How to Solve a Jumping Problem | Dog Training

How to Solve a Jumping Problem | Dog Training

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“Dogs jump to greet people and they also keep
jumping because it works. We accidentally reward dogs for jumping all
the time, by giving them our attention, purposefully or not purposefully. So we need to be careful that we don’t give
our dog the wrong information. Whether you have a puppy that you don’t want
to get started getting really good at jumping or an adult dog whose jumping you want to
curb, the best thing to do is step one is to manage the situation. Management prevention takes a lot less time
than training. So we’re going to start by managing our jumpy
puppy or our jumpy dog by having them on a leash, this way if Jupiter wants to say hello
to me or to a stranger on the street that’s very exciting, I can just step on the leash
and pet him all I want and not get any jumping out of him. If he were to try and jump it simply wouldn’t
happen because I’m stepping on his leash so his 4 paws can’t get off the floor. This way he can be social, say hi but not
practice the behavior of jumping. Then I want to teach him an incompatible behavior. An incompatible behavior to jumping, a really
good one, is sit. So I’m going to encourage Jupiter to sit,
reward him and pet him for sitting. I want to him to start thinking a way to get
people to say hi to me and to pet me and to get anything I want, is to say please by sitting. Sitting is incompatible with jumping so it’s
a great behavior to train. Then I can actually push it a little bit to
see if I can get him not to jump when he’s really prone to want to, dogs tend to jump
to grab things unless they have some impulse control. In order to get impulse control, I’m going
to hold something over Jupiter’s head that he might want. If he jumps for it, it just goes away. If he jumps for it, it just goes away and
if he sits, you’re going to say good, and give him the treat. I want him to figure it out rather then telling
him what to do, I’m going to give him the opportunity to get it wrong so that he realizes
that jumping, which is his Plan A, good, is not the way to go. The way to get me to hand him the treat or,
say it was a toy that he wanted that’s in my hand, is to have a little bit of patience. Patience comes to those that wait, good, and
that’s how I can start getting a mannered sit for my dog instead of them impulsively
jumping all the time. So remember, if you want to prevent your dog
from jumping , teach them an alternative behavior like sit so they have a way of saying please. ”

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21 thoughts on “How to Solve a Jumping Problem | Dog Training

  • Ari Perez Post author


  • tunes2unite Post author


  • HundinVergewaltiger Post author

    omg!!!!my dogs last problem is going to be solved!!!

  • cappa37 Post author


  • D0wnerBrowner Post author

    patients comes to those who wait…well no shit

  • MrMreggs Post author

    @D0wnerBrowner true true at 2:23

  • xoxoIhateyouxoxo Post author

    This was a good video!

  • Bobsi Post author

    she had sex with the dog so he will not jump its a lie!!!

  • Bull On Vacation Post author

    The problem with this, is my dog only jumps when I walk in the door. I don't have a leash on him at that point.

  • meetajhu Post author

    Guess what. My dog just bite me. Get lost how cast none of your stuff works from girls to dogs

  • Dakota Royal Post author

    No touch no talk no eye contact

    ~Cesar Millan

  • Kolbeinn Rökkvi Post author

    stepping on the leash -.- wtf hows that gonna help me? that will make my dog (who is not a small dog like hers) have to lie down on the ground :/ and in iceland its wet and dirty on the ground so stepping on the leash wont help me at all

  • Kolbeinn Rökkvi Post author

    she shouldve used a dog who JUMPS that dog jumps what? 10 centimeters? My dog can jump up to 2 METERS!!!

  • Mikesheesh Post author


    Lol you're dumb.

  • Tara Allayssa Post author

    i am soooo not ganna try this because if i do my dig will probly hate me and its kinda cute wen my dog jumps——i dont want that to stop her adorableness.

  • Ratko Mladic Post author

    My dog broke leg,so he dont jump.

  • traxex xar Post author

    non-sense, non-sense, non-sense, botox is the only thing i see!

  • Riah Teylor Post author

    I need to do this with my pitbull because one time my cousin came over and I want her to see him and when he saw her he jumped on her for greeting her and my cousin got scared.

  • Nadine Erekat Post author

    @***** The only times she was feeding the dog was when he was in a sit position, or when he left on the leash and went back to her. We don't know what the situation is with this dog, but judging from the dog's behavior it seems like he was never trained to sit for extended periods of time. That may be why she is continuing to reward him so much in the beginning of this video for merely continuing to sit. Notice that at 45 seconds in, as soon as the treats stopped, he tried to get away.

  • Nadine Erekat Post author

    Another thing is, I'm not sure if I would hold a treat in the air like that. It's in a dog's nature to jump/attack whatever is in the air  (which may be why someone is saying they got bit on here). You can train no jumping and sitting without doing the in the air treat thing. It's better to train the dog WHEN jumping is acceptable (and when it isn't), versus not allowing any jumping at all. Jumping is a form of exercise that is good for your dog. I allow it when we are playing with toys, and I allow him to grab things in the air from me. The key is not jumping on PEOPLE. And showing patience by sitting before any treat or food. 

  • Jess Tschannen Post author

    Ok this works on little dogs but what about a great dane? That thing would make me fly to the ceiling if my foot was on the leash. My sister's great dane is always jumping on people.

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