Kitten Drenched In Sticky Glue From A Mouse Trap | Animal In Crisis EP33

Kitten Drenched In Sticky Glue From A Mouse Trap | Animal In Crisis EP33

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I can hear something scratching.. And rattling When I lie down here to rest I can hear something from here and there I even heard something rattling just before. I hear it now! The distant sound of cat’s crying I set a sticky trap.. I’m concerned that a cat might have stuck in it.. Informant : I put the sticky trap to catch a rat Perhaps it has been dragged to the cat’s leg, making a rattling noise The cat might have stuck in the sticky trap which was set to catch mice Seems like the cat has been moving around here Carefully looks into the ceiling Assistant Director: Huh?! PD : Do you see anything? What is it? Assistant Director: A Cat! Assistant Producer: She stays still even after finding us watching her Perhaps her feet have stuck in the sticky trap? To check her condition in detail, a minicam goes in But.. Fortunately, she seems to not have any sticky glue on her legs At that moment, another cat crying sound is hearing from behind her Informant : It sounds on both sides or one side only. Or from over there inside Carefully observes inside with endoscopy cameras Inside the ceiling is full of dust and asbestos Endoscopy Cameraman: I found some trace that shows something was dragged down? Something must have been dragged down! Observing around the same spot in the ceiling Director : There’s nothing As far as I can seePD : Why is that? Director : I think she’s moving around the place Construction Department Staff : We got to search the whole access holes These are all over in square.. We need to open all or go inside of them PD : Can people get inside? It might be tough.. It’s time for people to go inside It’ll be too dangerous to get in such tangled web without any safety equipment So, we decided to get the help of the rescue team Rescue Member : As the ceiling is not strong enough It might collapse as we step on it So we have to step on parts strong enough to resist the weight The producer and rescue team begin the search for cats Through a maze tangled up in pipes and lines The team has to get close to the bottom to move forward Assistant Director : Did you find anything? Rescue Member : I couldn’t find anything over there.. Gotta move to the opposite side At that moment! Assistant Director : I heard the sound Rescue Member : From where? Assistant Director : You gotta go inside over there The crying sound gets closer Assistant Director : Where? PD : She’s here.. Oh no.. Inside the corner, there is A kitten His whole body is covered with sticky glue Upon approaching closely, he gets extremely anxious First off, get his leg out from the sticky glue But what’s problematic is.. As the glue has melted down, his body is attached to the floor Vet : If we pull the kitten out from the sticky glue The kitten’s skin might be ripped So it’s best to melt down the glue with an edible or oil which you can get easily at home Massage the kitten’s skin with the oil and slowly takes him out Put the oil, which is harmless to skin, all over to the sticky surface PD : It works! Meanwhile, the search for the mother cat continues Rescue Member : I heard something inside But when I checked nothing was found It’s not possible to get inside too.. Vet : Cats are innate with strong maternity to protect their own kittens In this case, however, since the mother cat is not able to save her kitten Though she has strong maternity She might have been waiting for the help Waiting for people to save her kitten The search goes on through the half day But we couldn’t find the mother cat at the end Rescue Team : There’s no way to block the wide space Thanks to the mother cat’s SOS, the kitten is safely rescued Vet: Oh my.. it’s cold, right? PD : How old is he? About 40 days old? Feed the kitten with warmed-up milk And rinse off the remained glue on his body The debris is stuck in his body like a thorn.. The wood chips are flowing on the water It must have been itchy and painful for him The glue and wood chips are embedded in his body Provide him with nutritional supplement Vet : As the harmful elements of sticky glue were absorbed The kitten showed neurological symptoms due to the addiction to the glue I’m concerned about low blood glucose since he has starved for so long Besides a mere skin disease, he has no health issues So proud of him for enduring through such hard times

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