Long Haired Dog Grooming Instructions : Outer Coat Dog Grooming Tips

Long Haired Dog Grooming Instructions : Outer Coat Dog Grooming Tips

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The outer coat is the part that the undercoat
typically is falling out into and it gets mixed up in the matt of the undercoat. So
the outer coat, as you can see here we’ve got a tiny briard. We’ve got the outer coat
here this is the part that gives us the length. So her outer coat is about 6 inches long.
She does have some undercoat, you can see that she has some undercoat, but not a ton.
She’s a little bit more mature she’s 4 years old. The outer coat again you can see it coming
down the tail. So this is the outer coat and the outer coat is best brushed with something
like a pin brush.
We’ve got some texture here for the outer coat. So this is the outer coat, again this
is where we’re working right now with a double coated breed and there could be a different
amount of under and outer coat. If she didn’t have undercoat then you would see just her
outer coat and it would be lying a lot flatter to her body. The undercoat serves a purpose
of insulation and the outer coat serves a purpose of protection from the elements. So,
we’ve gone over now the difference between the outer coat and the undercoat and again
the outer coat is where we’re getting our length. If we break the outer coat while we’re
brushing, we’re going to be breaking the length off and we’ll have a shorted coated breed,
shorted coated dog. So we want to be careful when we’re brushing the outer coat that we
don’t actually break it. We work with it with the appropriate tools in an appropriate way
that we’re guarding the length here.

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