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Marlon: I’ve got Sossa, I’ve got Kong, I’ve got Kobe, Hulk names are powerful man. So meet Nicki Minaj. I figured I’d bring the rap beef into the dog game. Just like the real Nicki Minaj she don’t play around. Lisa: She’s going to be a pop star. Marlon: That’s what’s been hard lately. I’ve nailed some of these names; we really got to think about it now. Like really get together. Marlon: These two don’t have names. Maybe we should name this puppy. I really don’t know. Lisa: So Nikki’s one of our rising stars here at DDK. All of our dogs are beautiful, but she’s got just a special very unique look with her. Two colored eyes. She’s absolutely stunning. The fans love her. Social media loves her. She takes great pictures. Marlon: My Nicki Minaj has has a ‘tude and and from, from what I can see the real Nicki Minaj has a ‘tude that’s Queen attitude you know what I mean, they got that Queen attitude. She’s beautiful. Bing, bing they both match up right there. ‘Tude. Bing, bing both got it. Queen life both got it. Lisa: I mean having this pit bull named after her. I’m sure she’d be honoured. She’s a beautiful dog. And she’s got Hulk in her pedigree. I mean, she’s Nicki Minaj. It’s really beautiful in the mountains, there’s a lot of scenic areas. So we like to take advantage of that and bring the dogs out for pictures, Involve the kids and just spend
the day kind of relaxing. The dogs are our business so we need to show them in their best light. They’re like models. Pull on tight Jordan Oh, that’s not tight. Alright I’ll take her. There we go. To get the best shot of the dog the best ways with two people. And I like to have somebody else being a distraction for the dog kind of keeping their focus on them. Instead of letting the dog get
distracted with things around them. Got that? Good job. With her I really liked the eye shot because she has such beautiful eyes. Heterochromia is two different coloured eyes which is really rare. Marlon: That’s something that’s very unique about her. You know, I think her eyes are amazing. Lisa: Get one of her eyes. Okay, he’s going to go on Instagram and a whole bunch people are going to see these Okay. Nicki’s kind of famous. We got to get the right pictures of her. She’s so high energy and all over the place. It’s hard. Okay, she doesn’t really sit still. Definitely not as easy as it looks to get these kind of pictures. And you can take hundreds of pictures before we get just that one shot that we were looking for. It looks perfect. See that one? Look how pretty her eyes are there. Right we’re going to look at these pictures. Come on. Hugh sit here. Jordan don’t Step on that. There you go. All right. Let’s see what we got. Jordan: That’s a good one.
Lisa: That’s a good one of her eyes. Boy: I like the one when I was lying down. Lisa: Yeah, I think that’s the one. This is the winning shot here. Marlon: Yeah, I mean, that’s just this is a pretty good photo for a seven year old. I mean, that’s pretty good. You got that heterochromia just like. Lisa: Right now Nicki Minaj is our only dog named after a rapper. But we’re going to be getting cardi B soon. Marlon: I Figured I’d bring rap beef into the dog game. I’ve got Sossa, I’ve got Kong, I’ve got Kobe, Hercules, dynasty, Netflix, Zion, Nikki. Hulk that’s what has been hard
lately nailed some of the names we really got to think about it now. Like get the really good ones. Come on babies, come on. These two don’t have names. This is Keno he’s Kong’s son. So we got another smile on our hands right here. You already have a name buddy. You know, this dog is actually a part of a giveaway that I’m doing. And the fans actually wanted me to name the dog. So I’m going to give her a name. But I don’t know what that’s
going to be just yet. I mean, I got so many bangers that it’s like it’s like hard now. And you really got to think about it now. Like really get the good ones because it’s got to work and you got to picture yourself screaming something out. So this is King Kong. There actually is significance to where I got the name Kong from. Not where I got the name obviously you know where I got the name, but I was actually I was watching that movie, Skull Island. And there was this line in the
movie that I just really liked. And it was like they call him call Kong, he’s King around here. And I just ever since I heard that Kong get off of people man go away. Kong. Kong. Most people, I guess would like look at, at the dog and try to like get some type of name from that. I kind of give them their names first and I kind of live into that spirit. I had known that I wanted to name a dog Hulk he lived into the spirit of that name. I named General long before he was really my General I named him General. I always thought that a name needed to have a good theme behind it. So I really got more into theme naming. now Netflix, for example. That was a name that I just thought it was funny. I name a dog Netflix, and then I get a dog named Chill. And you bring Netflix and Chill. And you get your first Netflix and Chill babies. Like you know and right there that’s a story like you smiling, right? It’s like that’s what it will do to everybody. This is Sossa right here. He got his name, Chief Keef Sossa everybody loves Sossa. This is karma. Right here. I actually didn’t name her I think Lisa actually named her. better Lisa name of the dog. She’s named one or two. Well, the truth is yeah, your creativity in names is you know not the greatest. Lisa: We have a duck her name is Duck Duck. Marlon: We can’t be having dogs named like doggy doggy. Or quack quack or something like it just doesn’t work. Lisa: We got a cat. I named him Marvel. That was actually really good. That’s probably my best name. If I was in charge of the naming process Hulk might have ended up with something like dog dog. Marlon: Imagine, you know he was called Rover. Imagine he was called brad. Imagine he was called Teddy. He was named before he was even born, where I knew I wanted a dog named after my favourite Marvel character. The Hulk. So I knew I was going to use that name long before he was even born. But when he was born, I knew that that was the litter that had the size and the significance, you know, to actually match the name properly. So that’s how he got his name the Hulk. And I mean, if he wasn’t named the Hulk, I don’t think any of this would have really went the same way. That is when I don’t think we’d be here today filming. I don’t think he’d be famous.I don’t think any of those things would have really happened in the same manner. They are oh, that’s going to
be that’s going to be rough. He’s also very well known around here for how he decides to toot his rear end. He’s like what I farted so what. That’s nasty bro. Dude what do you think we should name this dog man? What do you think we should name this puppy? Jordan: I don’t know.
Marlon: Well that’s helpful. So the fans requested that I name the dog so I figured I’d bring Jordan into the frame and and use his brain because I mean that kid he’s, he’s creative. You’re hero right now girl you need a name. I really don’t know. Jordan: A hero name.
Marlon: a Hero name, what’s a hero name? Jordan: Like I mean …
Marlon: Like what it’s a girl. Jordan: Rogue
Marlon: Rogue, Storm, Storm. Rogue, Jordan: Yeah.
Marlon: Rogue done. Meet Rogue. Names are powerful name’s are that’s your tag. I mean, you got to have a good tag in life. I have a Hulk. I have a Kong but I’m still on the lookout for I think probably Thanos. You know what I’ve really, really always wanted to name a dog? Fluffy.

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