Like Sisters – Audio Description – English

Like Sisters – Audio Description – English

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♫Violin Music is playing
in the background♫ (Sound of the train) (Thinking) My Maya…I should have been
so excited to see her after six years…… Auto… I never thought
this would happen with her…… I always believed
our lives were made of fairy tales The famously notorious girls. (laughing)
Ha ha-ha (Teacher) Monocotyledon, Di-cotyledon. (Priya) Hmm…
I hope you are paying attention? (Maya) Yuck.. thuu…
This is too raw.. yuck… Oh yeah! Mango seeds are mono-cots right? Hunnh! Why bother? Aren’t we doing science practicals now? (Laughing) ha-ha-ha (Gardener angrily) Heeyyy!
You are little thief. You are wasting the mangoes. Wait I am coming there. (coughing) Where are you running? (Priya-Narrator): We were inseparable…..
Like Sisters (laughing) Yaa….yaaa..ya I still remember that fateful day. No way! Isn’t it too early, I mean you are just 13. But my mother got married early too. besides we won’t find a
better guy later, they say. ♫ Drums are playing in the background ♫ She made the choice or they were made for her. (Sound of crying) And….she accepted. I always wished her happiness. Priya……. ♫ Flute is playing in background ♫ (Sound of auto rickshaw stopping) (Sound of door knocking) ♫ Violin music is playing
in the background ♫ Uh h……Priya! You’ll be ok. You little thief. Hunn.
What? You plucked these mangoes from
ramu kaka’s tree right? (Laughing)
Ha ha ha ♫ Violin music is playing
in the background ♫ (narrator) Maya died a few days Later, Due to complication, repeated abortion, miscarriages and poor health. Unable to cope with life’s stress
at such a young age. I was too traumatized. I decided to channelize my sorrow and guilt To help other maya’s…
55 of them so far. May be…. May be that’s my redemption for not to having stopped her. We have the right to say
no to early marriage. So that there are no more
child marriages left in this world. Who is with me? I am Me too Me too, I am, I am. I am ♫ Violin Music is playing
in the background ♫ (child laughing) Ha-ha-ho Mature women make for
happy and healthy families. (child laughing) Ha-ha-ha All stories don’t have a happy ending. I am grateful that
I took the charge of my life, And made right decision, at the right time. ♫ Violin Music is playing
in the background ♫

2 thoughts on “Like Sisters – Audio Description – English

  • Caitlin S Post author

    legit cried child line psas are so addictive idk why i live in American why am i watching this i came to YouTube to watch funny vids how the hell did i end up here

  • Herowebcomics Post author

    This is sad but hopeful and at least they will always have farmer Maggot's crop!

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