Meet My Dog!

Meet My Dog!

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maybe we don’t get enough
take your face and drop into the sky whatever is wrong we make you feel fine
what’s the possibility me making up something like xalapa me because really needed sometimes so like be like one of those people hi guys so
if you guys thought that I ran out of video ideas because I have been
uploading every single day and I will be uploading every single day for a while
so you should come and subscribe you are wrong because I am doing a video
today obviously but seriously though I decided that I wanted to do more
introduction type of videos like I did the other one Rose like questions about
me I think and today I will be introducing you my dog in the other
video I mentioned how I have a pet dog and I want to do guys to meet her so you
guys can get get to know me a little bit better and I know who my dog is because
she will be coming up in some of these videos of course I kind of wanted to be
kind of like hi jenna Marbles is on her channel with her dogs like her dogs are
in almost three video she talked she talked to them she has videos with them
so I kind of will start doing that so I wanted you guys to meet her okay and
here she is she doesn’t like this dress but I like it’s a little pink pretty
dress that she has on you can tell she face booth he doesn’t
really like Heights and I’m gonna like a light chair right now so she doesn’t
really like this she’s not comfortable yeah and you guys know my dog’s name is
MIA especially if I’m saying it right now Mia I have been owning Mia for about
a year now it’s kind of a weird thing cuz she just showed up on our front yard
one day and you were like whose dog is this so we went around asked a couple of
people asked them if they had a dog ask them if they owned her we just asked
basically like the whole neighborhood the whole block and everything if this
was their dog and nobody said yes so we kept there and she was a lot lot smaller
when we first got her like she was I mean she still she still has a little
tiny dog but she was a lot tinier yeah it kind of has she does not like meeting
new people she barks and growls her heart out when she meets somebody new
and come over there would just be barked at constantly so we always have to take
her out into the backyard he doesn’t like being around strangers other dogs
and she is I like being dressing on her even though she doesn’t like them it’s
just so disappointing because every time fin am on her she starts taking it off
but it’s so sad because not only you look so adorable and then she starts to
repeat it off she doesn’t rip it though which is a
good thing she just takes it off she was like oh she has a couple of dresses I
want to give her a lot more showing us before but we’ll get into that later he
is also a really really jealous dog because we have a pet bunny and whenever
we feed the bunny like let’s say give her like a strawberry meal will run up
where the strawberry is grab it potential is gonna eat it and then just
make it just try to like scare the bunny away
he’s a sadist because I just want to go home they’re supposed to be sisters you
know but no she’s a really jealous dog I try to keep her apart from my buddy most
of the time sometimes I get along sometimes they don’t but it happened and
speaking of food me is really really picky he’s really picky I’m just the
person we thought her we tried to feed her dog food she left it there like she
would not touch the food and to this day we tried whenever we try to give her dog
food she just leaves it there and would prefer to starve them to eat dog food it
was like the weirdest thing but she just does not like it any type of dog food
she does eat is like those little packets that are kind of thick they’re
kind of like they look like a sausage but it’s like nah it’s like meat mixed
together and stuff and they’re in the refrigerator like if you go into the dog
area it’s like a nap refrigerator that’s the only dog food show actually eat but
besides that she doesn’t really eat anything else I gave her canned food
once canned dog food once and she ate it a little bit but she loved the rest
there so yeah what we do we heard though is ham chicken hot dogs basically all
meats so she can eat we just give it to him cuz she won’t eat dog food so it’s
not only option to you know walk so oh she really really likes this is the
cutest thing ever so cute you like your walk she really wants attention
sometimes so sometimes she’ll just start barking like crazy to wake us up or
she’ll be like scratching on our doors to like opening and then come in our
room so whenever she wants when she needs something she just like comes to
us asking her or whatever I don’t know but she just comes to us even though she
likes walks I can never take them off for a drug because she always gets tired
really quickly and then he just sits there
no she starts to completely laid down and then won’t let us like keep walking
or running or she just stops lays down it won’t go anywhere so she’s like this
and then I always have to end up carrying her or somebody or whoever
takes her for a walk I send her here because she’s really tired
but like no and I guess the body just she doesn’t like anybody besides us so
yeah there’s really not much to say she just eats poops and sleeps
oh yeah it’s a really short video but I hope you guys enjoyed it thank you for
watching give it a like no but yeah guys um this is gonna be the end of the video
and thank you guys for watching I so much for never taking a chance on you

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