How to Keep Your House Clean When You Have a Cat!

How to Keep Your House Clean When You Have a Cat!

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hi guys welcome back to relax my cat it is
Claire and Rags and today I’m gonna be telling you five ways you can keep your
house nice and clean when you’ve got cats first of all combat the source regularly
brush your cat’s now if you’ve got a cat who has a coat so not like a sphynx or something like
that it is not only good for your cat but also good for your house if you
regularly brush your cat not everybody loves the go to look for cat lovers
she’s hair on everything so more regularly brush your cat and only is
that a lovely way to bond your cats but it’s good way of getting rid of all
those stray hairs so let’s go your cat less fell on the floor number two it is
vacuum regularly and I’m laughing regularly I mean like every other day or
every day if you can get away with it if you live in a house with mostly hardwood
floors like me and rags do it’s just as important to vacuum these as it is
carpet a lot of people think that because you don’t of carpets and rooks
you don’t need to vacuum as much but it’s a good practice to get into number
three wipe down your counters and keep them clean now not all cats follow the
rules of not jumping on the couches and those paws that are on your counter
where you prepare food are very same paws that dip little holes for them to
do their business either in the garden or in a litter tray usually if you’re
captain on the side but a lot of evidences like a little paw prints or
something knocked over or even eaten but you don’t know if your cat goes on to
these surfaces when you’re not there so make sure that you keep your surfaces
nice and clean using plenty of soap and antibacterial products obviously make
sure they’re also not only cleaning wipes down and drive as well you don’t
want it kept getting chemicals on their paws
number four combating the literature now this is the Nemesis of most cat owners
and it is the most glamorous part about owning these lovely little creatures
they are potentially smelly and obviously there are things in there that
aren’t very hygienic so first of all clean out and clear up
the litter box on a regular basis we have a video on how to properly clean
the litter box coconut locking handy step-by-step guide on how to
properly clean a litter box but there are other things you can do as well with
the actual litter box and the placing of it now after your cat scans wants
privacy with delos box so make sure it’s in a designating area that is away from
high-traffic areas in your cat no cat in your home not in your cat now this can
be a copper box or you can get a nice fancy schmancy gnat cupboard like Reggie
does with her litter box not only does this give you a cut privacy for this box
which is very important there’s also another step to control the
odors from your litter tray and finally have a good or deep clean as necessary
and regularly now you should be deep cleaning regularly anyway just to keep
your house looking nice and smelling nice and getting rid of bacteria and all
that but it’s especially important if you have animals as well now animals are
lovely furry gorgeous creatures and cats are quite fastidious with their
cleanliness but they are little animals and they do come with their own like
muck and smells and things not only does a regulate deeply keep your house from
looking and smelling lovely but it also makes it more hygienic too so not only
just for you but for your pets as well thanks for watching guys I hope you did
enjoy this video and you found it useful if you did enjoy this video please give
us a big thumbs up it helps us out loads and if you haven’t subscribe to the
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of tea thanks again for watching guys Roxy and I will see you next week bye

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16 thoughts on “How to Keep Your House Clean When You Have a Cat!

  • TS_PeyClapedU Post author


  • Pandy The Panda Post author


  • Neo and Trinity Kitten Post author

    Neo will come and ask me to groom him. He loves his little brush. Trinity hate the brush and will run away from it. Both litterboxer get ckeaned every day.

  • Rev. Maillet Post author

    I actually have a litter box that uses clumping litter and you roll it to get sift the litter. I use a biodegradable clumping litter made of recycled newspaper. As long as the litter box is rolled every day we only have to clean it once a week. I am sooo happy I invested in this litter box and I found it on amazon.

  • Rasmine Love Post author

    Hello, Claire and Rags. My cat hates being brushed. I buy a new cat litter box almost every year since I moved here — very small sinks and hard to clean. So, I usually wipe it out with a baking soda/vinegar wash, but that doesn't hold up to a brand new cat box. I think Jassy appreciates it!!
    Take care you guys

  • Emily Rachel Gilley Post author

    I LOL'ed at the cat getting vaccummed

  • Just Jolly Post author

    This will be helpful for my future of having a cat hehe, thanks.

  • ciana r Post author

    I can’t even understand what u are saying

  • Gigi Post author

    Thank you so much! I often feel guilty when the mess (hair, litter dust..) tests my patience 😳I use a “lightweight” litter because I live upstairs in an older house with very steep stairs (2nd floor flat) I don’t think this is the best litter as far as natural litter options and it is more dusty than heavier ones. Maybe more time at the gym and I can start getting unless dusty here and perhaps Healthier litter 👍🏼❤️😻

  • Fabio Rubio Villalobos Post author

    Excellent, important advice; in my case I have 4 fuzzy friends (mother and son's) , my wife , one and my sister six!!👏👏👏👍💗

  • dave [hodl] matherly Post author

    hello – yank from across the pond calling…
    nothing big but you might want to use an apostrophe as in THEY ARE cute, should be THEY'RE.
    You wrote THEIR cute. As in, my cute, his cute or her cute. "Their" is possessive.
    As if everybody has a 'cute'.

  • Sideshow Kaz’ Stuff Post author

    Train the roomba to follow the cat.

  • TERRY. W Post author

    Yes its a full time job keeping everything clean…and nothing better than a nice clean floor ..and then a trail of cat prints all over it ….cats I love them..

  • MsDaisy Post author

    I have two cats, I have had them for about 5 months so I am a newer cat mom.
    I keep the litter boxes in my finished basement in a quiet private area and they like that.
    I clean the boxes every single day. I replace the litter once a month and wash out the boxes before putting new litter in it.
    I also keep the litter box area clean daily, sweeping and mopping around the area.
    My cats are indoor only, too many neighborhood dogs around that would hurt them.

  • Leon Proctor Post author

    Cats sleep a bunch but when they up they crazy.

  • kyliesnow romero Post author

    i want cat can you give me 😍

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