Meet My 2 NEW Pomeranian Puppies! 🐶

Meet My 2 NEW Pomeranian Puppies! 🐶

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what’s up everybody? welcome back to
my channel! hi how are ya? so in today’s video oh my god the house is buzzing the
dogs are barking because we’re getting a new baby today!!! and then I know you guys
saw the title and you were like WHAT!!! yes I was going to get one puppy but we’re
in quarantine and I really really am ready for two dogs so today not only are
you meeting my new daughter but I have a new son as well and there’s a really
cool connection to one of the other dogs that is very emotional! I’m just so..!!AHHHH! so
excited so the new babies are actually going to be here in like 20 minutes so
we’re getting their nursery ready we have a whole dog area and Diva, Delicious, Drama and Da Vinci are ready now that we’re all in quarantine everything is
still on lockdown Diva, come here bo!y look it boy look oh I
thought it was a perfect time to become a new mommy again I’ve really wanted I
wanted a new puppy after da Vinci and then after so much tragedy that happened
last year losing a diamond and daddy my heart was not ready at all but I’m
really ready and I’m not necessarily healed by any means I do miss them every
single day but my heart is ready for some new babies for some new love and to
expand the Pomeranian palace so I’m excited because what we’ll talk about in
a second but today is gonna be really special I’m so excited for the for
babies to meet their new siblings it is going to be iconic you’re ready Vinci
but yeah so let’s get this house ready and you’re ready for the new children my god okay water dishes and morning bed yes JAMA a lot of excitements happening
okay I’m gonna finish ready of course my new kids can’t make me
looking so let me finish glam and then we’re gonna finish together are you
ready for your brother and sister Haney ready this is going to be our dog
nursery there’s a lot of space Hong Kong yeah this is bigger than my old
apartment so we’re gonna look at Vinci I know the
new puppies cannot get your stuff dude so we got to move the princess bed out
look at all their toys get more toys and eyes we’re gonna nightmares we’re gonna
prove all their babies into another area because the new babies that will have
their own toys so we’re gonna do a little bit of cleaning but the room is
basically ready as fresh air a lot of sunlight and a lot of darkness can be
when the curtains are closed so I think this is the perfect for the babies by
the way are you guys dying to know other names because of you know they’re
already picked out should we tell them delicious
should we tell them their names not yet okay let’s get this room ready
all right bears I gotta move oh I gotta move all your babies come on entry okay we’re gonna move them these are
yours okay delicious hey boy I put your bed right here come check it out he’s
like I don’t care I want to see what y’all are doing over there look at Deva
in the pink cream also divas birthday April 11 hi weren’t you for watching
this and just pass happy birthday to everyone that has the same birthday Deva
is 11 on April 11 it’s so cool are you sure you don’t want to pass any
down to your to your new brother and sister do you want them all over in one
small drama do you want all your babies even the squid you got a few down what
about the what about they all right we got the craze and we’re gonna have to
move this bed together alright these many of these are not
gonna the new puppies need to be trained and obviously that they’d like public
yeah so we’ve kind of decorated in here we have some amazing fan art of the dogs
look at some of this beautiful painting so cool all right so we got new beds for
the puppies got a bunch of new toys my god I’m so ready okay I think they’re
like 20 minutes away bareback oh but they’re five minutes
away oh my god we need to hurry up okay well maybe the rooms are you prep are
you clean yeah I’m just being funny like I throw all these toys in here I just
wanna like last night for I don’t use snow angels so the room is clean it’s
it’s it’s prep it’s disinfected it’s corona free but I need all these toys to
be together so I want to leave a few for the babies but but like all he’s always
yeah he’s back there five minutes away I don’t even know where to put all these
toys that was the toy room the dogs disrespect Hey look I know that at least thinking
herself comfortably right she’s in line at the gate come on okay so the babies
are five minutes away now there’s a really special connection because the
girl that we’re getting her father is daddy’s brother and it’s so emotional
for me it’s so beautiful because I feel like I get a piece of his history or his
legacy so when daddy was born his mom gave birth to a two boys and a girl and
of course I got daddy someone else in California has the daughter so the new
baby girl her father is daddy’s brother which is so special to me and
oh hi are you guys excited I could do so much last year that when I found this
out I was like because there’s been moments of like I never want a new dog
again so I wasn’t sure if I ever even wanted a new dog again you know let
alone two but I am so ready my heart is really ready and even though I’ve had a
lot of turmoil I really am ready to be surrounded by
some more love and I just love puppies I love watching them grow I love being a
mom I’m ready this house is ready and I am so excited for them to get here so
once I introduce them to the other dogs and they get settled
try straight everyone our names now no we got to wait a few more seconds got to
see what they look like and that wanting to see the names your new bag oh but
I’ve haven’t picked out for literally over a year like that’s so crazy I am I
think I’d like the next 20 dogs planned and this house can definitely hold them
so the new infants are almost here let’s go to many beds I don’t know what to do
with them the babies are here the babies are here
babies I can’t believe by the way hi how was
yourjourney honey oh hi babe night guys how was your
journey come on come in come in I’m gonna get
you home look at these name things going come on baby okay today yes so you can okay maybe all right so it’s been about 30 minutes
they’re getting settled and they’re playing a lot and I am so excited I’m
freaking out because this little lady looks exactly like dad did as a baby
it’s tripping me out I’m gonna throw up a picture here I’m sure but I want to
announce to you guys their names we’re good so this little lady her name is
dominatrix yes she’s a strong whoops table
Pomeranian and she is the best and this beautiful chocolate tan his name is
dessert yes dessert is a boy and dominatrix is a
little lady and they are the new additions to our family Hey look at
dessert Lynn he’s that dude he’s that little man hey he is so beautiful
oh my god and the fact that he has the same mom as DaVinci is so precious
little man hey I love likes finding out their personalities kind of like on the
first hour that you like them I like to get them settle them and I immediately
like to introduce them to the other dogs so they know like hey this is your new
home but there’s also you got some some siblings yeah Dommy Dommy lean so you
don’t ever know how big you’re gonna get right no but you never know yeah all
different sizes like delicious and drama are kind of similar than DaVinci’s a
little smaller there and dominatrix Lin hi little bear Hey yeah so my four kids are going nuts
outside I need to go let them in dominatrix big girl come on come on
mommy yeah maybe lady come on wait let you in
first come on you guys this is drama lean dominant good Tommy wants to say hi
let’s move the gates come on let’s just do it
come here depose your new sister honey look this is one he doesn’t every time
he’s like I don’t know this is your brother Vince it’s your brother pinche
desert guitar did you this is your brother dude look
oh you guys look at beans look at you guys have the same eyebrow stylist it’s
okay this is your sisters Fifi come on I saw
that tail start to wag drama around but we need you after all is you can control
yes until yes
okay lucky okay okay okay you guys we moved the gate closer
we wanted them to have a just a more secure area and we’re gonna put the link
gets all over the floor since it is the hard floor and we are putting under what
are they called : well being well big mess welcome so they’re gonna have full
padding and security here like an almond babies like a heat dessert sleepy use my
hairless shoes delicious has been a little apprehensive hi right there drama
come here sweetie come here today they are not listening they’re like you know
ma’am look at their just very like oh ah like atomic nature anything guys she’s
so precious did you come here look at her they were playing a lot so newborn
puppies they play a lot they sleep a lot the e Li so over the next few months of
course we’re gonna be filming their journey they’re gonna be growing up with
us in this house I can’t wait to see how they look when they grow up but that’s
one of my favorite things in drama you’re gonna help me be a mommy to me
okay now every time that I get a new puppy I always make sure to spend a lot
of time and a lot of love with the other dogs because they can’t get jealous so
you do want to make sure that that doesn’t happen so I got to give a lot of
love now honey so dominatrix and dessert they’re gonna
have a little nap time and I can’t wait for you guys to follow
the journey of them being infants and to adults look at me thank you guys so much
for checking out this video I’m on cloud nine
I can’t stop smiling it’s been a crazy 2020 so I definitely was ready for this
new chapter and I know I’m just so excited add it’s just
been a really insane month while we sat here over the last few hours California
announced that this day at home order is now moved to make 15 which is so crazy
so you guys know where I will be in this room and in this house filming so I love
you guys thank you for watching and I’ll see you on the next one

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