“I Reunited With My Dog After 2 Months But She Doesn’t Remember Me” (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

“I Reunited With My Dog After 2 Months But She Doesn’t Remember Me” (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

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“Samsoon… is your name!!” Evades “Samsoon, it’s Mom!” Owner/ What should I do.. Owner/ If we bring them over, I feel that she might recognize them… Will Samsoon be able to remember her mom and her sibling? (The dog in the middle is Samsoon’s mom, Ddoksoon) Perhaps she remembers.. since she wags her tail.. Korean Animal Welfare Association/ In the case of stray animals, people look down on them They get stones thrown at them or get kicked at, so perhaps they even see their owner as ‘someone who provides a threat to them’ On the rough road she must’ve faced so many dangerous situations It’s possible that those painful memories made her even fearful of her owner who’s stayed by her side for her whole life Korean Animal Welfare Association/ Don’t try to change her so suddenly and help her to slowly remember the prior memories before she lost them.. Decided to try to slowly get Samsoon to recall her owner, who might be deep inside Samsoon’s memory Owner/ When I wore those clothes, Samsoon used to sit on my lap on lot.. So I hope that she’ll approach as I do my final best.. “Samsoon~” “So pretty~” Samsoon follows the sound Mom’s scent *Sniff Sniff* And upon hearing Mom’s voice “Samsoon~” She listens After time passes.. Will Samsoon remember her today..? Owner/ You’re pretty, come here!! So pretty~~ In quick steps For the first time, Samsoon approaches the lady..!! She appears to hesitate ‘Just come a little closer Samsoon..!’ At that moment! Owner/ So pretty, so pretty!! *Embrace* The owner lady had waited so long for this moment, with desperation After a long two months, the lady was finally able to embrace Samsoon Owner/ Can you recognize Mommy now? As if to give her a reply back, Samsoon licks the lady relentlessly..T-T Owner/ Oh my, her toenails are all worn down.. Since all that asphalt road.. Vet/ Heard that she roamed around, her foreleg is swollen because it’s slightly sprained, so it’s okay and then the other tests like her blood pressure all came out normal… Fortunately, there’re no major problems in her health When she returns home, Samsoon becomes much more bright Owner/ Samsoon, let me put a necklace on you Their happiness together almost never happened Owner/ I’ll look after them more in my spare time I’ll treat them well and love them more Samsoon~ I’ll never let go of your paw, ever♡

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