Leopard Family Reunion | Jungle Animal Rescue

Leopard Family Reunion | Jungle Animal Rescue

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[music playing] NARRATOR: In the west of India,
it’s time for Kartick and Nizzi to discover if the leopard cub
has been found by her mother. KARTICK SATYANARAYAN:
I don’t know, I’m just going to cry
if she’s not been taken. I don’t want this little
thing to live in captivity for the rest of her lives. Let’s see what’s there. Let’s see. We’ll just take
a look from here. Wow, our structure looks
relatively undisturbed. Nothing has pushed
any of the bricks over. Which is good. Yeah. And I don’t see
anything inside. KARTICK SATYANARAYAN: I am
getting a good feeling already. Let’s see. NARRATOR: Oh, my goodness! Oh, that’s what we want. So your idea was right. I’m so glad. NIZZI: Everything’s sort of
working in our favor today. It means so much to us–
for all the effort that we put in– that this cub has
gone back to her mother, which is her rightful place. Let’s check all
the camera traps. OK. NARRATOR: The camera
traps automatically record when their
motion activated sensors are triggered. KARTICK SATYANARAYAN: Uh-oh. Oh, oh, no, no, no. Oh, my goodness. NIZZI: Oh no. NARRATOR: The first of the
cameras show the cub escaping. [sighing] NIZZI: This is the worst outcome. KARTICK SATYANARAYAN:
This is really bad. [cub whimpering] Let’s see if there
is any other footage. NARRATOR: The other cameras
may tell a different story. There she is. That’s definitely a leopard. KARTICK SATYANARAYAN:
Can you see the mother? There she is again. KARTICK SATYANARAYAN:
And here you can see her walking on the far edge. And here she is again. KARTICK SATYANARAYAN:
She’s probably stopping here, because she’s
smelling the cub there. And she picked it up. Can you believe that? Look at how careful she is! Isn’t that incredible? And she’s not wandered away,
which is a huge relief. NIZZI: Yeah, she’ll be
happy and live her life. This is amazing news. Absolutely, yeah, absolutely. See the video too? I am so relieved that
we were be able to get the cub back with its mother. [interposing voices]

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