Hulk’s Family Tree! Meet All The Dogs Of DDK9s | DOG DYNASTY

Hulk’s Family Tree! Meet All The Dogs Of DDK9s | DOG DYNASTY

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Marlon: What makes a DDK dog? Stability, strength, speed, gentleness. This is a Hall of Fame. It’s a long history of dogs here. This is where it all started. This is the Hall of Fame
in my house right here. So this is just kind of where it started. Although we’re known for our
training skills, breeding these dogs, and producing the dogs
is very important. I just became obsessed with
dogs, you know, just like the, the idea of that, like, you know, I could,
you know, change something about a dog that I thought might be able
to be a little bit better. So I just kind of become very
intrigued with the project of creating my own style
of dog you know. So I then just like scoured
the internet at the time, years ago,
different internet probably dial up. And the more I started to see,
the more I started to realize that I wanted to do something different. When you create a bloodline, you
know, it’s years and years that it takes for this to build.
Basically everything’s connected you know. Maia was one of my first dogs, my first breeding dog.
Without Maia, none of these dogs exist. My first breeding actually
that I ever did with was Maia to Cassius, rest in peace my
boy, I love you. And that’s where Hulk’s
grandmother came from. The journey began you know. Maia and Cassius produced Mia. This is Mia, that little brown dog
in the front is this dog here. This is the King. I built an entire
Empire with this dog right here. He’s also the Hulk’s grandfather. And he actually, actually he is right here. So that right there is the king. King on his bed. We bred Mia to General and they created Gianna. Mia, Mia chill. Come on. Come on. These two dogs produced
Gianna who is Hulk’s mother. So these are Hulk’s grandparents
right here that you’re looking at. Okay, that’s actually where
Ghostface comes into play. Ghostface I bought from a different
kennel just to bring length in. I knew that I put
enough girth in Gianna to where you know she
is wide like a truck. So any dog that I bred
to her that was tall, they were going to meet
somewhere in the middle. So that’s where Ghostface
came into play and essentially that’s where Hulk came from. You take these two dogs, you put them
together – Ghostface and Gianna – and you get Hulk. We know this guy. This is Hulk when he was first born. Gianna looking in the background
like what you doing with my baby. You see me with no moustache,
little young looking fellow. They all have you know relation
then so if you go back to it. So if General is Hulk’s grandfather,
Zion is a son of General. We got Blade right here. Blade is the son of Zion
so there’s relation there. Sossa comes from kind
of a special situation. His father Blade was shot
somewhere off my property and Blade bred to
his mom the day like the day before he got shot. I just got I got really lucky this time. You know, obviously you can see that
there’s one key dog that is not up here. He was here before in
the middle of the hallway. He’s not there anymore. Day before he passed away his,
his painting fell on my stairs that’s a true story.
Ace was absolutely the most amazing trained dog
that I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s the same lines as Hulk.
They’re cousins, they have the same grandfather. That is one in a million. So over to Roxy about Roxanne, And we bred Roxy and the Hulk we
came up with Dynasty and Hercules. That’s where they came from. I then bred Roxy and Hulk a second time, and I sold the dog, a dog named Magneto. And what happened was I ended
up getting Minaj from them, because she is actually in the pedigree.
So she literally is related to like, everybody around
here, Roxy included. I did a breeding with Hulk
to a dog named Cleopatra, and that’s where Kobe came from. So basically the females just don’t
get the ***** credit they deserve. They just don’t. I’ve had Stella since she was eight weeks old. She does this funny thing
where she smiles at you. Scares some people but
it’s, it’s adorable. So one of Kong’s great features,
he’s like his mom Stella. He just has this amazing cheese
grin, he smiles. If I had teeth like that,
I’d smile like that too. Kong is Hulk’s son.
They have kind of a special relationship, they really like to roll around and, you
know, just being kind of big guys together. You know, I’ve lived with
these dogs for 15-16 years and just it was a meticulous
project, you know, to get to where we are, you know,
a legacy that will live forever. Legacy is massive, you know,
it’s what you leave when you’re gone. We’ve built a fine legacy so far, I think the dogs speak for themselves.

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