How to groom your cat | Grooming episode two

How to groom your cat | Grooming episode two

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There are many benefits to grooming your
cat: it helps keep their coat healthy, it’s a chance for you to check for fleas
lumps or other wounds and is a great way to bond with them too. That’s why it’s
important to know how to groom safely and properly to avoid damaging that
special relationship you have with your cat. There are many different types of
grooming tools you can use, from combs to brushes and even gloves. This style of
brush is a good all-rounder for both long and short-haired cats. If your cat
hasn’t been groomed before, start with a glove but remember what type of tool you
use is dependent on the state of the cat’s coat, how frequently you need to
groom and most importantly how your cat responds. You may have to try different
tools to find the one your cat is most happy with. You should only groom if your
cat is used to being touched and when they are calm, so before you start give
them a fuss to help relax them. Grooming should always be done very gently
without pushing the tool down onto the skin. Start on the areas your cat is
most used to being touched. Use short strokes to mimic the way a cat would
groom themselves and always move the tool in the same direction the fur is
growing. If the cat likes to move around when being groomed always move the tool away from the direction the cat is travelling to avoid snagging the skin. For
cats with slightly matted coats do not tug at the mats, these may need to be
worked out over a period of time. If the matting is very severe you should seek
professional advice from your vet about how to deal with the matting. For more
cat care videos please subscribe.

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3 thoughts on “How to groom your cat | Grooming episode two

  • James Carlos Post author


  • Macarius freestyle Post author

    I stay in a 26 foot camper with my 3 cats. So I definitely need to be grooming them, too much hair everywhere. They have a 7 feet outdoor enclosure attached to the window which they enjoy going out.
    I clean around with the tape roll as well to pull out the hair on the furniture.

  • Claire Swain Post author

    Thank you for your helpful video xx

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