Mother Dog Can’t Let Go Of Her Dead Puppy | Animal in Crisis EP44

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Suddenly, one day A dog showed up Informant/ She showed up out of nowhere Doesn’t leave but guards a house where she lives She took a place in the lonesome road Her body shivers in the cold But never leaves the house Informant/ When people approach, she runs away Even when we get closer to help her She runs away But doesn’t go too far Informant/ She doesn’t go far Unless you approach her, she never goes out of this space Next to the dog’s house is A garbage dump Poor living conditions Shortly after people are gone She looks around carefully Approaches a box And licks something very hard Upon approaching to check what’s inside the box The dog becomes wary and runs away Inside the box.. Found a dead puppy Perhaps he was dead a while ago, The puppy doesn’t move even for a bit The dog barks as if she’s warning us not to touch her puppy After people are gone She goes to the box again And checks the puppy’s carcass Local/ The dog must be a mother She had a puppy when I saw her last time/ Oh really? I saw them going up over there The puppy was groaning since then With a hoarse voice At some point, the puppy went missing Her breast has gotten big Seems like her delivery happened recently Local/ I think she doesn’t leave to protect her puppy I feel so bad for her.. She’s better than humans.. How come she ended up here And lost her puppy? Local/ I think she was abandoned Someone must have abandoned her here They think that someone came here Put the dog in a box Abandoned her And left.. No matter what Despite the harsh situation To survive with her puppy Struggles alone today as well And looks after her dead puppy… In the cold and lonely night Guarding her puppy without sleeping As the morning comes, the rescue starts As a vet approaches She becomes very wary and runs away Check the carcass’s condition first Vet/ Very young. About 2-3 months old Internal wounds rather than external injuries must have led to the puppy’s death X-ray tests should be done to figure out the exact cause of death Based on this puppy’s age, The dog must be the mother of this one The mother dog’s love won’t let her leave the puppy alone For the rescue Let the mother dog stay with her dead puppy In the place where the puppy’s carcass used to be Watch them inside the car Shortly after people are gone The mother dog walks toward the carcass Senses the difference than usual She walks around it And finally goes inside Rescue success! Checks the dog while keeping a distance from her She sits still, her body shivering To carry them to the hospital Carefully holds two dogs And puts in a cage to move them to the hospital She looks frightened as being in a new environment But as time goes by, she becomes relieved And even goes into the vet’s arm Very calm compared to when she was running away Vet/ She ran away and barked at us not to attack someone Just wanted to protect her puppy She was only wary of people To guard her own puppy Vet/ Show me your teeth~ Vet/ She’s a one-year-old/ Really? So.. The dead puppy was her first puppy To say goodbye to her very first puppy Was not easy for her.. The result is..? Vet/ The mother dog is fine, she’s healthy She’s in good health She went through the cold so well Seems like the puppy failed at controlling the amount of food he ate Ate too much to overcome the cold weather Found a branch and plastic bag in the carcass’ body One day, they were abandoned on such cold street And ate whatever they saw to survive But didn’t know it would lead to the passing of her puppy Now it’s time to say goodbye to her puppy.. Vet/ To give her time to say goodbye to her puppy at least The mother dog approaches her puppy carefully Looks at him as if she’s saying goodbye But she hardly leaves his side.. Vet/ It’s time to let him go.. The very first puppy she ever had.. As if she can’t believe that her puppy is gone forever.. She can’t take her eyes off the place where her puppy finally disappeared.. Vet/ For the mother dog, she must be mentally shook As she’s apart from her puppy Hope she overcomes the pain If she meets a new family and becomes happy Forget the painful memories Hope you live happily ever after

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