My Australian Nightmare (Spider And Shark Alert!)

My Australian Nightmare (Spider And Shark Alert!)

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Hi! My name is Trixie and I will tell you why
I’d like to move to the other side of our planet. You know, I’m not really a fan of winter and
snow, so I’ve always wanted to move from my Northern State to some place warmer when I
grow up. But I hadn’t even finished school when I
first traveled to the country where you could celebrate Christmas on the beach, wearing
a bikini!” This all happened because my father got a
temporary job assignment in… Australia! I did my best to convince my parents to take
me along. The only thing that was bad was that my mother
was so busy with her business project that she couldn’t travel with us. So my father and I crossed half the planet
and I was looking forward to my new life. The school year in Australia starts several
months later than in the US, so I was planning to spend all my extra leisure time at the
beach. Dad worked hard and I was left most of the
time on my own, but I wasn’t afraid – I was already fifteen, basically all grown up! Also my father told me that if I had any problems
I could ask for our neighbor Courtney’s help. Well, my adventures in Australia began! And the first problems came from where they
were least expected: the SUPERMARKET. I went shopping for some food, got everything
I needed and went to the counter with cash in my pocket. A nice cashier talked to me amicably. And I… did not understand a WORD! She seemed to speak English but she swallowed
some sounds and shortened others so I could not comprehend anything. I got used to the Australian English later
on, but not right away. My beach plans did not work out either. When we got to Australia, the weather was
much warmer than at home, but the ocean was still cold. So I had nothing to do but watch the surfers
in their tight wetsuits. And it was very entertaining before I noticed
a FIN sticking up from the water near them. And nobody seemed to be paying attention to
it! I rushed to the life guard, pointing it out
with my hand stretched and yelling: “There is a SHARK out there!!!” but he only smiled
and said that I had a real sharp-eye if I could see such a smaaaaaall and not-really-dangerous
shark. I was so embarrassed, I returned to my beach
chair, and buried myself in a book. And you know what? I got sunburned! If you’re ever planning to go to Australia,
you should remember that the sun is very strong over there. Even when I was at home in Australia, there
was never a dull moment. One morning I woke up to this deafening and
horrible laughing sound coming from outside of my window. I looked at my watch – it was 5 AM! I was so mad that I did not even think about
whether it could be dangerous, all I wanted to do was to tell this joker what I thought
about his stupid jokes! I opened the curtains and what did I see? Nobody! Just a pretty bird with a big head and a long
beak sitting on my window sill. But when it opened its beak I heard this INFERNAL
sound again! I tried to chase the bird away, but it was
useless – it just went on roaring with this terrible laughter. I moaned and went to make coffee. It seemed that a kookaburra came scouting
and then gave a sign to its friends – UNUSUAL guests began to drop in at my house. Another day I was returning home on a bike
and entered the yard though a gate that was left opened. Before that day, I couldn’t get used to seeing
fences around houses and I couldn’t figure out what they were needed for. But at that moment- I understood. There was an enormous scaly creature sitting
on the terrace! I took a couple of steps toward this “dragon”
that was obstructing my entrance into the house… and he opened his maw wide! Then I tried to chase it away flourishing
my arms and yelling: “Shoo, shoo” and… the beast moved towards me! I jumped back in a panic and then remembered
that I could ask for help! I yelled “COURTNEY!” hoping that my neighbor
would come and rescue me. But my rescue did not happen the way I expected
it to. A guy,who looked to be about 23 years old,
dashingly jumped over the fence. Quickly judging the situation, he brusquely
grabbed the beast’s tail. In one second, he lifted it in the air, getting
a grip of the beast’s neck with his other hand. And as he tightly held the wiggling “dragon”
he turned to me and smiled brilliantly. Oh my Gosh! You see, when my Dad told me about someone
named Courtney, I imagined a middle-aged woman in an australian digger-hat, not a sun tanned
handsome guy with bright blue eyes! Who cheerfully told me something that I did
not understand: “She’ll be right!” and left my yard with the beast in his hands,
closing the gate with his leg. But there was nothing RIGHT in that! My nose was still peeling from the sunburn
and I was totally unprepared to meet THIS Courtney!” “I was very embarrassed when this happened,
but soon I had to ask for Courtney’s help again – when I saw a spider in my house. Generally I am not afraid of spiders, but
this one was WAY TOO BIG! I looked in the mirror first, and then called
Courtney. He came down a couple of minutes later, said:
“Let’s have a squiz” and while I was trying to figure out what kind of quiz we
were going to have, he caught the intruder in a plastic bucket and threw it away. After that we stood on the terrace and Courtney
told me that the danger of Australian spiders is pretty exaggerated outside of Australia,
and that they did not really kill spiders. But there were a couple of species that it’s
better stay away from. I was listening to Courtney with complete
focus, but frankly speaking I did not care what he was talking about – spiders or quantum
physics.” So I learned to catch big, but not dangerous,
spiders. And I had to do it more often than was normal,
even for Australia! It’s all because this year’s summer was abnormally
hot – some days were hotter than 120 degrees! People and animals and even eight-legged guys
– all suffered. I saw a video on the internet about how a
large spider was sitting on the hand of an Australian woman holding a bottle of cold
water and I realized that they were trying to move to some place that was cold and wet. I remembered how we made feeders for birds
at home in the winter. And I decided to make a water bowl for spiders
suffering from heat and thirst! Hey, they’re also living creatures despite
the fact that they’re creepy and have eight legs? So I made a water bowl under a tent in my
back yard and made sure that there was always water in there. Well I’ve shared my adventures in Australia
with you. I’m very sad that soon I will have to leave. It’s a wonderful country where wonderful creatures
live, and people don’t walk upside down, but are usually very friendly and helpful. And, you know when I turn eighteen I will
come back here to go to college and… to invite Courtney on a date. What are your favorite countries? Or maybe you have your own interesting stories
about traveling? Share them in the comments and to do not forget
to like my story!

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