I’M MOVING INTO A NEW SPACE! – Dog Grooming Salon

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Apologies in advance for the really dark lighting
for the intro. It’s thunderstorming outside, isn’t it? It’s fundastorming outside. Sooo
as you can probably tell from the title of the video, I’ve got some exciting news… NEW SHOP! Oh my god, I’m so excited. The space is massive, it’s right around the corner,
it’s getting like custom fit out and everything, I’m so excited about this, oh my gosh. Umm,
so yeah we’re just gonna do a quick video of the stuff that I filmed before construction
started. It’s actually Valentines Day today as of filming this, and hopefully today the
day that I upload it. But knowing me, maybe I won’t upload this, maybe I’ll just make it
and it’ll just drift off into oblivion, and then I’ll be like “Oh yeah, I said I was going
to do a video every week…” It is Friday today, construction started on Monday. And
it’s really coming together, so I’m like I really gotta hurry up and put this video out
so I can do installments and then probably like after I’ll try do like a video of the
whole construction start to finish. But at least if I get up to date, I can keep updating
you guys! Because this is so exciting. So yeah, let’s just get straight to it. So, when you first come in, first thing you
see is this big beautiful giant what’s it called? Reception desk, that’s the
word. We are probably gonna paint it, because it’s a little bit ugly. But the previous tenant
left that for us, which is awesome, saves us buying one. This big wall here is getting
cut into a half wall so that we will be able to see out and you know, vice versa. Here
is where all my retail selection is going to go. I’m very excited about that. It’s just
regular old slatwall which means I can change it up as much as I like. This little corner
here has been boarded up, it used to be the changeroom, but I think I’m gonna take this
mirror off, put something really nice on the background and make it a photoshoot area so
we can take photos of the dogs, customers can take photos of their dogs, I think it would
be really sweet. Anyway, over here. It used to be a pole dancing
studio so don’t mind the giant artwork of a pole dancing woman. Got these big huge mirrors.
Me with my very fashionable outfit on. God, I look good this morning. That’s the previous
tenants as well, but I think thats garbage, I dont know. Over here we got my new bathtub.
It’s not installed it’s just half put together. All this mess is my creative process going
on here. But let me skip to the kitchen first, and show you what that looks like. I’ll also
put in a picture of what it used to look like, because I’ve demolished it. So the first
thing I did was I contacted the bench tops. I put this really nice black contact on to
make it look like black marble. Because it was just this… you saw the photo, it was
just ugly. And then I asked my friend who’s really good at interior design what I should
do with the rest of it. I told her my colour scheme and all that. Oh! I can show you my
colour scheme! But she suggested because it’s such a dark benchtop, to not use these blues,
which is part of my colour scheme. Not to use them in here because it would be too dark
with the dark benchtop. I see what she means, you know? Yeah. So we’re doing the cabinets
white, the walls white, accents of… gold, and just like a little bit of grey mixed in
there as well. This door actually goes to the next shop.
I don’t love that it’s just a door. Like, I can literally just open that and walk
into her shop if I wanted to, that makes me a little uncomfortable. Toilet here,
of course. On the other side of the toilet, we’ve got me. Oh my god, hello. I’m on the
loo, what are you doing, go away. Nice little sink here. Needs a clean, everything needs
a clean. But! That is my new shop. I’m so so excited. I didn’t even tell you what we’re
gong to be doing with the space. So, pole dancing lady isn’t going to stay, I feel like
it just doesn’t fit my high end dog grooming boutique aesthetic. We’re gonna put a wall
about here to here, I think it’s like three by four metres or something to make a bathing/drying
room. Which I’m really excited about, which means it’s gonna be way quieter just in general
in the shop, all the hair that gets blown around with the drying is going to be contained.
I’m just very excited about it. So that’s gonna come out to about here. It’s gonna be
a wall here, wall there, gonna have big double doors and a window, some crates here for the
dogs to wait in. Over here, mind you this is the wall thats going to be a half wall.
Over here we’re going to have our grooming stations. So this table, there’s another one
in here, two of the tables are going to be in the drying room, one’s gonna be over here
but that’s just for now. That’s where all the actual grooming is going to happen, the
haircuts and stuff. I’ll be able to have a nice big mirror so I can see what I’m doing,
I guess. Hello hello, Editor Katie here in the salon.
I forgot to tell you that the dance studio next door is super loud. So we had to soundproof
because also like I don’t want my barking dogs to interrupt like her dance lessons,
and I dont want her dance lessons to interrupt my barking dogs. So, here’s a clip of
how loud it was. Anyway, so that’s my shop! I’m really excited
about it. It took a while to film this video, I’ve had the keys for three weeks, I think three
weeks today, like exactly. We are planning on opening on the 10th of March, because the
11th of March is my business’s fifth birthday. So I thought we could do like an opening week
birthday week celebration, like all week long, do a raffle and have balloons and stuff like
that, and giveaways, or like I don’t know, I haven’t thought about it. I’ve been thinking
about construction mostly. Construction on the walls and demolition starts next week,
which I’m really excited about. I’m not sure how long it will take, but we’ve got three
or four weeks for that to get done so there’s not really a rush. Anyway, I actually have
to go to my old work soon because it’s like 8.30 in the morning and I start at 9, so thank you
for coming along with this little shop tour with me. And see you guys in the next video.
Hopefully it’s not six months away. Again.

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