Introducing the PetSafe® Microchip Cat Flap

Introducing the PetSafe® Microchip Cat Flap

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many pet owners face a big dilemma
whether you’re out at work picking up the kids or meeting friends you’re
leading a busy life that often keeps you away from home for a few hours or more
for a cat this can feel like a very long time but locking your cat inside when
you’re out doesn’t seem fair because it limits their freedom and exercise it
just looks so fresh out there. Come on little help here. On the other hand
keeping them outside and away from food shelter and other home comforts also
feels unkind. Come on guys let me in please. The answer to this dilemma is the
PetSafe microchip catflap installing the petsafe microchip
catflap gives cats the freedom and opportunities for exercise they deserve
but hang on a minute won’t installing a cat flap let every
cat in the neighborhood come in? Not the PetSafe microchip cat flap this
door is activated only by your cat’s own microchip or a unique key that can be
fitted to your pets collar owning more than one cat is no problem the PetSafe
microchip cat flap can be set up to allow entry for multiple cats perfect so
your feline friends are free to come and go as they please
while unwanted visitors are kept outside Get out the way and let me have a go! But wait the PetSafe
microchip cat flap offers much more than conventional pet doors. You can use the
custom settings to make sure your cat remains safely inside at certain times
of the day or overnight your choice! It’s also easy to install,
first make sure your cat has the right type of microchip to work with the pet
safe microchip cat flap simply fix the supplied template at the right height
your cat’s belly is about 10 to 15 centimeters from the floor and use the
template to accurately drill and then cut the opening in the door make sure
you’ve paired the door with your cat’s microchip then just fit both sides of the PetSafe
microchip cap flap and your cat will get the hang of it in no time with a little
encouragement of course. So why not give your cat the chance to enjoy more
exercise fresh air and the opportunities to explore as well as the peace of mind
knowing that you’re not letting the whole neighborhood in. Come on Tommy
this ain’t happening let’s go. Easy to install and simple to operate
that’s the PetSafe microchip cat flap

8 thoughts on “Introducing the PetSafe® Microchip Cat Flap

  • Post author

    I offered you the best idea for a microchip reading cat flap that would be a world leader, but you never got back to me. Contact Colin from

  • Spyder Logan Post author

    It wasn't until I just saw the latest 'Simon's Cat' that I had any idea such a product existed. Brilliant~!!!

  • Phil Post author

    Looks like an invitation to every cat and pest in the neighbourhood – it doesn't even close properly after the cat enters.
    Check it at 0:51 and it's still open at 0:57.

  • BluesBadTom Post author

    Nice video and a Thumbs up liked.

  • gauchon cécile Post author

    The capflap has been set insert too hight for that cat see information plus the noise of the flap reaaly sca
    res the animal

  • caribbeanchild Post author

    Careful here…. you might end up with a very expensive standard door! The cat did try to open it because at the time it was her only way in… but it would open… then lock again… then open again…. then lock again… even on the ten second timer! She was trying to figure it out and couldn't. Cat still hasn't opened the flap. Cat is now seriously confused. So it's now set as a normal cat door which after her bad experience she still tries to avoid. Love my cat too much to put her through that shit. There's also the loud "clack" when it opens. What cat is going to like that? Then there's the fact that the door doesn't always end up in the correct position. You have strong magnets yes….but they don't always work. Those strong magnets also work against smaller cats. They don't push hard enough for the flap to open. They just give up and rather spend their energy looking for an open window! They're cats… they are skittish animals at the best of times. Just sayin'. For me it was a waste of money…. should have left my old door alone.

  • baron von chickenpants Post author

    Is it better than the catmate which doesn't actually work

  • ian_feel_keepin_it_real Post author

    This would work perfectly if vets put the microchip in your cat's head. Anywhere else and it will be too far away to be consistently detected.

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