How to groom your puppy (6 months to 1 year) – At Home Series Ep02

How to groom your puppy (6 months to 1 year) – At Home Series Ep02

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(light, bubbly music) – Smoochy as you can see is considerably larger than Hilda. Smoochy is almost a year old, and you can also see he has a lot of coat. This is one hairy dude. This fellow is constantly
needing grooming attention. Living on Vancouver Island means we take our dogs to the beach a fair bit, and we also go on a lot of trails. So we run into ticks, we run into dirt, and our dogs are always
wanting to swim in the ocean. It’s one of the great advantages of living on Vancouver Island that you can go to the beach all the time, but it can also mean a lot
more work with your dudes. So Smoochers is
wiggly-piggly little fellow, and he needs a lot of
work to keep him focused. So I usually tend to
spend time grooming him in between his appointments
in the evenings. Smoochers like to sit on my lap, he loves to watch TV, he does
get very focused on the TV, he often talks to the TV,
and so that’s a really good time for me to be able
to get him to be quiet and sort of still so we
can do some grooming. So because Smoochy-Patoochy is a stud, he’s fairly robust in his personality. He is not the same as a companion dog, in that he has a lot of hormones. Especially at his teenage years, so he’s a little harder to handle. So what we do here, and
how it works for him, will definitely be easier
with your puppy at home. And what we’re going
to do with Smoochy now is about what you want to start doing with your puppy at about
the six month mark. So you can spend a little
bit longer with him, same principles though, we have a toy or a chew stick, or whatever it is that they enjoy doing
to distract them with, some of our handy-dandy liver treats, the same brush, the same comb, and if we needed to we would use a towel. Now one thing if you
bath your puppy at home, when you take them out of the bath, don’t take the towel
and rub them like this cause that tends to create mats. You want to do more of a
blotting type of action. So Smoochers is clean,
well relatively speaking he’s clean, he had a bath
just about four days ago. So he doesn’t really need to be bathed. So always you’re going
to start with the brush. The brush is always your
first line of defense. So you’re going to want to go over his coat and I start like this which really doesn’t do anything much in terms of actual maintenance, but it gets him in the
spirit of the thing. He knows, oh yes we’re
going to do grooming. Okay this is good. And he likes it because it’s like petting. Now to actually manage his coat, what you want to do is
go down to the skin. That’s the trick. If you don’t go down to the skin, then you are not getting actual mats out. So we’ll show you here on the side of him, if he’ll cooperate with us here. So you want to start,
and you’re gonna start at the tail if you’re doing this and then work your way up the body. And you may want to do this
over more than one sitting. So you just want to separate the fur, just like this, right down to where you can see a good line. Right down to the skin where you can see the line of his skin. And then you brush right out in all directions, away from that line. And you just do a little but at a time. Then you move up a little bit farther on his coat, then you do again. Down, right down the line. You see he’s hiding his nose in my arm, he quite enjoys doing that and he did that all on his own, but it also helps to keep him still. Now we do this like I
said, in the evenings, it’s great, he can look
at Reynold besides me, Reynolds can distract him, but primarily what he does is look at TV. So this is what you do just
through his whole coat, right up and down his whole body. Now he’s just like a puppy still because he’s still a teenager and he’s like oh, I need to have my treat! I get a treat! And he’s got his treat, and
he’s happy with me again. So I would separate his main body into four sections, treat
him after each time. And then I would do his
legs as a different section, and then his head and his chest. Now once you’ve done the area, you take the comb and you put it through. And see how it’s moving? As long as it’s going through smoothly, then you know you’ve got everything, there’s no mats and you’re good to go. And you’re not going to have to use the brush to any huge
extent cause you can see, I only did that very small area, but I’m able to get the comb right the way through him quite easily. So he’s in good condition that way. So now when you get to his head, now I’m sorry he has his back to you but he’s focused on me
and that’s what you want, when you get to his head, you don’t use the brush on his head. Just use the comb, just go up like that, boof, boof, boof, easy-peasy. And main thing you want to worry about on the head area, as I mentioned with Hilda, is under the ears. This tends to mat and usually what we do is we have our groomer shave down under their ears so that
that hair is shorter. Same with under the bum in the fatty area. And the trickiest part of
all, which all dogs hate, is having their face done. And see he his already hiding from me because he really
doesn’t want me to do it. So we have to be a little
bit gentler with him, you can hold like this, one
hand on the top of his nose, one hand underneath, and
then just ever so gently, work through the area. And again we don’t do it for long periods of time cause we don’t
want them to get mad at us, we want them just to enjoy the experience. So that’s how you maintain
a really full coat.

3 thoughts on “How to groom your puppy (6 months to 1 year) – At Home Series Ep02

  • Jenn Garandza Post author

    Wow, Smoochers looks so great and his coat is gorgeous ❣️ How much does he weigh now?

  • glen mur Post author

    Great video. I was just wondering if you have a tip regarding how to avoid matts in the chin area? Perhaps I should just cut back the fur? Even if I use the comb in the area everyday Pepé now has a couple matts there…

  • Yi Hsuan Huang Post author

    Smoochers looks like a real life Teddy Bear! How do you brush the underbelly? Do you flip him over?

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