New Hamster Cage Setup! (Time-lapse)

New Hamster Cage Setup! (Time-lapse)

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so it’s been a while since I actually
redid Honey’s cage and gave her a completely new set up so that is what
we’re going to be doing today and we are also going to be removing all of the
bedding but not actually throwing it away so honey is just going to go into a
playpen with her wheel and some toys while I completely redo her cage first
we got to start off by removing every single accessory in her cage so they type of cleaning method that I
am using today is by removing all of the bedding but not actually throwing it
away and you do that by getting two different garbage bags one is your clean
bag one is your dirty bag you basically sort through all of the bedding and you
pick up your clean bedding put that in the clean bag and your dirty bedding
goes into the dirty bag that way you get to remove all of the bedding in the
enclosure and that gives a chance for any poop or little small particles to
fall to the bottom so that you can end up cleaning all that out so the little
bottom stuff left in the enclosure I’m just going to scoop that out and throw
that away there’s like some sand because from the sand bath they’ll walk and get
stuck on their paws and then it falls to the bottom so it gives me a chance to
kind of clean the cage out but at the same time not stress my hamster out
because they’re going to have the bedding they’re familiar with back in
their cage then I’m putting back all of my
accessories the sand bath here I always get questions on
it’s from superstore it’s an acrylic tray then here is where we put all of
our clean bedding back into the cage but it’s still familiar to our hamster I just went ahead and moved her hideout to
kind of the center of the enclosure instead of a corner and then I am
putting in the IKEA knuff which I kind of customized by removing the bottom and
a side of it so that she can walk straight through it and I had such a
hard time figuring out where I was going to place this exactly then I’m just putting in some of the
other accessories to her cage like these wooden slats that I made myself and then
some rocks for different texture as well as some sphagnum moss and pillow moss just
to give it a pop of color it doesn’t hurt the hamster and it gives them
another texture to walk on we have to of course add in our herbs because a cage
wouldn’t be complete without them and then I actually got some fresh willow
today so I went ahead and put that in her enclosure and then I’m just putting
her litter box back into her chamber and adding some more fresh bedding to there then I’m adding in some wheat flax and
oats sprays for her to forage and filling up the water dish and then sprinkling
food all over the cage so that she can forage and last but not least I’m adding
in the wheel to the sand bath and the cage is complete so I hope you guys have
enjoyed watching this and now you guys can enjoy honey exploring her cage

100 thoughts on “New Hamster Cage Setup! (Time-lapse)

  • Victoria Raechel Post author

    This was filmed at 9pm so I was in my Pj’s and had just showered and braided my hair ? I know a lot of you like timelaspe cage videos like this and since I don’t actually fully clean my cages very often I hope you can enjoy this and maybe it can give some ideas or inspiration for your cages! ??

  • Sra. Ginder Post author

    Moss not miss

  • charité • Post author

    hello! i’m planning on getting my first hamster soon (a syrian) and i just want to make sure i have all the correct info and wasn’t misinformed/am not missing anything important that i’ll need to know.

    i’m planning on purchasing a 40 gallon breeder tank and making the bedding (aspen) seven inches deep to give them burrowing room. i’m planning on getting a 11/12" silent wheel, higgins sunburst food + mazuri pellets but i’m not too sure what the pellets give them or how necessary they are which is something i’m curious about but i plan on getting it anyway. a water bottle obviously. deep clean their cage once a month and spot clean as needed always leaving some old bedding in, change the water bottles water every couple of days, clean the cage with water/vinegar mix when deep cleaned, never bathe them in water! sand baths only and i don’t know if that’s something i’ll need on hand right away or can wait to get when needed??? they need to be kept alone, i need to start a vet fund, feed them veggies/fruit three times a week and i personally wanna get a doggy gate for floor time but ik that’s not a requirement. i don’t know exactly how many toys and/or hides i’ll be getting at first but at least enough to clutter the cage until i can get enough to where it’s somewhat crammed? i’ve heard and read they like closed in spaces/a lot going on. is this all??? how much handling time do i give them daily once their used to living with me/being in a new enclosure?????

  • dizdevil1 Post author

    Hi there Miss Victoria! Where do you usually get your sand for the sand bath? The one they sell at petco is a small size and it’s $5-ish.

  • positive.dasha Post author

    so my friend has 2 critter trail cages and she thinks its ok to let them live in that if you have the number of cages to add up to 450sq inches of floor space. so she wants me to ask you. honestly i still think its cruel to make them live in the but is it ok

  • reema Post author

    you taught me everything about hamsters i went from a tiny tales to a detolf and helped me make a healthy hamster seed mix like thank you.

  • Emmie Wood Post author

    ? honey is just the cutest! Xx have you got any tips for if your hamster keeps chewing it's water bottle??

  • Keegan M Post author

    I love the name Honey for a hamster. I call my hamster Pop Tart “honey, baby, sweet boy” all the time lol

  • Lil' smart Bunny Post author

    Such a impressive cage! You did a great job?.

  • 별이의햄생 Post author


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    Your videos always put me in such a good mood, thank you!!!!

  • Taehyung _Biased Post author

    Excuse me ❤️?, I have a question I don’t have the money ?to but a detolf or an aquarium since my parents said the accessories, cages is what I’ll be needing to buy on my own. Soo bin cages is what I go with ? and I was wondering what if I make a detolf/ aquarium size bin cage by cutting and adding whatever is necessary. it should be the same right? Just way cheaper and if there’s anything else I could do it’ll be great for you to reply. Me and my coco ?? both love your channel ?

  • Grace Fillebrown Post author

    Honey is super cute and has an awesome cage!!!

  • Riley Jones Post author

    So my hamster is SUPER skittish and is VERY hard to hold, but i still hold him for very little amounts of time, and a couple times at night, while he’s awake. I’m scared to hold him anywhere but over his cage, bc I’m too scared he will slip through my fingers like he usually does. Do you have any tips to help me to get him used to me? And not so skittish? I love your videos, thanks!

  • Watermelo Studios • 10 years ago Post author

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  • Colt Murgio Post author

    I love your videos I have learned a lot about hamsters from you. THANK YOU!!!

  • Britney Lewis Post author

    I got a new hamster today and the lady said no one wanted him because he had a bad eye that was squinted so I adopted him

  • Laura Blanco Post author

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  • Feisty Fox Post author

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  • Sofia Upesleja Post author

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  • Nia Vake Post author

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    i literally can’t express how much i love your videos!!! now when i see people keep there hamster in a small cage i always encourage them to watch your tutorial on making a bin cage!! i love how you prove that you also don’t need to have a lot of money to own a happy healthy hamster!!

  • Jeremy's Wild Studio Post author

    I like your cage aesthetic. I’m not a fan of really loudly colored bedding and whatnot and I like how you don’t use that stuff.

  • bluekittygirl53 Post author

    I just got my hamster a Ikea detolf today, thank you so much for for doing this for hammys and there owners!

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    This is totally amazing and it’s inspiring me to change my hamsters set up and get her a bigger cage!! ❤️ tell honey I love her ?❤️❤️❤️

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  • Coby Post author

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  • everything aesthetic Post author

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  • delicious cheese! Post author

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  • Netsky Music Post author

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  • AudrinaIDK RANDOM! Post author

    I’m getting a hamster soon, maybe in a couple weeks! I got most of my information from this channel. When I was younger a 20 gallon tank was the minimum. But I realized they changed it, so I am getting a 40 gallon tank.

  • Mel Munioz Post author

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  • Tayler Day Post author

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  • Annabell Marchetti Post author

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    Edit: her argument is that they have been together all there life

  • Melissa :-D Post author

    Looks amazing. I really like the background as well very cute and pretty

  • Animal_antics_ 56 Post author

    Omg i just saw somethimg that made me sad and i was talking about it to my parents and they got annoyed at me and said i was going on so im gonna tell you i know you will understand Tori.
    I was in pets at home for some fish food and i was walking to the fish section and i saw a women with a tiny pink hamster cage and she was holding a leaflet and looking at Dwarf hamsters i was like OMG! That is tiny.
    It was taller than it was long and had like no room for bedding i was shocked it was litterely has long as my 7 yr old sisters head and as long as half her arm.
    All through this im thinking about what you would have said to her if it was reacting to subscribers hamster cages.
    She definitely would not have room for a suitable size wheel.
    If i can find a picture of it i will tweet it to you bye Tori hope you read this

  • Mackazinie Post author

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  • S M Post author

    I know this video was posted yesterday, and I watched it. I just really need to say this to feel better. So I have a robo hamster. And I was working on taming. Tonight was the first time I've ever held him. I was so happy. Until he climbed up my arm a bit a got out of his cage. He fell a few feet off my dresser, and was running around with me trying to catch him. After 5ish minutes I lost sight of him. I panicked, I decided to get my mom. We spotted him again, then he went into the blanket that was blocking the room. We didn't see him for a while after that. I have a free roam bunny, and a bunny who lives in a pen for now in my room to make matters worse. We sat down and were silent for 5-10 minutes, hoping to hear him. We didnt, so we started tearing apart my room. Still no luck. I had already gone and looked outside of my room. But I had had no luck. My mom went out of my room to look about 5-10 minutes after me. Then out side of my door a hear her walking around quickly, and then my mom says "open the door" I get it quickly, and we put him back in his cage. I also have 6 cats. Though 5 of them go to closed up rooms for the night so my 20+ years old cat has access to food all night. But if we hadn't found him tonight he would probably have been killed. In total he was out of his cage for about 45 minutes. Thank God he's back and ok. I love him him so much.❤

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  • AnimaLover Love Post author


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    3rd one was marbella, (also a brown banded) she was sweet also very talkative also very adventures lived up to 2 since she was the one with the Tumor also had a infection on her eye.
    The one I got now is oreo (yet again a brown banded), he was bigger then his brothers for 8 weeks but he seems to be okay with me picking him up.

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