Japan’s dog amusement park | WanWan Land!!

Japan’s dog amusement park | WanWan Land!!

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Please throw your ball at the stage! He’s having hard time picking a ball. So the number is…7 You can punch 7, 17, 27, 37, 47,….. Number 5! Please pick one. Wow, your prize is 5th (second from the bottom). Here you are. Cat house! Number 6, kuromame (Toy Poodle). He thinks he’s the cutest dog in the world. 3..2..1.. Kuromame is winning. Obstacle means nothing to him. Kuromame came in 1st! First one is jumping rope. Our leader, Botan will try first. You’re so ready. Okay, calm down. Aibo! Ringo. Come this side. Botan. You did great. Perfect. Aibo. Start. Walking on a thin ladder. You can do it! The last trick is standing on the ladder. Now, you can jump at me! Dive! Please give him a big applause. Than you very much. Bye bye!

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