How watching our videos help animals

How watching our videos help animals

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I told you in a previous video… …we are making new kennels. At that time, the doors had to go in. Now the doors are in. All 6 kennels are almost done. We are in the final stages. (Be careful, she hits) These guys are building a step. There will be a drain in it. We can wash the kennel
balcony and wipe into it. We will make a percolation
pit where the drain will end. The roof is also being worked on. Let me show you. Before that though.. …you can see the electrical is done! The switches, holders,
sockets for heaters… …we didn’t have to spend a
single penny for them. Our previous video about kennels… …was seen by
Sanjay Rana ji of Shahpur. He visited, and donated all
this and cement bags! Lets look at the roof. We are insulating it. One of my friends,
Rajeev Goel ji of Gaggal… …arranged for all
this “glass wool”. These guys are
putting “glass wool”… …on the false ceiling. Then we will add
cement sheets on top. This sandwich will
provide insulation. As well as dampen
the barking noise. There are two final things
left. (famous last words) Wall needs putty, sanding… …and enamel paint, so we
can wash the walls. It is very important
to clean each Kennel… …especially between two cases. We disinfect with Phenyl and bleach. Then just smooth washable floors… …inside and outside. Balcony will drain in
the outside drain. Inside will drain
into a drain that… …we’ll put in once
we are doing floors. This will make it easy to clean. The easier you make it to clean… …easier it will be for
you to maintain it. And, you will have a
low infection rate. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜€

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