New Puppy Tips – Surviving the First Week

New Puppy Tips – Surviving the First Week

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I bet you’re super excited about your new
puppy! I want you to have a successful first week
home with your new puppy so in this week’s video I’m going to share my top tips for
surviving the first week home with your new puppy! Click the link in the comments below to watch
this week’s full episode. Hit that like, subscribe and bell to get notified
when next week’s video goes LIVE Michele here with How to Train a Dream dog,
visit me on my other social networks too, the links are in the description below If you haven’t brought your new puppy home
just yet… here’s a tip… Make sure you bring your new puppy home in
a crate. I know you’ll be tempted to keep them on
your lap on the way home but… You’re missing one of the very first opportunities
to work on crate training with your puppy and… We want to keep your pup safe on the car ride
home, we don’t put babies on our laps when riding in a car, they stay in a car seat… The same idea with a new puppy, keep them
in a crate for safety. Trust me if you want the first night to go
smooth, you’ll heed my advice and start crate trianing asap! Check out my New Puppy Shopping List so you
know which supplies to have on hand and which ones not to waste your money on. You can learn more about this list in this
video as I take you through a local pet store and show and talk about certain items hat
should be on your list Now don’t forget to puppy proof your home
before puppy arrives, you can learn more about puppy proofing here in this video… You’ll want to set up a few things prior
to pup’s arrival or if you just brought pup home, set these things up now. #1 Puppy pen inside for play, you can learn
more about what to put in the puppy pen here, and what to put under it so accidents don’t
ruine your floors #2 A puppy pen outside, this is where you’re
going to take your pup to potty outside. We use a puppy pen when pups don’t have
all vaccinations and we don’t want them to eat things on the ground I have more info about that in this video
(puppy potty supplies) #3 set your crate up in a semi-quiet place
and get something bigger to put on top of the crate this way when you put the sheet
or blanket ontop, puppy won’t pull it in and chew on it. When you arrive home you are going to take
your puppy to the potty spot before you even enter the home Reward your puppy outside in the potty spot,
not when they come back in, you’ll learn in this video here all about housebreaking
a puppy fast… That I only recommend you stay outside for
about 10 mon tops not any longer, this gives pup a chance to play or lose focus when they
should going potty Inside your home… make sure you give your
pup access to one room right now. Since you’re already working on potty training
from the minute you bring your puppy home you’re going to want to keep pup in one
room right now Your pup is given access to more space when
they can be trusted and for most pups this is about a month away We give access to one room at a time so as
not to overwhelm pup and set pup up to have more accidents inside You can use a puppy pen inside if you have
a more open floor plan. Now you’re going to want to follow a pretty
tight schedule at least for the first week or so as your puppy adjusts to their new home. The puppy schedule can be found inside my
free new puppy starter kit under the potty training lesson the link is in the description
below The New puppy starter kit also has some other
really important new puppy / new owner lessons in there as well as a potty chart and a workbook
all about puppy training during the first month. You won’t want to miss grabbing this free
resource! The schedule outlines, crate time, playtime,
nap time and training time. It also covers how frequently your puppy should
be going outside to potty. Back to your pup’s first week home… During this first week, you’re going to
want to limit visitors or extra excitement for your pup because they are already taking
in so much in such a short amount of time Leaving litter and mother or rescue group…
new home, new routines, new schedule, new people, new everything. Wait about a week to introduce your puppy
to people outside your home. If you’re introducing a new puppy to kids…
advise all kids to be calm, quiet, and to sit in a chair upon first meeting the puppy. Kids sitting on the floor tend to want to
grab the puppy, hug, kiss, and overwhelm puppy too fast Once pup is feeling more comfortable and confident,
have one child at a time, move to the floor, not all at once. Let pup come to them, have kids remain calm
and quiet, no fast movements Dogs are drawn to movement and may think kids
are playing so puppy may nip or bite thinking this is what they are supposed to do. Whether you’re taking pup out to potty,
walking them around the house or meeting new people… make sure they are on a leash. One of the skills you’ll be working on during
week one is leash skills. Many pups panic when a collar and leash are
first introduced We want to make collar and leash a positive
experience and use them often as these are skills they will need for years to come. I see all too often new puppy owners letting
their pups roam free outside to potty or walk around the yard because they say the pup freaks
out when they collar and leash get put on. Teaching pup early on to wear these will help
training go much smoother Pup will stay more focused on the task at
hand instead of take off Now during week 1 you’ll also be working
on something trainers call impulse control This means your puppy will learn to control
their excitement or behavior and things before they react. This isn’t a skill a puppy knows right away,
it has to be taught to them This is the difference between a puppy who
knows how to politely sit to say hi vs one that jumps all over everyone to say hi One puppy knows impulse control and manners
and the other doesn’t During week one you will also be working on
Name Game with your puppy, This means you will be teaching your puppy
their name means tune in to you when you call it For this reason we don’t ever want to use
our dog’s name in low corrective tones. We want our pups to want to tune in, not tune
us out I use a firm eh-eh when I need to stop my
pup from doing something I don’t like, such as chewing on a shoe or furniture. Anytime you correct your pup using the eh-eh,
you have to redirect them to what you want them to be doing instead Keep in mind your puppy wasn’t born knowing
what words mean so you shouldn’t be saying things like Come here, come on, leave it, quiet, knock
it off, stay, If you ask for these words before you’re
puppy actually knows what they mean… you’ll likely teach them the wrong word association. This means if your puppy is barking and you
say “quiet” (and they don’t really know what quiet means) you’re going to teach
them the word quiet means keep barking Because you’re airing the word quiet with
their barking. Pup has to stop barking first and then we
can pair that silence with the word quiet. Later down the road it becomes the command
quiet in which our pup can then stop barking. Now this same word association concept is
applied to every single word or eventual command you want your puppy to know and follow. I cover that in great detail in my puppy training
online course, the link is in the description below. During the first week home there is a lot
happening and a ton your puppy can learn that will super beneficial for the weeks and months
ahead. Before I share my last tip… if you haven’t
hit that subscribe button just yet… be sure to do so now Now the last tip I want to share with you
is be prepared for barking, crying, biting and accidents. I think new puppy owners underestimate how
much new puppies are like brand new babies. New puppies require a lot of time and commitment,
but I’m here to help you through all that. For example if your pup is having a tough
time in their crate there are some super important tips I share here in this video ( stop puppy
crying in the crate) And if your puppy is a baby shark, which most
are… and your pup wants to bite you and the rest of the family… You’re definitely going to want to watch
this video here all about puppy biting tips for new puppy owners. You’ll discover that puppies are drawn to
movement and your hands and feet are easy targets because they move a lot. You’ll want to make sure your puppy is not
overtired which leads to extra biting and doesn’t have a ton of pent up energy which
also leads to more biting There are some really good exercises to help
tire out your pup both mentally and physically here (puppy exercise tips to tire out a puppy) And here. Canine enrichment activities to help tire
out your pup here If you want more help training your puppy,
teaching them manners, how to control their impulses, learn to love their crate and go potty outside… find out more by joining
our Puppy Training – Better Puppy Behavior Workshop by clicking the link below!

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