth, my dog doesn't like me to touch his teeth and he likes to bite the tooth brush as well (and is strong when resisting). what else can i do to improve this situation?

  • feedwinnie Post author

    Title said "How to get your dog OR CAT brushing their teeth." NO CAT demonstrations as usual. Smh… Was hoping to see it done for those who don't do it or don't know how to, are afraid to or have difficulty doing it. I brush my cat's teeth. Many of your videos say they ARE for both species when in fact they are not. While I can appreciate your candor, easy going manner, putting the pet owners at ease and your expertise, the videos ARE very, VERY brief.>>> You didn't EVEN mention the disease processes to the vital organs, etc that can and will occur from poor dentition which is such an important point!!!!🙄You're a nice vet.😏

  • Karla Martinez Post author


  • Sydney Marshall Post author

    What happens when your dog is actually smart and knows exactly what you’re doing? Albie hides before I can get to him.

  • Cynthia B Post author

    Super helpful!!! Thank you!

  • sristy1989 Post author

    Thank u

  • Bonnie Hundley Post author

    My dog has one silver crown on his left canine tooth. I've been brushing my dog's teeth daily forever now. Must be working? His blood work tends to look good. He's a nearly 17 year old Labrador Retriever. I'm using Petrodex brand toothpaste because he likes it. I was using Virbac C.E.T. brand toothpaste. Toothbrush? I use a nice flat angled one. Colgate brand, not that it matters, lol. Keep it simple. Brush once daily, at the least. If you can brush twice, that's even better but once will do the job. It's the best way to prevent periodontal disease which avoids systemic health problems. I see so many senior dogs have either painfully inflamed gums covered in plaque, or have lost teeth. Sad since it's preventable. I do brag about my dog's teeth. They're quite beautiful and gunk free which I've found to be very rare to see among many dogs. You can keep that tarter and plaque build up under control merely by brushing daily but, imo dogs need a professional cleaning before you start brushing, or you will irritate the gums creating painful bleeding.

    Daily brushing is something people should think about before they get a dog. You just have to do it, period. Brushing a few times a week isn't going to cut it.

  • Darlene Bowers Post author

    You are so detailed, thank you

  • Shadi Rezaei Post author

    how many times per day?

  • Shadi Rezaei Post author

    how long should it take?

  • Shadi Rezaei Post author

    how long should it take?

  • Shadi Rezaei Post author

    how long should it take?

  • Binbin Li Post author

    As You dog just doesn't like to be brushed teeth and you are gently . you need consider an pet toothbrush that it’s so easy and effective cleaning off teeth stains, This method is much easier and the dogs are going to be more cooperative. Thank you

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