Kitten With Disability Wants To Run With His Mom | Animal in Crisis EP47

Kitten With Disability Wants To Run With His Mom | Animal in Crisis EP47

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A cat’s crying sound coming from somewhere.. Production crew/ The cat’s not here
Informant/ But I can still hear the sound But then A cat enters through the door Looks very wary of people As the people leave the house The cat walks to the place where the sound comes out As if she wants us to stay away from it She disappears And then.. A kitten showed up from somewhere..? Perhaps the cat senses the danger Approaches the kitten But the kitten doesn’t look well The mother cat leads the way But due to his crooked hind legs, Can’t follow his mom, but just cry Manages to jump up to the threshold But soon after, blocked by the other threshold Unable to follow his mom Upon approaching to rescue him He hurriedly runs away Waits for him to show up again.. A resident who’s looked after them for 2 days Resident/ Seems like she’s the mother Because I’ve seen her breastfeeding the kitten PD/ Was the kitten okay? Resident/ Yes, he was totally fine The kitten’s hind legs were okay..? As the night comes, the mother cat shows up again Firstly, she checks on her kitten Shortly after, she leaves The kitten comes out as if he’s looking for his mom With his injured legs, calls his mom desperately The mother cat only watches him from a distance He struggles so much to get close to his mom But it seems very difficult for him.. He has no choice but to cry out loud The kitten has to be rescued in no time At a slight sound He gets scared and runs away Production crew/ No? / He’s not here Can’t even find any trace of him Local 1/ I tried to catch him so that I can take him to the hospital But failed since he kept going inside the hole Local 2/ If I go inside just for a bit He goes inside so quickly And I can’t go inside the neighbor’s house without permission All they could do was Feed the kitten Then he manages to come out And calls his mom Can’t even eat properly while looking around We decided to start the rescue asap Next morning When all the experts gather to rescue the kitten The mother cat showed up from a distance Carefully watches them As they remove the dresser Found the little kitten inside Approaches the kitten carefully Rescue success How painful was it for him To live with injured legs The mother cat who was watching the whole rescue process Disappears.. The kitten gets an examination Vet/ X-ray shows that he’s in serious condition The 5th vertebrae and the rib on one side is lifted like this, pressing spinal nerves which led both hind legs to be injured The kitten has a fracture in his ribs Vet/ Starting from the ribs, the external shock must be imposed at 45 degrees So I suppose that the shock was by some other cause rather than a car accident 2 months after birth, The kitten was abused by someone The mother had no choice but to watch.. Vet/ I guess the mother cat couldn’t let the kitten stay in such a dangerous environment anymore As he’s sick as well, she must have brought him to a safe place She knew that he’ll be in danger if he’s exposed To protect the kitten The mother cat decided to watch him from a distance It must be painful for both The kitten gets surgery But.. Vet/ We started the operation with hope But found that the bone pieces from the fracture cut the nerves Almost 90% of the nerves were cut So even if he gets a fracture operation, the injury won’t be cured The kitten has to live with others’ help For the rest of his life.. A few days later Visits the hospital again He looks pretty healthy! Even plays with the vet Vet/ He opened up to us A guest who visits him The singer Kim Wan Sun decides to become his new family What triggered her to adopt him? Singer Kim Wan Sun/ I have 5 cats One of them has an arm injury, so she can’t stand up That’s why I was more attracted to this kitten Excited for their life together The kitten is in a new house He looks very comfy Miracle the cat watches him Singer Kim Wan Sun/ The doctor told me that Miracle won’t be able to use her legs again forever So I had no hope for him to walk again But as he can walk and run well by now I believe that he can walk again With the hope that the miracle happens again Singer Kim Wan Sun/ I wanna name him Superman Wish him to be strong and awesome With her wish They start physical rehab treatment In the hope for the improvement She does her best to get him cured Visits her again after two weeks They have good news! Singer Kim Wan Sun/ The doctor said the nerves are gone in this part But once I press this part, he groans Perhaps his nerves are coming back It must be a good sign Vet/ He won’t recover 100%, but he surely can improve more than now The fact that his condition improved this much is amazing Thanks to her great efforts And there’s a gift for Superman A wheelchair to help him walk again As being flustered, he stays still As soon as she pushes him from the back After taking a few steps He does almost fly like Superman Singer Kim Wan Sun/ I figured that he’s very bubbly and bright I will give him as much love as I can Live happily with your new family, Superman!

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