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Happy birthday, Morgan. ‘Oh my God’. I’m so excited for you. ‘alright’ Happy Birthday mate enjoy Izzy ! Happy 16th birthday, ‘no no’…Morgan are you happy, shes coming to see you She’s called izzy, Morgan happy birthday I know we have a bit of an argument earlier, but I was just upset because you didn’t come home Oh, you’re gonna make me cry on camera for like the first time ever !! (sighs) Guys as you can tell I’ve just been pranked laughs You know what Morgan enjoy your birthday? So as you know by now mum has a channel, and she just uploaded a first video an hour ago And we just finished filming her first video, as you can tell by the cake That’s currently on my nose guys so guys, What she did is she wrapped a bunch of girls presents and gave them to me and then smashed a cake in my face as you? as you Can Frickin tell and she did that on her Channel (link in the description) as her first video and she just said to me that she has actually bought me a proper present, and I’m like yo I’m gonna make the motion opportunity and you on my channel, so I’m about to get showered up cleaned up freshened up and Ready to get received ready… to receive your new present. guys. watch her video after you watched this This there’ll be a link in description. I got freaking pranked hard I’m just going to admit it, but I don’t care because I got a gift coming right now I’ll see you in a little while, okay guys so it’s been about an hour I’m clean I’m ready we’ve my friend. yeah We have made friends again You know im not gonna lie because I’m not to mad that she did that. im not mad at you I’m actually mad at myself for just falling for it you No, do you know what im saying , yeah, usually I’m the prank king but I promise you guys. I will never fall for a prank from her So today, I don’t really know what’s happening So you know mum you tell them.. so if you watched my video You’ll see I get a bit upset. It was Morgans 16th birthday yesterday, so I pranked him really really good But I feel kind of bad, but I just keep on present back and it’s a really special present for him. Yo mum Well you may just smash me with a cake and bought me loads of girls presents, but yo you have a chance to redeem yourself So amazing game all love dogs welcome this is something that you’ve like wanted and you’ve been nagging me for for ages And it all no way, you call me a girlfriend, but I bought your present. I can’t I can’t make very cool happen So basically dies today mum’s not only taking over her own john she’s taking over mine, because I don’t have a clue What’s about to happen however? I’m very excited because apparently this is going to be a really really tasty Yes guys watch the full video because it’s gonna be a good one mom Yeah, it’s not gonna be tasty, but it’s gonna be a good one. Yo I’m excited but guys just before we came to this video is john you you already know what to do. Go round there ah? Mush that subscribe or not also leave much Alike on the video and also guys if you aren’t already of course go down there and subscribe to more than just Maybe subscribe to mom to know she needs the Subscribers your end of the white team mom is currently growing faster than team all I’m pretty concerned right now and see all these guys I could say modern mambo in the end of the day. Yes I kind of actually saved me calories having your mom that literally killing calories. Yeah Young mom to see what did that very pretty clever well guys before we continue? Mom what a few more questions for you because I’m not gonna Lie if you give me like a box or some clean I don’t Think I’m Gonna be dumb enough to freakin open it I know you deserve me a good present, but you’re freakin savage you are the savages mom I’ve ever seen in the savage world, so I’m not going to trust you. So you know explaining yourself I don’t know I can trust you yellow and it’s not you say non savage But you were 16, and you think even come over your birthday no so much mulch savage moles business I don’t go nowhere. Who is no freaking savage gonna be your boy. Why’d you say we should get dollars well? Yeah, we’ve got so I think you should go to the kitchen And I’ll get present which is not in the house, and I’ll bring the president see ya see ya I’m starting to really think the president has a girlfriend have you done the impossible. No, I’ve done the impossible Nobody can do that more go Morgan is just too inflexible Okay, not going to start so I’m going to go into my bedroom right now and we’re going to get this started I’m very high. I’m very excited guys drop alike Why think the president will be however can Kinda just read the tile and see whatever is Gonna mean the tile? I don’t know yes. So hey let’s go find out. What’s gonna be. I’m not Gonna Lie Malai I don’t know if I should believe you so the present is outside. What Martin’s outside? Verizon, okay markings not the present a people need to find it Morgan in the house, so the President’s been waiting Yo Then I’ll bring the pen am I going to get a present in like under like like very soon remark install the present okay? I know I also jumped. I’ll bring it bring it bring it bring the other Let’s go get the present Can we have the present oh? oh Thank you. Come on quickly. Let’s go in ah oh What she called? It’s me and Lo is being our Morgan’s gonna love her we got the box There’s a little box to put her in right there I tell you what we’ll do let’s take the box upstairs Martin or put her in it, but be quiet now so Josh exley oh my gosh, good pick Happy birthday, Melvin. Oh my God. I’m so excited for you alright. Happy 16th oh, oh, oh oh Morgan are you happy oh? She’s coming to senior. She’s called Izzy Morgan. Are you overwhelmed? so Yeah, a little dog a little baby Did not actually a baby more than we were no. No yeah, we’ve got your little dog I knew you wanted one, and you said the old youtubers have talks in a little chihuahua So we got your little little longer to our Morgan. Are you going to cry? Seriously reserves. Yeah. Look at that, and de launches a little bit what it’s real close for if they can dress their You be sure yeah, oh That’s me 16th birthday Happy birthday I know we have to give an argument to earlier, but I was just upset degree I think come home or you know and some others. I kindly believe it. I can’t take this Yeah Yeah, yeah, oh my God no, oh She’s gonna be in you you cute. Oh my God. I’m generally good, cry Oh you really try on covers about the first time ever all right? Oh my God. Oh Honestly now. I’m genuinely over well there you are. I really wanted it much looser. Yeah, why she says I? know it ignore the camera is Chen Jing Zhu Zhu da little dress I got I got I know pleasement. We saw yeah Okay What thank you so much. Oh, she’s a little mud woman she jeez you going mental Yah mo calm down. Oh Hello Mitchell action Yo, this is the thrill yul brynner. I lost three in a bit We would oh my God only just go up runo shows in my brain over yet Hello Oh my poor thing. We should bring bruner over wilson, okay, okay? You’re my real Husband expect that did you bees saal your mom’s idea. No, I yeah she’s Ambitious because all YouTubers once it talks No, no, len come upon. He says Because whatever the ruining this you’d be saying 50/50 look oh Yeah, baby, the puppetry no no oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my john She’s on a throne and Bruno’s rest on the floor. Yeah. She’s already taken over Bruno’s role here I’ve been wanting to say this for a long time roll this dog cinematics darling all Right guys so multiple upstairs would be safe for an hour an hour and a half bonding with us but what Morgan doesn’t know is easy actually as dark this old thing has been a prank what we’re going to do now is we can all share and Tell Morgan that was just for a disease and she’s got all right. So we’re owners. I told Morgan He was going to be prank Walsh. This is just the start come on Martin. Let’s do this I do actually feel a little bit bad, but it’s actually going to awful lot of bad stuff to me So I think he deserves this oh Hi, all good. You have kind of a Have you been getting on a plane with his face? Yeah, it are lovely I want to know what Morgan I’ve actually got something to tell you I feel a little bit bad about it. But you’ve just followed bad things to me I mia, love that prank, so I’m afraid This is a prank with Aura duty for the day. It is got to go back now Come on, little izzy. Let’s take you home. Oh, I might keep her Come on. Then. I think we should go down and since I think I’ve actually upset him come on guys Morgan you said prank wars. I’ve Justin what you want read three challenges. No more joking this promise Do for you know what I mean the door was too far I’m sorry Morgan, but I’ve done a lot bad things to me yellow thing is Morgan You should just come out on your birthday time. I got you something nice to know Well Morgan is called pratt walls clean Mom said we were savage everybody says on savage We wanted to win, so we just borrowed a dog for the dairy and that’s the primary Paul She’s a borrowed dog for the day. Yeah. Yeah Sorry, I even surprised to my son enough So I’ll just bring playing twice in one day. Yeah. Yeah promise you guys I will never fall for another crime from her No one knows. She’s got to go back now Say bye. Bye Say bye. Bye. Easy. No general who knows bar anyway Yeah, who knows bar anyway get this stupid little thing arthur it looks at cannot even brand Exact that it also fucking ball mario you had is a blues grace to everybody when I lock in your head I feel disgust get away from do you know Martin didn’t even give you his birthday present? It’s brought you some cheese strings. Oh I don’t know what to say really guys We need to say I’m going to get cracked Walls Morgan wants me to do a channel But I feel seeing a sort of big box. I feel like what I’ve really it’s kind of upsetting because she said you Want water, but I’m afraid you know this is real now Most Channel versus more this channel, so You know it’s got swiss like nice things It’s just got to toughen up a bit so I see now what we’ll say is I looking like the video Unfortunately Morgan’s kind of explained his bedroom, but the thing is prom was big come over for his birthday I don’t need much of an excuse to prank Kim This is only the start So if you enjoy the video leave a like subscribe and don’t forget check out my video check out my channel An hour before this one we put out my video where we got? We got lots of presents for Morgan had presents and the actually ended up with taken his face. Oh Okay, so sounds very much for watching and we’ll see you in the next video peace out If yours drugs videos so remember to subscribe to muggies channel and don’t forget to live in life. You can have a TP So the words to drop out


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