Mother stares at her dead puppy asking for help- Anna’s story – Takis Shelter

Mother stares at her dead puppy asking for help- Anna’s story – Takis Shelter

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Die Polizei wurde über einige Hunde in einem verlassenen Haus benachrichtigt, die dort in schlimmen Zuständen hausten. Sie fragten Takis, ob er ihnen mit den Hunden helfen könne. Offensichtlich fand eine Mutter Obdach – und bekam hier ihre Welpen. Allerdings erkrankten die Welpen an Parvo. Und von den 5 Welpen waren bereits zwei nicht mehr am Leben. Einer lag hier. Der Andere hier. Die 3 Welpen, die noch lebten, hungerten und versuchten die toten Welpen zu fressen, um zu überleben. Die 3 Welpen, die überlebten, waren extrem ängstlich gegenüber Menschen und versteckten sich. Blut bedingt durch Parvo befand sich überall “Komm schon mein Lieber, na komm…. Es ist ok.” Die anderen zwei waren auch extrem ängstlich. Nach einer Weile erschien die Mutter “Ok, ich habe auch die anderen beiden Welpen und nun muss ich die Mutter fangen.” Die Mutter saß gegenüber dem toten Körper ihres Welpen und starrte ihn an. Es schien fast so, als ob sie wollte, dass Takis ihn anhob. “Hey Mädchen! Es ist ok, mein Mädchen…Hab’ keine Angst!” Takis brachte Anna mit ihren drei Welpen ins Tierheim. Sie waren alle ausgehungert und dehydriert. Im Heim waren sie nun sicher und müssen nie wieder hungern. Komm’ meine Liebe! Mein Mädchen! Was für ein wundervolles Mädchen!” “Ihr geht es schon besser, aber ihre Welpen haben immer noch sehr große Angst.” Das ist Anna heute. Ihre Welpen sind alle groß und müssen sich nie wieder mit dem Horror der Vergangenheit auseinandersetzen! Wenn du mehr über die Vermittlung erfahren möchtest, bitte besuche:

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100 thoughts on “Mother stares at her dead puppy asking for help- Anna’s story – Takis Shelter

  • zeba max tallk Post author

    Bless you good people love you taking🥰

  • isreala ruvinov Post author

    Omg what a crulty!!!! There are no words. So hard to wach this!!! God bless them all 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤😢

  • Kimberly Potts Post author

    Praying for doggies

  • Sylvia Drummond Post author

    Those little wooden kennels must seem like a heaven of warmth and safety to the poor dogs.

  • Echidna Dee Post author

    I like her face. Lol Id call her goofy girl she reminds me of goofy. Im so happy you saved her and the rest of her babies.

  • The Casual ATV Guy Post author

    I feel so bad for the dead pups. They never had a chance to live and be loved. That poor mamma wanted her babies fixed. Too many cruel people to animals. In society when lovable pups and kittens like this are treated bad it makes you wonder how they treat people.

  • The Casual ATV Guy Post author

    Thank you taki for keeping all these dogs safe. You are awesome. I watch the ads etc, I'm broke so any way I can help gain revenue for rescues the better. I hate ads, except on here and hope for paws etc.

  • Andro MourningStar Post author

    Man i love mi dougsss

  • Meenu Bardewa Post author

    Thankyou for saving such beautiful mama n puppies.God bless you

  • Tonya West Post author

    Your the best

  • Melanie Jonker Post author

    Why didn't the other 3 pups get the parvo virus? Thank God for that! And thank God fot TAKIS!! ♡

  • Earlene M Post author

    God bless you for rescuing this beautiful animals I'm so sorry for the ones who didn't make it thank you so much God must have a reward for you for helping his animals

  • An Dra Post author

    💖Μείνετε υγιείς, μακριά από τους ανθρώπους και συνεχίζετε. Είστε καλό πρόσωπο. Δεν μιλώ ελληνικά. Ευτυχώς, υπάρχει το Google. Χαιρετισμούς από τη Γερμανία

  • Kayla Post author

    The mother dog looked so exhausted and relieved that someone was there to help her and her babies!❤️🙏

  • Marie Pierre Doan Anotta Post author


  • Adreeanah Post author

    This is year i’m going to university, and i really hope i’ll pass the veterinary test, cause i want to do this for the rest of my life

  • Ellen Patrick Post author

    You always do the tight things for these animals, you are savior

  • Solange De Fatima Ribeito Collodel Post author

    Sei forte…Un grande uomo…Dio te benedica carissimo…

  • DJ S Post author

    God bless you Takis ❤🙏❤
    Take care of yourself! To many poor animals need you ❤🙏❤

  • Guillermina Luna Post author

    Que toscos!!!no todos los perros soportan que los agarren así….

  • Ζαννής Θωμάς Post author

    Αρε ΜΕΓΑΛΕ ΤΑΚΗ: δεν τα εγκαταλειπεις ποτε.

  • J B Post author

    Eres un Gran señor , Muchas Gracias y hagamos algo bueno en éstos tiempos difíciles . Si puedes dale ayuda a tu vecina si no tiene . Y obviamente a estos angeles terrenales de Cuatro patitas . No ignores a esos ojos tan bellos

    Yo lo hago acá en Arizona hay perros por ahí y habeces llegan a mi casa y desde hace meses que les tenía Comída y cómo tuve cirugía de ojo pues ya me es difícil salir ahora con esta pandemia aún más , y ahora estoy lista para cuándo regresen les tengo agua por toda la casa trastes limpios y comida

  • Özgül S. Post author


  • Tanya Freeman Post author

    Bless you you amazing strong soul I'm in pieces seeing this and have so much respect for you thank you

  • Margarita reyes rosas Post author

    Mil gracias por tanta ayuda para estos bellos peluditos..

  • Mamiia Torkiu Post author

    إعتناء بالحيوان أمرا جميل

  • JOSY HOFER Post author


  • Vera Ba. Castro Post author


  • alfrelori 31 Post author

    God bless you

  • Lilia Soriano Post author

    Such a sad story for a mother to see her pups dead, I’m so sorry Anna, be strong you still have the other three they need you. Anna was begging for love and Takis just loved her to death

  • Aditi Sharma Post author

    I don like when the men hold puppy from neck and he was crying in pain… Y can't you hold them from somewhere else

  • Eva Corfu Post author

    Que lástima pobres perritos, es que los abandonaron en esa casa, la familia que vivía ahi? o es que la perrita se refugio para tener sus cachorros en esa casa vacía.? Los perritos que se ven muertos ha sido por maltrato o que los han matado, o por hambre.? Gracias por rescatar a la madre y a los tres perritos.

  • فریده غطاوی Post author

    Gad bless mr TAKIS fooor ever long time great man so great man …they are so cute nice aaah allah …thank you very much …

  • Alee Phukon Post author

    God bless you

  • DIY COOKING Post author

    Great job in saving them! Keep up the wonderful work you're doing. God bless you 💓

  • Dorthy Martin Post author

    Poor mama!

  • Martha Ramírez Post author

    There are a lot of dogs 💔. Poor pubs, thank you so much 👏🏻🐾❤️. Inhuman people everywhere 😢, that so sad.

  • nat shepard Post author

    God bless you saving those dogs

  • Maria Cretella Post author

    Love love lovee ♥️🥰😍

  • Rachelle Bourque Post author

    I've been watching your videos and your rescues…all I can say is that you are a true saint. There should be more people like you and bigger jails for the inhumane people who do this to their animals ❤

  • Remy B Post author

    Heartless how can they possible do that to vulnerable dogs is beyond belief, those people should have never been born. Poor babies 😭

  • Νικολεττα Κυριακιδου Post author


  • Amo A Los perros Post author

    Thanks guys you’ll are amazing GOD bless you

  • Karlie Butts Post author

    this is how many people realized they spelled too instead of two

  • Melanie Morte Post author


  • S C Post author

    Thank you !!!!

  • Debra Coones Post author

    Heart breaking scene. 😓😓😥😥😥😥😥😥Takis=❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Prisc mcwan Post author

    Thank you sir

  • SUPERCOOL INDIA Post author

    God bless you Takis the great .

  • silver Smith Post author

    Death penalty for the bastards who do this!

  • Jet Post author

    Mom looked so exhausted 😥

  • 33kingofkings Post author

    αυτός ο άνθρωπος είναι καλός

  • Kawy Thowy Post author

    Man…….😢😔….I don’t get it. At least someone called Takis. But Takis should be getting $$$$$ from the Greek government for taking care of these pups. This is basic. People need to do the right thing. And sadly they don’t.

  • Phoenixs Svjetlana Post author


  • Phoenixs Svjetlana Post author

    Tskis you are a saint

  • Julia W Post author

    What the f… 😱 Takis, you are a hero! ❤️

  • Jovelyn Ancheta Post author

    I'm glad there's takis shelter!!

  • JOSY HOFER Post author

    TAKIS PAPA! 😘😘👍👍👍❤❤❤❤🐶🐶🐕🐐

  • D Bonez Post author


  • D Bonez Post author


  • Seinsei Kira Post author

    Pourquoi autant de cruauté envers les animaux
    Sérieusement nous les humains restons des bêtes

  • Kelly Spatarella Post author

    That gave me chest pains. God bless this amazing man, Takis!!! 🙏

  • Gianina Carrera Post author

    Bendiciones para los espíritus bondadosos ayudan a Takis

  • Lord Waffle Post author

    This is the first time I have seen a dead dog. The conditions we leave some animals in is horrible. I wish to help out similar to this man. He is an inspiration.

  • Bety Ribeiro Post author

    Aún q buena gente mil gracias

  • Sheetal Kapoor Post author

    Burn this puppies alive

  • your mom Post author

    I really wish the other two didn't die. but I'm glad the remaining are alive.

  • Hilda AYBAR Post author

    🙏🏽❤️❤️🐕🙏🏽 so glad that they were safe ❤️You are a here ❤️

  • Steph Jones x Post author

    Jesus wept! 😭💔 My heart is broken watching this.. Takis you are truly touched by the hand of God and led on the wings of angels 🙏❤️🙏 my love & adoration I send to you xxxx

  • Thora Friganza Post author

    So sad that that they had to eat from the dead puppy to survive, made me almost throw up. But not their fault humans would eat too if there was a dead one from their own species in a desperate situation.

  • Bergljot Ganaze Post author


  • cleophee fautrat Post author

    😿👿(*´︶`*)♡Thanks! 😇🙏

  • Maria Luisa Martins Post author

    Thank you so much Takis!!! I wish you all the best for your amazing work. Thank you.

  • Gabriella Brancato Post author


  • Tutti Frutti Post author


  • natalia gomez Post author

    I’m do scared when Takis will no longer be around, because who will have a kind heart as him to continue his legacy of that beautiful safe haven? I hope he has a right hand that he trusts with his life and the lives of his babies to continue his dream once he gets to be 200 yrs old and can no longer continue to care for babies…. I cried so hard to see those angels vulnerable… if I cried uncontrollably for them, I can’t even imagine people who work cases where children are found dead neglected in such conditions, or a mother homeless left to fend for her children, I’m so heartbroken….
    how do i donate to takis shelter? I’m not rich and survive below poverty wages but I want to help with something….. I’m getting my stimulus check soon and want to donate at least $100 but I know that’s nothing these days especially for everything you are doing and probably need

  • winchester girl Post author

    I'm bawling my head off right now. When i saw the mother next to her dead baby i lost it. But they are lucky God Bless You Takis for helping those beautiful pups and their mother. I swear you're an angel god sent to protect these precious animals. You're the best Takis i can't say it enough. I have a very soft spot when it comes to animals when i see them hurt or in pain it makes my heart hurt. But I'm so happy that they will never go through what they went through before all because of you.

  • LATHA BHASURU Post author

    Ur awesome sir hat's off too u

  • Adrianne Constant Post author

    What is parvo???

  • Natalia Arias Post author


  • Mercedes Roth-Nanai Post author

    God bless You Takis!!!! Thank You so much🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️

  • Tori Collins Post author

    Takis is doing his life's work. Thank goodness for him. He's saved so many animals!!

  • I DON'T CARE Post author

    OMG ! JESUS !God Bless you for helping the Animal Dogs phpies !Thank you so much Thank yo very much !!!

  • Spreading Wide For Honey Nut Cheerio's Post author

    Such wonderful people, thank god they existed at the right time

  • mark bamford Post author

    How do you do it?. Keep up the good work mate.

  • Sum Eyra Post author

    Takis your an AMAZING human! God bless you!!!!!!!!

  • Maria Norton Post author


  • Shsy Hobson Post author

    I wish more people beer like you.

  • david macdonald Post author


  • Maria Alice Ribeiro Sacramento Post author

    Thank God for people like you!

  • One Bright Star Post author

    The mother knew Takis meant no harm.

  • Jade Jack-Garcia Post author

    you can see how heart broken the mom was 🙁

  • Karin karin Post author

    Omein Gott ich hab Tränen in den Augen gehab ,die armen Baby und die Mama auch ,zum Glück wurden sie gerettet, das sind ja so hübsche Hunde 💕,

  • BANANA CLIP JONES Post author

    Please continue to help animals. God bless you all

  • Melissa Thorpe Post author

    God bless you Takis!

  • beverley clough Post author

    😢😭😭😭😭😱 If someone can do this to innocent animals what the h**l would they do to babies and children! Damned despicible! Ba***rds!

  • Paivi Project Post author


  • kes 78 Post author

    The most dangerous animal in the world is human beings though I don't think you're human if you can do something like this to innocent animals.

  • Samia Laskar Post author

    love you Takis you are real living legend🙏🙏🙏🇮🇳

  • Michael Redwine Post author

    You are an amazing human being. I don't like watching these videos because it hurts, but I watch them anyway. I don't know your faith, if you have anyway, but I believe that you do God's work.

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