5 thoughts on “Marine Veteran Thrown Out Of Beechview Bar For Bringing In Service Dog

  • James Gentry Post author

    In all for service dogs… but at a restaurant? That's pushing it.

  • Team LA Post author

    There is a lot of misinformation out there about service animals. People have a right to bring their service animal with them. Look at it this way: there are service animals that can detect, through sense of smell, when an epileptic seizure is coming on. There are service animals who can tell, through sense of smell, when a type 1 diabetic is about to go into sugar shock and the animal brings the insulin kit to the diabetic so that they can inject in time – the animal will wake the person up if need be, because this often happens while the diabetic is sleeping.

    obviously the person would not be able to go anywhere without the service animal. And do you think that the blind never go to a restaurant? I've seen them, with the dog under the table. Without the animal the human could not get around.

  • Kenny Peagler Post author

    Father of Chelsa Wagner is the owner. More bad PR lol

  • Tess Scott Post author

    Dont eat here

  • Close GITMO Post author

    Oh, this is news cause this man is related to a politician, got it. I wonder if there's a bias against this Wagner person running?🤔 poor vet though, that owner is a douche bag.

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