Mother Black Cat Trailer (Anika Loffhagen)

Mother Black Cat Trailer (Anika Loffhagen)

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Hi Guys! We are Mother Black Cat! And bring fat alternative rock on to your stages! 1…2…3…4… I am Anika. I am the lead singer of Mother Black Cat. Hi. I am Tom an I’m rocking the guitar for you. Hi. I am Joern from Mother Black Cat… I’m the bass player and I’m adding the pressure to our shows. Hiho, I am Jarek, … drummer of Motherfxxin’ Black Cat, yo! Peace! We’re about to show you, … how a rockshow works with us! Mother Black Cat is the ultimate Rockshow! It is alternative rock deluxe and we are simply living it! You could feel it from the first moment. We met, we played… and it was music. It was music! The adrenaline’s pumping, blood pressure is up… then we’re rocking for you without limits. ‘cos making music is my life. That’s why! We’re not holding back anything! We enter the stages and explode immediately. That is fun! And if you wanna see the mightiest snare punch ever, … you gotta watch Mother Black Cat! There is this energy that we transport onto the audience. It feels so great! ’til now we rocked every single audience! You want a big rockshow, beautiful ballads, cool guitar riffs? Then you found the right band. This shit is rocking! That’s why I’m doing it. So, book us now! Go to and find everything you need! Yeah!

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