How to Train a Poodle : How to Teach Your Poodle to Sit on Command

How to Train a Poodle : How to Teach Your Poodle to Sit on Command

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Hi! I’m Melanie McLeroy with Taurus Training
for Expert Village, and today we’re going to talk about training dogs. So let’s teach
this standard poodle how to sit. Aida is a more mature dog than a puppy, and she does
respond pretty well to her owners, so we don’t necessarily need to use the food as a lure
to teach her how to sit. We’re going to try a little bit different method. Now if
this doesn’t work for you, be sure to check out on different video on a different breed,
because different things work for different people and different dogs in different situations.
Now we’ve been challenged by the squirrel this far, but they’re out of the picture
for now, so what I’m going to try to do is get her to respond to my body language
to teach her to sit. A nice speedy sit is what we’re looking for. I’ll say the word
as her bottom is nearing the ground, then I’ll mark it the second it does and then
give her random treats. First I need to get her attention because she’s squirrel hunting.
Aida, good, sit. I’m going to give her a hand signal to help, sit, good, so just the
body language didn’t work, she needed a little more help. Okay, sit, good, very nice,
okay, sit, good, ooh! very nice, okay. Now remember what I said about poodles being lively,
this is it. Sit, good. Now I’m fading the hand signal, very nice, okay, …sit, good,
okay, sit, good. Now I tested Aida a little bit there. Standard poodles are very, very
bright and I was waiting to see if she would respond to just a verbal command with my body
in a different place. She’s not quite there yet, so we’ll go back to giving her a little
more help. Aida, good, sit, good, okay, sit, good, all right, we got a verbal sit with
this standard poodle. So we’re going to end this session with a success and go on
to teach the standard poodle how to lie down.

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