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♪ (French music) ♪ – (Finebros) Today you’ll be eating this. – Hot dog! – It’s a hot dog! Yay! – Hot dogs are my life.
I love hot dogs so much. I eat them all the time. – (Finebros) You didn’t think
we were gonna have you eat the hot dog plain, did you? – Oh, great. I knew there was a twist! – I like it plain. It tastes good plain. – I hate mustard. I hate relish. – Ketchup. I drown them in ketchup. – Relish, mustard, ketchup– anything you can put
on a hot dog, I will eat. – (Finebros) Here is your first hot dog. – Is that– oh, is that
pickles? What is that? – Vegetables. I see olives. – There is mustard?
You guys are the worst. Mm! (gasps) What’s the white stuff? – Mm. Oh no. It’s good and… bad at the same time. – (mouth full) Spicy. – There’s, like,
a really spicy flair to it. – That was actually really good. – (Finebros) That was
a Los Angeles street dog. – Street dawg. It’s a street dawg. – I have to go to
the street in Los Angeles and get one of these precious things. – (Finebros) It’s bacon-wrapped hot dog with ketchup, mustard, mayo,
grilled onions, and peppers. – I think it’s the best
hot dog I’ve ever had. – Wait, this is bacon-wrapped? No wonder it’s so good. – Not my first choice,
but it’s pretty good, considering what I’ve
had to eat on the show. – It’s really good. And I want
another hot dog, please. – (Finebros) Ready for another one? – Nooo! What’s that green stuff? – What are these things?
Oh, are these mashed potatoes? – Sour cream? – Oh no, that’s sour cream. – Onions, Dijon mustard, and cream cheese. – Do I have to?
I don’t want to! I’m scared! – (sighing deeply) Oh my gosh! Mm-mm, mm-mm. I don’t like it. – (disgusted) Oh, god no. Nasty onion. – Actually really good. – Can taste the cream cheese. Very interesting combination,
whoever made this. – (Finebros) This is a Seattle dog, and it’s smeared with cream cheese and commonly topped
with onions and mustard. – Um, well, it’s definitely
not my favorite dog. – Cream cheese on a hot dog is weird. – I have to tell my
friends I eat all this. They’re gonna be like, “Ew!” But I’m gonna be like, “It’s really good.” – (Finebros) Here’s your next dog. – Someone put coleslaw
on this? That’s nasty. – This actually doesn’t look half bad. – I hate coleslaw! – Mm! That’s good! – (groans in disgust) – (gags, mutters) I went over there
and threw it in the trashcan. I did not like that one at all. – I like the mixture of the
coleslaw and the… pork? I think. – (Finebros) This one comes from the South and is called the Slaw Dog. – I’m just kidding. Oh gosh. – (Finebros) It’s a hot dog
with onions, chili, and coleslaw. – Nasty. Okay. – I thought it tasted horrible. – Take it away, please. Put in a hot dog jail. – (Finebros) And now onto the next dog. – I see cheese. – Yep, not gonna try that.
I know it’s gonna taste terrible. – I have no idea what this is. And what’s this dripping down from that? – I know this sauce.
This is the In-N-Out sauce. Looks appetizing, I guess. – Oh my gosh, this reeks. (sighs) Bleh. The smell. I cannot stand the smell. – (raps table) I’m good. – (spitting) Bleh, that’s so gross.
Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm! – What’s this? (gasps deeply) Holes with cheese! I never seen holes
with cheese! Daddy! Dad! Can I go show my daddy? – Cheese was really good with a hot dog. – (Finebros) That was
a Kansas City hot dog. – Ew. I’m not going to Kansas now. – It’s topped with Swiss cheese,
Thousand Island dressing, caraway seeds, and sauerkraut,
which is a fermented cabbage. – Is it this? Then it’s bad. – I hate the sauerkraut. – It’s really good. It has
holes with cheese in it! – (Finebros) Here’s your last hot dog. – Yaaay! It looks like a really good one. – That looks like jelly. – I do not know what that is,
but I’m guessing that’s mustard. – A tomato, a pickle, and some onions. – Stay in here, tomato.
It’s part of the experience. – Tastes like a sandwich,
looks like a sandwich, and it feels like one. – Tastes very, very, very sour,
like sourer than pickles. – Pretty filling but still really good. – I like everything about
this except for the tomato. I’m not a tomato girl. – (Finebros) That was a Chicago hot dog.
– Oh, Chicago. – This might… be one of the best
ones I’ve tried in the world. – (Finebros) It’s a Vienna sausage
that has mustard, relish, onions, tomatoes, pickles,
celery salt, and a poppy seed bun. – Cool. – Not bad. Not really good either. – I guess maybe Chicago people are crazy and they like their hot dogs crazy too. – (Finebros) Final question:
which one of these hot dogs would you recommend people eat?
– The L.A. street dog. – The Los Angeles hot dog. Because every other one was terrible. – The Chicago hot dog. – The L.A. street dog, because I really, really like bacon in my stuff. – I recommend the Chicago hot dog. – Definitely the Chicago dog. – The Chicago hot dog! It’s really good. – Everyone, you should
try the L.A. street dog. Forget about these. They’re not popular. You are, L.A. street dog. – Thanks for watching us eat
hot dogs on the React channel. – What food should we eat next?
Let us know in the comments. – Don’t be spicy. Subscribe. – Goodbye! – Bye, guys! ♪ (French music) ♪

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