LPS- Experiment 42 – Episode 9 (The Phoenix and The Dragon [2])

LPS- Experiment 42 – Episode 9 (The Phoenix and The Dragon [2])

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You people need to get out of the forest. Now! We can take you to the village You’ll be safer from dragons there. And her. You shouldn’t be in the forest unarmed It’s filled with dragons Oh don’t worry, Nina can protect us Yeah, I All she does is bring you in
danger! Don’t you get it? She’s got dragons on
her team! And she’s gonna get you all killed! Dragons can’t be trusted. Neither can those who choose to befriend the Dragons She’s just trying to hypnotize you. It’s
what she always does! She tries to get people on her side and then BAM! Things burn down Explode And people get hurt! That’s just because you always attack
them! What would you do if you were being attacked? People you’ve got to come with
us now The weather is changing and dragons are
coming We are not going anywhere! / We’ll come with you What? Lydia! Why did you say that? Because…dragons! I don’t want to die! I don’t know this
girl and she might be lying And to be honest I don’t really like
your story either I don’t know about the rest of you guys
but I’m leaving And Perry, I think you should too What? No! We’re supposed to do good
things, remember? I’m not leaving Nina But what if leaving
Nina is the good thing? I… Noo No, it… Perry come on. You’re too young to
die Come on I’m sorry. She’s right I don’t know what.. Lydia! Perry! You? Come on guys. We have to stay together Well, I guess that’s it Not this time You’re fools Maybe The fooliest fools there are! And that’s how we survive. We are 42 after all So yeah, we might die in flames, but we’re
doing what we think is right Lydia, I don’t want to be a scaredy cat. I want to follow Nina Perry, come on. We’re not following Nina They’re right If you stay with me, I’ll… I’ll probably just… fight another dragon and… you’ll all be in danger I mean you don’t know how to train dragons
or fight them You guys travel dimensions fly you don’t need me for that No Nina, what are you doing? We’re here to stay Nina… Dragon… Hey nice guy *dragon purrs deeply* Nina wait. We’re coming with you! Well Let me go get my coat. I want to show you
something You guys should be safe here for now What happened here? Fire. Dragons. It was the day the dragons came. Basically, the dragons came and they never left Could I just ask, how are we safe here? An open place like this seems really
dangerous That’s why no animals come here they’re
all afraid of the dragons So it’s often really quiet out here And most of the dragons are now in the forest hunting What about your dragons? Well I don’t really have any dragons but I’ve got a lot of dragon friends. I used to have a dragon on my own as a
companion but, well… the people killed her I’m sorry Well she left something behind though.
Something for me to keep. To..take care of This is what I wanted to show you Is that… a dragon egg? You have a dragon egg? A baby dragon? Let me introduce you to Nytrae wow… If we’re going to meet another
dragon can it be like a baby? And… would it be cute? Well there aren’t many baby dragons
around here A lot of animals like to eat them Cause they don’t seem so bad when they’re a baby I need to watch over the egg as well Snakes might eat it I don’t like snakes You know you are…awesome I’ve always liked the word awesome I wonder what Lydia and Perry are up to Here we are This isn’t the normal forest is it? What is this place? It’s the protected part of the forest It’s where no people are allowed to go That’s what makes this forest so… amazing It’s untouched Wow This is where I’m going to show you how to train a dragon Like seriously! Wow! I always wanted to
learn how to train a dragon! Like really? I don’t know! But I really want to train one
now Okay these places are full of Gaia’s luck What luck? Gaia’s luck It’s a type of Dragon. There’s loads of
them, but they’re really shy Usually when it thinks it’s being
watched, it will become invisible and run away So even though there are so many of them,
hardly anyone ever sees one And you are going to be the first to train
one Sweet! Awesome! From now you have to be
quiet though Like I said, they’re really shy I love animals. Can I help you? Sure! You know, these are one of my
favorite types of dragons They hardly even look like dragons. They
seem more like fairies to me Hello there That’s so cute! Hey you. Don’t worry, we’re not gonna hurt
you Good, she accepted us! How do you know? When I take a step back she steps forward. She is not
afraid to be with us How do you know it’s a girl? Gaia’s luck females have purple eyes Hello Lenny, she choose you. What? Well you can go and say hello to her. Come on, step
forward! Aww, why did she not chose me? Don’t worry, you’ll get there. With these dragons it’s
all about luck Since Gaia’s luck’s so hard to find, they say
that if you do befriend one It will either bring you luck, or will protect
you Hey there girl Do you have a name? Can we keep it? No! Right? No of course not silly Hey girl I love these dragons Though, your stories about dimensions… Well, let’s just put it like this, a
phoenix is loving and caring but a phoenix is also made out of fire if you go to
a dimension again later, in the future Could you…take me with you? For my birthday? And which day would that be? Any day Of course You know You could come with us after this as well After this? Yeah! When we, well.. if we fix it here you can come with
us I don’t know I don’t know if I can AAAAA That was a scream, who was that? It sounded like Lydia! But she’s in the town! She’s with the people! People or not we gotta go! I’m really sorry Gaia but we gotta
go Our friend is in danger and well uhm You got to go play with the..uhm Fetch! I’m sorry Gaia but I got to go! Now what are we going to do We should have stayed with Nina! What, no! Are you crazy! We would have died! There’s a dragon over there we’re going
to die here! And thanks to you Nina is not her to save us this time! We’re dead! You again! What is it what is it wait for me! Oh what’s going on here Dragon! Why are you hiding? Dragons are like kittens, it’s just going to try and get you out of there! If you hide he’ll only be triggered to go
and find you So uhm, calm and quite approach? No, not this time. He knows us, and he’s here to play So to convince him we’re one of them.. Let’s play Are you all right? Yeah Well, not for much longer it seems… Here we are again! Let’s play beastie! Ooff So I guess you remember our little meeting
from earlier You’re not the nice and shy type of
dragon are you? Nina! *high pitched dragon scream* What the heck! Oh my frog! Dragon fight! Hey there Gaia! Thanks for saving us! Did we just get saved by a dragon from another dragon Nina was right once the dragon
trusts you… It will do anything to keep you safe,
even if that’s to fight another dragon Come here! You brought back the stick! What? Oww, thanks Gaia! It’s so cute! Perry, wait! Perry! What? You need to befriend it first. You can’t just, well.. what you just did Oh I’m sorry dragon! Do you wanna be my friend? Nina! Hey there. Thanks for saving us Are you allright? Yeah Hey you Gaia came to save us. Gaia’s luck? Like you said It protected us Did you girl? It’s tail tickles! Thanks girl! It’s a good thing you came! Thanks for helping us out. I’m afraid I
couldn’t have done it! Well you obviously did not Nina? Yes? Can you teach me how to train dragons? I’m sorry Can I become a dragon trainer? Now baby ask politely Please? Can she? I would like to train a dragon as well Me too Why suddenly? Why now? After all this time… You’ve been…well Because of what you just proved We were being attacked by a dragon and then another dragon saved us all! And protected you like… Like family I know this is what you’ve
been saying all along and we’re so sorry but well, we were just scared, scared of
dragons! And you just proved how good they can be. How loyal and brave… And I want to play fetch with it! If I
throw a stick, will it bring it back? This one does! Yay! I like dragons I thought you said you hated them last
week? Yeah but now I like them This is dumb I have to warn you though, not the whole
town agrees with us. Some people still hate dragons. Well, I guess now I have a crew to convince them. And you can help me if you want? Of course I would love to help Of course! We want to be dragon trainers! We’re on your team! They actually, they actually do ! They believe me! Thank you guys so much Without you I’d be knocked out and the
town would be destroyed by Davoon. Davoon? Yeah I gave the Crimean Crackle a name He’s old, he knows I’m coming for him! I mean he’s
a cCrimean crackle! I am definitely gonna go train him! We can help! Yeah we’ll help we’re in Well I guess we have our
new adventure: quest for Davoon! Oh, wait oh oh What is it, don’t you want to go? Oh I’d love to! But… I don’t think we can Oh no! I don’t want
to go It’s just that, we’re from another
dimension And the device that brought us here It’s going to take us home any minute
know We’ve solved the problem so it’ll be taking
us back But.. We only get a limited
time I’m sorry but you can come with us I…can’t Well you said you wanted an adventure right?
We can take you to a million dimensions! We’ll have adventures till the dimensions rip us apart! That’s kinda dark! That might happen
though Oh my dog please no I would love to
come with you Really I want to come with you but My job here isn’t done, it’s only
starting! I need to teach people how to train
dragons now and I still have to watch over Nytrae I see I really want to come with you but
it’s just that I’ve tried so long and I can’t just quit now I I do want to but I can but It’s allright Travel dimensions fly but promise me one thing Come back for me Yes Well I guess this is goodbye I guess it
is Goodbye, Nina, daughter of the Phoenix Farewell, Lenny, traveler of dimensions Gaia. I’m sorry, but.. We’re not staying You have to follow Nina okay? I’m sorry but we can’t stay Take care Gaia Dit it just say my name? I don’t think so So, what now?

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