Is Dumpster Diving for Cat Food an Ethical Option for Vegans?

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Hi, I am Lena Mumma welcome to my blog. Today I went Dumpster diving for cat food I’m going to show you what I found One morning on the way to my son’s school one feral cat followed us like the whole block, so I decided instead of going to the gym I joined a gym to lose weight but its not very exciting to go to the gym. When I go there I’m going just to wash myself and go to the steam room steam sauna I’m not inspired to work out there, it seems to me very boring, instead of going to take a shower, I decided to go and dumpster dive for cat food so its kind of a long way, take me like 3 hours to go there and back its alot of exercises I go by bike dumpsters are quite high and its a good exercise to jump in jump out How do I get back? I don’t know I understand that Dumpster Diving for cat food Is shocking to most people.
Let me explain why I am doing this instead of just buying regular cat food in the storeI love animals. I love both carnivores, herbivores, frugivores and I don’t support especially with my money, businesses that farm, imprison, abuse and murder any animal to feed and another animal Including humans Also, In nature carnivores are usually able to catch and kill weaker, older or sicker animals healthier, smarter and stronger on animals usually have a chance to escape. I think it is totally unfair that other prey animals have no chance to escape from their predators. Pigs and cows are not even prey for cats read my article for more details link is in the description this video so this time there wasn’t much I could find in the pet store dumpster and I just found one dry bag of cat food The basket was included and I found an aquatic total deluxe kit let me show you this is aquatic total deluxe kit one side over there is I think broken glass I will be Upcycling into a solar oven I just open up Reptile cage and It definitely can be up cycled one glass is broken upcycle its to solar oven and has a lot of lamp I can probably donate or sell I have already a small solar oven so this one can be much larger, so this is actually what I wanted to
have largest solar oven Thank you for watching, bye!

This little rebel!!

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The rain scared my dog last night that I actually fixed him a little bed in my room. When I woke up to check on him he was curled up in a ball with one of his homies #dogs #Rain #CorpusChristi

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