How to Train a Cat to Go to the Bathroom Outside

How to Train a Cat to Go to the Bathroom Outside

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How to Train a Cat to Go to the Bathroom Outside. Find freedom from constantly changing the
box with tips to get kitty to do her business outside. You will need Litter tray and cat litter Dirt
and leaves Patience and pet door (optional). Step 1. Move the litter box close to the door the
cat will use to go outside. Show the cat the new location of their litter
box. Keep the box there for a few weeks until they
are familiar with the location. Step 2. Add some dirt and leaves to the box to introduce
the elements of the outdoors to your cat’s bathroom experience. Step 3. Move the box just outside the door. Gently pick your kitty up and place them in
the box, if they are hesitant to use it. Add more dirt and leaves to the box to blend
in with the outdoor elements. Consider adding a pet door to their exit door
for easier access. Step 4. Gradually move the box farther from the door
over several days once they’re using the box outside regularly. This will get your cat used to being further
away from the house. Step 5. Remove the box and sprinkle some litter on
the ground in the place you want your cat to relieve itself. Once your cat is used to going outside, you
may place a box indoors for those times when your cat doesn’t have outdoor access. Now revel in the joy of not having the clean
the litter box anymore! Did you know The first cat litter, called
Kitty Litter, was invented in 1947. Before that time, people used sand or ashes
in litter boxes.

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34 thoughts on “How to Train a Cat to Go to the Bathroom Outside

  • Stacey S. Post author


  • lexchristina99 Post author

    What?!I don't need a cat?!

  • Owl Post author

    Step 1 : Foot meets cat.

  • DUSTRICK Post author

    How about using the toilet?

  • Kayla G. Post author

    7TH!! ๐Ÿ˜€ btw what if u put ur cat outside and it runs away?!?! .-.

  • NadrianATRS Post author

    this is a horrible suggestion, it gives cats the idea to not just go in their owner's yard, but yards of their neighbors who freakin' hate it!

  • GenteAzona Post author

    @ 1:00
    The cats like "holy motherfucker" Ami geting kicked out?

  • SpencerLives Post author

    hahaha…bathroom experience…

  • Devil May Sigh Post author

    A lot easier than a human…

  • FUGYOO Post author

    wow. thanks for the vid. I recently inherited 2 feral 2 week old kittens whose momma was killed on the road a few days ago. My 2 American bulldogs brought them to me one evening, very gently. I have no need for cats but I have been blessed with them so I will take care of them. My dogs love them.

  • Mike Bou Habib Post author

    OR…kick the catshit out of it! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Chocolate Rain Post author

    Or just chuck the cat outside now and then

  • Leigh Weedon Post author

    Thank you so much for your advice. I have a cat (one of two sisters that had been raised by a breeder who kept them in a cage until she sold them) who had only used a litter tray. The other sister pretty much taught herself to go outside immediately, but this one not only used the litter box, but also anyone's bed who was unlucky enough to forget to close their bedroom door and anyone's laundry that they had dropped on the floor – I live with 2 very lazy boys. We had decided to rehouse her, but I used your litter box idea about putting the box outside with leaves on it and not only did she stop going inside but she only used theย leafy litter box once.ย ย  I watched her see her sister go outside and she just copied her, even though the ground was covered with hail making for very cold, wet paws.Last night she slept on my bed with her sister and no messes so she's been well praised and is definitely staying. She's not the brightest pussycat on the block but she's a keeper.

  • Gabriel Allen Post author


  • exsxpx1 Post author

    Step 6: clean up the cat poop from your yard because the soil will begin to smell. And watch your neighbors complain about the smell emanating from your yard. Sometimes cats don't bury their poop to mark their territory.

  • v.gaven Post author

    my boy passed away about a month ago. i had him as long as i can remember and he never even had a litter box. he would even stay the night outside in summer cause he loved to sleep on the swings. I'm considering getting a kitten again and my parents insisted that there wouldn't be any litterboxes in the housw and i have no idea how it's gonna go…

  • thesnare100 Post author

    could you put them in a fenced off area, or or least them outside to go?

  • Kaas Padariau Post author

    I have a reverse situation. An outdoor cat has moved in and is spending some time indoors and some outside. It's a female and she never peed or pooed indoors neither somewhere too close for comfort outdoors. Once she wants to go outside she lets me know. I guess I'm just lucky with a good cat. Could it be that female cats are more understanding? They also do not have the spray problem, but yes, gets pregnant every year.

  • ya mam Post author

    Thank you !

  • chantel viljoen Post author


  • AC Milan 1899 Post author

    feed him then leave him outside – simple.

  • fishery nepal Post author

    Hello the best info that ive ever had was by using the Makale Cat Cure (i found it on google) – I found it the best resource i've tried.

  • Flaye Post author

    I just threw my cat outside and didn't let it back in for 2 weeks, she learned pretty quick that outside was her bathroom.

  • John Doe Post author

    I'm so lucky my cat who I found one day as a feral kitten only prefers to poop and pee outside ever since the first day, comes inside to eat and sleep…..

  • Brandon Patterson Post author

    If youโ€™re so lazy you canโ€™t clean a litter box every few days, you donโ€™t need to have a cat! This video is showing the cat how to unlearn the correct habit!

  • the Clayton show Post author

    I ain't buying a goddamn litter box for outside just going to throw the son-of-a-b** out there until it shits and piss

  • thegiantpaperpanda Post author

    This lady has a beautiful home.

  • Kiro Takayumi22 Post author

    Thank you for this advice, my kittens mother just passed away a week ago, she was doing her business outside and a dog bit her on the neck and chest, I found her outside when i heard a dog barking and hissing at something, I was too late to take her to somewhere where someone can heal her wounds, But i didnt realize that she lost lots of blood and died right on my arms when I picked her up, I havent been able to move on from this cause she was my Cat for about 4 years now.

    Rest In Piece Cuddle

  • Jorge Giron Post author

    My cat grew up with an already trained German shepherd and just copied her lol

  • Mark Krause Post author

    2 feet of snow outside , now what ? Bring the snow in for the cats litter box every half hour ?

  • It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo Post author

    I have severe asthma, but my friend moved and couldn't take her 2 month old kitty. He's sweet, but I can't stand the ammonia. This helped a lot.

  • Samantha E Post author

    Hello! My cat started going to the bathroom in the yard by happenstance, but I have a small yard and the urine smell can be pretty strong! I've had visitors mention it before. Any suggestions for cutting down on the smell? I occasionally add sand and/or pine bedding to his toilet spot so the soil stays loose and isn't too saturated with urine; I scoop the solid waste regularly. Should I try to incorporate shredded paper or something else to help with the urine odor? Thank you in advance!

  • x throughStars Post author

    My cat only poop in our plant pot.

  • utsav Post author

    Jackson galaxy facepalming right now?

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