Memphis is Vocal | Talking Husky

Memphis is Vocal | Talking Husky

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Well good wonderful Beautiful morning foggy and look at you a little comfy on the couch. You’re snuggled right here These lights that you can’t see cuz the focus is messed up mess up my focus. Yeah those lights And there’s Miz Memphis this mornin. How are you doing? You won’t believe me when I tell you this, but it is literally like 17 degrees colder outside today No joke, but it’s still hot. I mean, but it’s nicer than it was yesterday You wanna go outside and check it out. You wanna go outside and check it out. I’ll go outside. Let’s go side Yeah, yeah Oakley’s like wait, hold on what what’s going on? We’re doing things stuffing things and different things Yes, let’s go outside Oh, yeah, it is considerably nicer out today than it has been the past couple of days still sunny still nice But bearable so much so I can’t even walk barefoot on the cement which I always try to test this when I come when the dogs come out in the morning to make sure that it’s Not too hot because the Sun rises from back there and pretty much shines on this all day so we always got to make sure that this is not too hot for the dogs to walk out or The grass sometimes the grass is actually too hot yesterday. Everything was too hot We’re doing better today Let’s go, see what Jamie’s doing in the garage So I just came out to the garage and this is what I saw What happened Jamie No, are you painting your springs while you’re doing that truth? I think I saw your shocks that you were fixing them. Yeah Yeah, it’s not the right color red, but it it’s close from here You can’t tell and I don’t think anybody’s gonna be up underneath your Jeep staring at the color No, and here’s I mean if anybody else is ever doing this or even just changing the wheels or something Mm-hmm. Anyway, I noticed that this doesn’t have a good drain. It’s got like one drain on the bottom of this thing Hello, and it plugs but it’s got this giant hole up here for stuff to going down. And so I’d rule out a drain Ah, so the water doesn’t sit in there and rest it to pieces. Yep. So it’s got a good drink I drilled out the bottom drain hole a little bit bigger not too much and then I drilled the dream hole here But yeah, I already noticed rust Foreman, right and it’s because water is sitting up in that cup mud sitting up in that Cup So I’ll give it a little bit better your age. So what Jamie is actually doing right now we did the body lift the other day now he’s doing a Leveling kit which we talked about yesterday as well. There’s a spot on your bumper right here you can paint Yeah, there’s a couple spots. Actually. I’m not too fond of the bumper. I could only see it Well, that was a cheap bumper. It was it was only 300 bucks compared to like the thousand-dollar bumpers that are out there Yeah, I just noticed it from this angle Nobody else will notice it again unless there’s paint right? Nobody else will notice it unless again, they’re sitting underneath your vehicle I just thought this looked really cool when I came out here. I’m like, oh, oh is this what’s going on? all right, then this is pretty interesting so this is actually going to lift the Jeep up two inches in the front and one inch in the back which Means it’s going to be even harder to get in than it was yesterday. So We’ll see the difference when Jamie’s all done and I also wanted to point out it is much nicer out today The door is open. I feel like I think it’s actually 17 degrees colder right now than it was yesterday This feels amazing. Mmm Anyway, we’ll come back and check on this later. So this is the Leveling kit There’s like these little pucks So two of them like that go in the front and then one goes in the back. Is that what it’s supposed to be? It’s a little bit different. Okay? So they slide on there And then this is the one that was on me and so that goes back on All right, yes, hopefully Can you do it Check that out now you just got a reconnect now didn’t you it was there like a Some kind of link you had to replace – yep And for those of you wondering this is the Teraflex leveling kit And so that’s the link. You got it. Oh, I see. Okay. Yeah cool But longer so this might make it feel a little bit different for the ride This one actually comes with a warning that says it changes it from the factory Height or something right right because it Raises the center of gravity right on the freeway. I wouldn’t be doing the whole fancy maneuver anything. Mm-hmm You don’t do that. Anyway in a Wrangler if you’re smart Under ten miles an hour right you do that You do that in that Jeep and sport mode but only on sport mode Yeah, I’m excited, all right I will leave you to it We’ll be back out here to check on you in a little bit have fun. So yeah, Jamie spending some time in the garage Working on the Jeep again It’s gonna look really good when it’s done and you guys that have been here for a while Remember the old jeep We did a lot of work when we bought our first Wrangler the one that’s in the barn at the garage That was the first Wrangler we ever bought not the first sheet but the first Wrangler we bought that bone stock there was Nothing done to it at all and we built it up to what it was and then we ended up You know buying a four-door so that’s one of the best things about having a Jeep is actually being able to go through and modify it and really really Make it your own. That’s slowly what we’re starting to do with the one we have. I’m excited I’m excited to see how it turns out well It’s even taller even Even taller You know you can’t fit bigger tires It definitely looks nice so I think I like this look way better The most like the I mean the side of it looks cool But like photos from the front are gonna look way better the stance on it from this angle. I like better Well, yeah, we drove out to the farm and then I thought you’re gonna wash it this morning before you did all this Yeah, I’ll have to take it now we’re gonna have to see if the ride feel changed because of the things you can Adjust the steering after I’m disconnected and everything in mind line back up. Perfect. So good No, I could double-check that. But I guess fine. Well take for a ride later. You know, it’s no time Is it a where I run around and do a bunch of things? I have to go wash the car and Stop at dally, and I actually just left the deli. So now I’m gonna go wash the car and holy cow Well, the air conditioning just turned on and it’s loud and then I’m not sure what else is going on today Probably take the Jeep for a ride. I think I already said that Got to film a video for the dogs channel. I don’t know what else is going on I guess I’ll figure it out when I get back home. What? Yeah, what else What what Are you demanding your lunch? Yeah. Yeah now you’re just yelling, yeah Are you saying you want this you’re saying you want that is that what you’re saying? Yeah No, dude Sammy’s oh You want this you want this? All right, but you gotta wait cuz Oakley gets hers first I Know I know I know That’s how it is seniors. Rule Oakley gets theirs first. Oh, hey go Oakley you get yours first what? Do you want ears still? She’s like fine, but it’s tight. Not fair. Oh Is that was a little stoppies no, no, that’s a visa Shelby gets hurt next you got to learn patience. I know Shelby sit What Are you last Look I got one for you too. Come on, you know the rule hi. Oh here right here sit Memphis focus Focus good job. I Think she was a little excited today. It’s not too dark. We have three bites Oh, we should wait to the prices for we go home You should go at that one road so we can see it over the lake We decided to go for a drive I think Yeah, once it cooled off 71 degrees. Is it really I think the Jeep still feels like the factory right? Even though it’s even taller? Yeah, absolutely I don’t think anything’s really Changed I mean a, it doesn’t feel like anything but really It looks taller from up here I mean I don’t know if they’ll be able to tell that but I can tell that from sitting up here And from trying to get it and out of it We just decided to go for a cruise that it’s a little cooler out see that the Jeep feels like Of all the places you can lay your gonna lay in the middle of the hallway I Was working in the office you couldn’t even lay in the office. You’re just gonna lay them in a little hallway What if what if I want to walk here? I’m just gonna gonna walk here. Okay, hallways are for walking not for napping in Okay Girls around here chillin and they see where’s Oakley, right? Where that air is hitting her face Yep, that’s where she is Memphis is still in the hallway It was a short weird day, but we’re gonna go ahead and call it a night Go to bed not in the hallway though in the bedroom. Can you go to bed? Like no, I’m gonna hang out in the hallway Yep, we’re gonna go ahead and call it a night today you guys if you guys are new to this channel and you liked what? You saw don’t forget to hit that subscribe Button like this video and share your friends to help us continue to grow the pot Ian’s as always. Thanks so much for watching Thanks for subscribing. Stay positive dream big we would see you again soon. Good night audience You look way too comfortable. You look way too comfortable. I’m definitely not waking you up Don’t wake her up. Let her stay sleeping Goodnight audience

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