Kopi Luwak: Cruelty in Every Cup

Kopi Luwak: Cruelty in Every Cup

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Inside the civet coffee industry. This is a civet cat PETA Asia found that in order to make Kopi Luwak civet cats, many of whom have been caught in the wild, are confined to small
barren cages and fed a diet of coffee berries. The civets feces, which contain
the digested coffee bean, are then processed and the beans are sold as a
so-called luxury item. For this, the civets are deprived of all freedom, family, exercise and everything else that is essential to their well-being. They
are deprived of any semblance of a normal life.
Mislabelling is common with coffee from cage civets droppings sometimes sold as
wild sourced. After several years of confinement the cats production drops.
Some are released into the wild, although many do not survive because of their
poor condition. While confined the cats go insane
whirling circling constantly biting at the bars of their cage and engaging in
repetitive body motions. Forced to eat a nutritionally deficient diet of coffee
berries the cats lack vitamins and nutrients which along with the stress of
confinement causes their health to deteriorate and their fur to fall out.
Never purchase civet coffee if you see it being sold, please
complain. Write to the retailer and report it to PETA
I’m Peter Egan for PETA. Thank you

89 thoughts on “Kopi Luwak: Cruelty in Every Cup

  • Lezi1000 Post author

    Horrible!!! Disgusting and cruel!!!! Humans have no limits for their greed and selfishness! I really think human spieces is a mistake of nature!!!! The planet would be much better without humans….

  • Jl Pinfold Post author


  • Lesley Illingworth Post author

    poor little cats. just dont buy this coffee. the troble is the people that do don,t care

  • NorthShoreMoana Post author

    Another rich people "luxury" that involves animal cruelty. It's not enough the bastards torture geese for their livers and skin live animals for their fur. I'm waiting for God to just eliminate it all and start over again.

  • YNWAshaun Post author

    I seriously hate any sort of animal abuse. It's sickening. This video is sad 🙁

  • GenAdams Post author

    why can't store brand fucking coffe cut it? i really cant imagine civet coffee being SOOO MUCH better… it's just plain bigotry, the fact that it costs thousands in Harrods. also, fungi might dwell in beans laying on the ground, so it might be bad for your health (not like those bigots dont deserve a little sickness)

  • Shaun Tay Post author

    4 people hates animals

  • Theo Osborne Post author

    im vegan but not subscribing because peta care for meat eating animals and no meat eaters at all deserve life or mercy as they do not give it themselves.

    ~ logic for a peaceful world

  • Theo Osborne Post author

    please reply if u have the same logically advanced opinion

  • Xavier Ku Post author

    Theo Osborne – You need to come off the meds your logic is nonsensical, WILD animals don't have the moral thought processes that we possess, some are natural meat/insect eaters but they can't differentiate the ethical process and simply act natural according to their species, we on the other hand can make the ethical choice which you have, those who don't make that step are the barbaric beings.

  • Xavier Ku Post author

    Regardless if anyone likes PETA or not, they carry out or motivate others to engage in selfless actions to try to protect those species that fall prey to the cruelty of the most vicious species, that of the human variety.
    Examine the ISSUE for Fcuks Sake

  • they took our jerbs Post author

    enjoying a cup right now

  • Inna Grinina Post author

    I've tried kopi luwak in Indonesia … Won't drink it anymore

  • Afrizan Nurpermadi Post author

    there is a natural production of kopi luwak. it's done by collecting coffe seeds that have been eaten by civets as the result of their poops. Those are really difficut to find.and rare. So, to fulfill the high demand, the industry have to find a way. And that's why they captive civets and force them out to eat coffee seeds.
    that's horrible.
    and the easiest way to stop this cruelty is to stop to consume this kind of coffee. start from ourself.

  • Rosa B. Post author

    This is what some of us are capable of

  • ShotTower1 Post author

    I have purchased this coffee because I thought they still collected it from wild animals. I won't ever buy this again.

  • Alessio Arzola Post author

    Not only is it cruel… it is a disgusting thing to drink when you think of how it is produced.

  • twoshotlatte Post author

     I thought the beans were collected from wild animals. Civets are supposedly drawn to the best beans, but humans are choosing what beans to feed them. The level of cruelty displayed in the video is sickening. 

  • jasonla204 Post author

    PETA is cruel to every animal they meet………………

  • Silencio Post author

    this video made me buy civet coffee

  • DJFlare84 Post author

    So, they DON'T actually collect their wild-harvested beans from civets in the wild…
    They have NO justification for the price of their coffee since they are able to mass produce it (they apparently justify the pricetag because of the wild-ness aspect).
    And to top it all off, most people think the taste is awful.

    Literally the only thing that wasn't a lie was that the beans came out of a rodent's ass. Everything else is… (wait for it)… BULLSHIT.

    You could say the Kopi Luwak industry is… FULL OF CRAP.

  • Courtney Ramirez Post author

    ILL GLADY TAKE ONE!!! there so cute ;~;

  • Elizabeth Gaspodnetich Post author

    Are you kidding? People really want to drink coffee shit out by an animal? Shit Coffee? Who the fuck thought that up? What the hell is our world coming to? 

  • carnage2112029 Post author

    Kopi Luwak processed from Civet is 1 of the most sublimely richest flavour in a coffee if not the most.
    Kopi Luwak is NOT MADE FROM EXCREMENT; the coffee beans when digested by the Civets are not properly digested because of their digestive system. The fermentation occurs in their digestive tract and the enzymes create more amino acids making the coffee richer. Which is then cleaned roasted and sold at really high prices, Harrods sell it at $10000 in a silver gold bag.

  • Will Suh Post author

    These feminist peta trash shed tears at sufferings of animals but dont raise an eyelash at suffering of men.

    And ofc narrator of this vid sounds like a typical mangina

  • Sim Gia Post author

    diventate tutti vegetariani o vegani… si può rinunciare anche al caffè per favore

  • gipsi2001 Post author

    I have tried Kopi Luwak and I did like it.  Won't ever go there again though   🙁

  • jasonla204 Post author

    I will always buy Civit Cat Coffee because People Eating Tasty Animals told me not to

  • yana yasemin Post author

    Твари, ради кашечного кофе такое издевательство над животными. Им на свободу нужно.

  • thegiantpaperpanda Post author

    This is some serious 1% shit right here. 

  • T.H.E. Outlaw Post author

    I posted the truth about kopi luwak on an Amazon product page, and I helped bring awareness to this important issue. And only one person had a problem with what I said.

  • Definery22 Post author

    I didnt know s#*! was soo expensive.

  • ericou812 Post author

    so the aroma of the coffee is shitty smelling?hahahaha just trying to add some humur to the comments instead of ppl bitching.

  • شخص مجهول Post author

    overpriced shitty coffee literally

  • Aqib.A.C Post author

    (0:43) It's just one of those places I want to run in with an Axe and Smash all the Cages open

  • MrLexspecialis Post author

    I do not give a $hit 🙂 If someone likes such coffee the treatment of the cats for him is not a problem.

  • Allison Roche Post author

    Why is amazon.com still selling this coffee? This is absolutely awful!!!!

  • Elke Schreiber Post author


  • Steven Harman Post author

    Well at least peta didn't bring the death van with lead clown newkirk ready to jump out with her needles of sweet release…..then again she is probably busy looking at little boy's penises for another chicken video.

  • 배워서남주자 Post author

    커피 안먹고 싶네요

  • Marino Post author

    comment peut-on être si méchant envers ces merveilleux animaux ?????? Encore l'hommerie et toujours l'imbécile de l'homme qui ne cesse d'inventer des stupidité sans borne ?!?!
    Ces soit disant "" êtres humains "" devraient être renfermer à la place des civettes, peut-être comprendraient-ils leur imbécilité; tout pour faire de l' $$$$…..' L'argent n'a pas d'odeur, dit-on !!! 😢

  • Brian feher Post author

    So let me get this straight, people are buying civet coffee which is coffee beans that have been eaten by a civet. Then pooped out then turned into expensive coffee? I can't get people are actually drinking this shit…

  • Harini Narendra Post author

    in which countries does this cruelty happens?
    poor animals..

  • Games of Bros Post author

    Make some good coffee though

  • Miljörör för Språkpartiet Post author

    Cruelty or not, I'll never ever drink cat shit anyway.

  • Annemarie Hanbury Post author

    i will do anything and you dont stop me you killers 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • wasfapuk1 112 Post author

    This is horrible, what is wrong with people?

  • Dorothy Misty Post author

    when it comes to cruelty to animals no way that not aceptable the little thing is going mad locked up in a tiny cage release it

  • Kamil Hultaj Post author

    where to buy real wild collected kopu luwak? any idea?

  • Im Beast Post author

    Humans are so cruel!

  • kath david Post author

    Obviously had to be cruelty going on, and animals suffering once again…. big corps once more raking in the money from misery. everyone i know will KNOW about this.

  • Maad Haaf Post author

    Asian people asshole greedy

  • 트링망고티비 Post author

    내가 대신 사과할게 미안해ㅠㅠ
    아무리 돈 준다고 해도 저렇게 까지
    할 필요는 없는데 ㅠㅠㅠ 동물을
    괴롭히지 않고 살아야 하는데ㅠㅠ
    네가 더 슬픈 1인

  • therealestmc85 Post author

    This is beyond cruel.

  • Grim Post author

    I was about to buy kopi luwak on amazon but I read some negative comments and decided to make a small research. I will buy something else.

  • CornishCreamtea07 Post author

    The people who made this documentary are scum trying to stir up controversy, someone I know was in Bali a few months, big animal lover, and she said they are well looked after.

  • blackdaan Post author

    ill get my own cat

  • TimonSuricata Post author

    Kupi Luwak, the best coffee ever designed, double distilled though the sexy luwak, whats problem, least there serving a purpose 😀

  • TimonSuricata Post author

    peta UK HAHAHA, Hows UK going with your immigration problem, oh right your to busy complaining about the best coffee in the world, and releasing foxes out of traps, go hug a tree you freaks.

  • Al bay Post author

    PETA couldn't care less about animals cruelty, along with WISPA and any other money grabbing degenerates.

  • OK Post author

    Stop this madness right now. Is there animal rights group in Indonesia?

  • nazifa nadia Post author

    totally inhuman…. 😞 poor souls…. 😒

  • Arun Anilkumar Post author

    This coffee is now trending in cafe kopi luwak in kochi,Ernakulam,Kerala,India…its sold for about INR 1500….sad to know that this is made with utmost cruelty..😣

  • Fabulous FAM Post author

    fuckn indon

  • Woman Post author

    Again, follow the money. It's big business & there are buyers. I feel so very sad for all creatures who have barely survived, were psychologically affected, succumbed to early deaths due to mankind's greed for money.

  • Jeff RLA Post author

    Reminds me of something else….. a zoo perhaps?

  • Maleeha Afzal Post author

    imagine someone force feeding uncracked wallnuts to you. Imagine yourself while pooping that out!

  • brutforce 17 Post author

    Nobody need this coffee, please stop this cruelty

  • Ilgar Majidov Post author

    Buying Kopi Luwak same as killing poor animals by yourself

  • Logan Hoagies Post author

    If you see it sold, please complain. 😂

  • jennifer petroite Post author

    shame on those people for the cruelty they are showing towards animals.may god bless peta for their selfless actions

  • Bless All Post author

    Horrific cruelty! There is a tremendous variety of coffees worldwide to satisfy everyone's taste. Absolutely no need to make the civet suffer and die in order to produce coffee. However, there is a need to be cruel and greedy.

  • Ahmad Nizar Post author

    actually, we can't generalize it for every Luwak coffee trader. As far as I knew, Kopi luwak Cikole uses animal welfare principle in their production process. they limited the production, and also supply nutritional feed for luwak.

    the problem is how they mistreat the civet coffee. not buying 'Luwak coffee' is not the relevant solution. the thing to do is the government making good regulation over it and doing strict monitoring process . ones that bring justice for both consumer, farmer, industry, and civet itself.

    it's possible to bring justice for those as long asgoverment has made the good regulation and monitoring process.

  • Belthazor22 Post author

    Asians are fucked up

  • IrishPotato86 Post author

    I will never try kopi luwak coffee. There is no reason to treat an animal like that! We treat evil murderers in prison better, we can treat animals better than this!

  • W El Post author


  • Laman Kenduri Post author

    Whatever it is, Nescafe gold blend is the best. Stop consuming kopi luwak yaachh

  • Vijay Upadhaya Post author

    this is cruelty

  • Mesut Post author

    It's so sad, but we do the same cruelty to the cows by caging them to get their milk. we do the same to the bees to get their honey. etc… what do you think about these ?

  • Nita Hill Post author

    This is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cindy Bostonpitt Post author


  • Nathan Gray Post author

    Steve Irwin is a fucking legend, eat a bag of dicks Peta

  • TimonSuricata Post author

    Worst dock ever, there not cats and there not in the feline family, PETA regards.

  • Ayman sharma Post author

    Oh god help these innocent animals 🙁

  • coriander zvx Post author

    FUCK THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ricky Post author

    I was going to buy this coffee as a present for someone! Fuck that shit! Literally

  • Koteswararao Kakarla Post author

    It's not humanity ban kopiluvakcoffee

  • lucas simioni Post author

    Mmmmm, seems tasty! Stop destroying good industry for nothing. We need jobs you rich selfish piece of shit… you can clearly see the manipulation in the images, with the text and music.:. You people are ridiculous..

  • JP 1and2 Post author

    That so sad 😥

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