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Please tell me I’m not late. You’re right on time. Good thing too because the boss is not in a good mood this morning.
He already made two interns cry. Geez Have either of you seen Tammy? No. -Not yet Well when you see her, tell her to come see me immediately. She has been late
three times already this week and if she’s late one more time I’m gonna fire her. Oh my god do you really think he’ll fire her? Unless she’s got one hell of an excuse,
she’s gone. Hey guys sorry I’m late Hey, boss wants to see you and just a heads
up, he is not in a good mood. oh god I hope he doesn’t- Is that Tammy? – Hey
So what’s your excuse for being late this time? Okay so I have like a legit excuse
okay and once you hear that you’re gonna be like ‘oh my god’ but I was
getting ready this morning, right? And I sat on my bed to put my shoes on and
then my cat, Mr. Muffins, jumped onto my lap and then he fell asleep and I didn’t
want to wake him so I just kind of let him sleep until he woke up himself and
by the time that happened I was 20 minutes late and here we are now! so you’re telling me you’re late because your cat fell asleep on your lap and you
didn’t want to wake him up? – Correct Wow I cannot believe you Here it comes What kind of person moves a sleeping cat?
– I usually wouldn’t but I’ve already been late three times I didn’t want to risk it You know what? Next time that happens just call out I’d rather you not be here
than disturb Mr. Muffins sleep okay? And give him a good head rub for me okay he’s so cute! Will do! – Alright guys, get to work Seriously you’re excused because as a cat? Sounds like a reasonable excuse to me. I’d die before I
let my cat Rufus wake up. You’ve got to be kidding me.
-I’m not ‘kitten’ you! Good one! What is going on here? Oh my god is that a baby?
– Yes this is my little girl Oh I love little babies how old is she?
– She just turned three months Oh so cute! I know this might be a little weird but do you mind if I hold her? Sure!
-Thank you so much this is going to make my whole day Oh look at this little baby, look at the little baby! Oh you’re such a big girl! Whose the cutest little kitty? Is it you? Are you the cutest baby? Oh my goodness you’re so cute Well thank you for letting me- Well I guess you’re mine now Is she doing what I think she’s doing? Excuse me what are you doing? -Huh?
-Whoa you can’t throw that away! It’s a box.
-You can’t just throw it away, cats use that. There’s a million other boxes the cats can choose from! People need that, cats need that!
-What is wrong with you? You know what? If you want it so bad You’re not going to grab that box, are you? Maybe first don’t you dare happy
– Not if I get to it first! birthday happy birthday thanks guys so Don’t you dare, no!
– You snooze you lose! Happy birthday!
– Thanks guys So do you want to do cake or presents first?
-Presents, duh. Here open mine first
-Thank you, oh my God I can’t wait to see what it is Oh That is so cute
– Oh I am so stealing that from you Please do. While we’re all here, I wanted to invite you guys this weekend to my house because it’s It’s Mr. Muffins birthday!
-Oh my god! All of you are invited and so are your kitties! Bring them please. That sounds like so much fun
– Oh I can’t wait! Can I bring my dog? Mr. Muffins is allergic to dogs
-Oh. I’m going to take the cat for a walk real quick Oh no. I have to kneel apparently. I’m too tall. It just looks stupid You’re excused becau-


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