Lost Cat Found With Brain Damage Dying Alone In The Cement Room | Animal in Crisis EP83

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2 weeks ago This couple found something in the hallway of an apt Informant/ It was lying down as if it was dead.. I was scared.. What the couple found was a little cat But the cat couldn’t stand up right.. Informant/ The cat was crying, struggle with his four legs He was crying sadly.. We were surprised too How come this cat was left inside the apartment facility room..? Someone must have abandoned him as he couldn’t use his 4 legs Because he wasn’t able to stand or open his eyes.. Also, there are none traces of him to prove that he’s lived inside there.. So the owner abandoned such a poor cat who can’t even move his body properly..? While everyone’s guessing how the cat was abandoned Wonder how the cat has been.. Vet/ When he first came, he almost lost consciousness and had convulsions The convulsions are almost stopped Fortunately, the cat is back to senses But still has a problem with moving his body.. The cat’s likely to have brain issues.. Vet/ The cat had convulsions when he was first discovered, Found 2-cm-long wound below his eyes I gave a diagnosis of cerebral concussion that triggered convulsions, after beaten up by someone else When the cat was discovered Found the wound on his head Perhaps it might have caused damage to the brain The culprit abused the cat and abandoned him in the apt.. But why did the culprit have to leave the cat inside the facility room on the 19th floor of the apt..? Wonder how an apartment manager would react.. Manager/ There’s a steek door closed behind the facility room Residents would barely know if the room was there The room opens only when there’s a regular inspection by the fire department Informant/ The culprit knew that the room was there and left the cat If the culprit isn’t a resident, he/she wouldn’t have known The culprit must be one of the residents of the apt Meanwhile.. The result of the examination came out Vet/ The cat is diagnosed with a meningitis According to his MRI scan, X-rays, and his condition The disease wasn’t triggered by external stimulus His brain was damaged due to the disease Moreover Vet/ Though the cat is spayed, he has no TNR marks And his ears are not cut The cat must be raised by someone else Perhaps his owner wasn’t able to take care of the cat with disease.. and abandoned him in the end..? Maybe the cat was left behind when his family moved out The PD asks around Resident/ Haven’t heard of a cat crying Only a dog barking Haven’t seen this cat before Never heard of a cat crying While the PD was searching for someone who’s seen the cat or someone who just moved in A girl visited the hospital As soon as she opens the door The cat seems to recognize her Struggles to get into her arms Flashing cute charms PD/ Do you know this cat? Yes, he’s my cat He went missing when my mom opened the door to ventilate His name is ‘Roy’ who went missing 2 months ago Roy used to live on the 7th floor of the same apt Roy disappeared in a sec Owner/ I usually don’t let the door open But when the door was open, he went out and disappeared They’ve been raising Roy with affection for 3 years Before he was found on the 19th floor The family has been looking for Roy.. Owner/ We put his blanket and bowl outside and waited for him to come back Couldn’t find the cat when they were looking for him Owner/ Didn’t expect him to be found with such condition.. The owner becomes speechless.. Roy was found with 4 paralyzed legs.. How come this cat who used to live on the 7th floor is discovered on the 19th floor 2 weeks ago Crime Expert/ If they did lose him 2 months ago The culprit must have raised him in the same apt When the problem occurred The culprit must have been too embarrassed to take him back Because he/she did commit the crime The culprit found Roy who left home 2 months ago and raised him in his/her house When Roy’s health got worse The culprit abandoned him..? But why did the culprit have to leave him inside the room? Crime expert/ If the culprit was smart, he/she could have waited for him to die and buried him in a secret place Instead, he/she decided to hide him in his own secret place So the culprit must’ve hurried to hide the cat The culprit got scared when the cat showed a health issue.. To leave no traces.. The culprit left the cat inside the facility room Crime Expert/ If the culprit didn’t want to be caught as a thief He/she didn’t need to put the cat inside the room Instead, could’ve put him in the luggage and thrown him away Since the culprit had been at least cherished the cat He/she left the cat in where he’s highly likely to be discovered by others Also, he/she won’t be caught as well.. The culprit didn’t want to take responsibility of the sick cat but couldn’t let the cat pass away at the same time It was the culprit’s least conscience for the cat to be found by someone else But if the cat was not discovered.. Hard to imagine how he would be now.. Roy survived anyway Receives treatments What’s wrong my baby So helpless Roy is exhausted by the continuous treatments But Roy has a strong will to survive Vet/ He’s gotten way better But he cannot use his legs properly He’s def improving, but gotta take some time Though the cat was abandoned horribly Hope he witnesses another miracle Also, hope the culprit to apologize one day

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