Kristen Bell’s Hero Dog, Lola

Kristen Bell’s Hero Dog, Lola

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– You have a dog
that is still your dog and still loved like– – Yes. Well, ’cause the dog was
our first kid. But interestingly enough,
she has taken on– we have two dogs, but the one
that’s been our dog forever, Lola–yes, the best. She’s taken on
this protective attitude. – Is that your backyard?
Where do you live? Where is that?
[laughter] – That’s the Griffith Park
Observatory, Los Angeles, California. – All right. – But she’s been
really protective. And the other day,
we were sitting on the bed, which is kind of towards
the back of the house, far from the front door,
and we heard squealing. And I said, “God, this sort of sounds like
some sort of a dog fight. I hope it’s not a coyote.” And after about 30 seconds,
I said, “I better go check on
our dogs.” I walked to the front
of the house, opened the door to see Lola and
a German Shepherd-sized coyote in a fistfight on the lawn. – Like–like this?
– Yes. [laughter]
– Wow. – And then our other dog, Pat,
who’s utterly useless and always writing checks
his butt can’t cash, somehow was on the bed with us,
like, as perplexed as we were as to what the sounds are,
even though he’s a dog. – He’s bigger.
– He knew what the sounds were. He–so the coyote then,
when it sees me, just like a–
like a vampire from “Twilight” flies over the 7-foot fence, and then Lola just kind of
sat there stoically. That was Pat’s cue to run out
and bark for, like, 1/2 hour. [laughter] I mean, he is just– – “And stay out.”
– Yeah. – Yeah.
– Exactly. – Wait, so–so the– were they really, like,
in a fight? – Oh, yeah, big time.
And it happened– – Is Lola okay? – She’s–only had
one little scratch, but we, as responsible
pet owners and parents, took her to the vet–
the, like, emergency vet, and the vet said,
“Oh, wow, yeah, a fight. She must have been tussling
with a possum.” And I said, “No, I–
it was a coyote.” And she said,
“Well, you know, “I think she wouldn’t have
fared this well if it were a coyote.” I said, “Well, toots,
I saw it.” [laughter] “Well, Dr. Toots, uh,
it was a coyote. I saw it,
and my dog rules.” – Yeah.

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